2013-04-25 Zac MedicoFix long delays with binhost from behind proxy 10/49110/2 master cros-
2013-04-16 Aviv Keshetrefactor contents file writing to its own function 50/47950/5 cros-
2012-07-21 Zac MedicoAdd FEATURES=clean-logs support. cros-
2012-02-12 Zac Medicoxpak.unpackinfo: validate paths, bug #403149 cros-
2011-12-21 Michał GórnyStrip .GCC.command.line from output files as well.
2012-04-13 Zdenek Behanportageq mass_best_visible: optional "type" arg
2012-01-27 Brian HarringApply INSTALL_MASK prior to reading the tree
2012-01-14 Zac MedicoApply INSTALL_MASK prior to collision-protect.
2012-01-13 Brian HarringModify PKG_INSTALL_MASK to apply only to binpkg creation.
2011-10-20 Mike Frysingersuppress splitdebug for .o files
2011-10-14 Brian Harringlayout.conf: add git friendly pregenerated cache format
2011-10-15 Zac Medicoegencache: add _mtime_ to metadata
2011-10-17 Zac Medicoperform_checksum: OSerror to PermissionDenied
2011-10-17 Zac Medicohashed_path: convert OSError to PermissionDenied
2011-10-16 Zac Medicohashed_path: convert stat OSError to FileNotFound
2011-10-16 Arfrever Frehtes... Fix a typo in a comment.
2011-10-18 Zac MedicoFix serialize_eclasses = False in cache template.
2011-10-17 Zac Medicoportdbapi: fix volatile cache handling
2011-10-17 Zac Medicoeclass_cache: fix volatile cache DigestException
2011-10-16 Zac Medico_pull_valid_cache: pass unicode to hashed_path
2011-10-15 Zac MedicoEbuildMetadataPhase: fix broken _metadata_callback
2011-10-15 Zac Medicoportdbapi.aux_get: fix broken _metadata_callback
2011-10-15 Zac Medicoemerge --metadata: fix empty INHERITED handling
2011-10-15 Zac Medicoeclass_cache: fix cache_getter typo
2011-10-14 Brian Harringcache: rewrite to support arbitrary validation method
2011-10-14 Brian Harringcache.util: drop completely dead module/code
2011-10-14 Zac Medico_pull_valid_cache: fix readonly delete logic
2011-10-13 Brian Harringlayout.conf: make the pregenerated cache format control...
2011-10-13 Zac Medicodigestcheck: handle allow_missing for distfiles
2011-10-11 Mike Frysingerprepstrip: make sure eu-strip embeds right filename
2011-10-11 Mike Frysingerprepstrip: add support for elfutils strip
2011-10-11 Mike Frysingerprepstrip: extract buildid with readelf to avoid debuge...
2011-10-11 Mike Frysingerprepstrip: avoid a `dirname` with a simple ${var%/*}
2011-10-10 Zac Medicoprepstrip: tweak style of debugedit checks
2011-10-10 Zac Medicoprepstrip: merge debugedit checks more
2011-10-10 Mike Frysingerprepstrip: optimize duplicate calls to `has`
2011-10-09 Mike Frysingerprepstrip: merge debugedit checks
2011-10-09 Mike Frysingerprepstrip: optimize chmod slightly
2011-09-23 Arfrever Frehtes... Fix 'shopt: +s: invalid shell option name' error.
2011-09-23 Brian Harringmanifest: controllable per repo
2011-09-23 Fabian Groffeninstall_hooks: fix variable name for PORTAGE_CONFIGROOT
2011-09-21 Brian Harringadd install hooks
2011-09-13 Zac Medicoman/portage.5: layout.conf examples manifests
2011-09-15 Zac MedicoRemove Manifest if it is not needed.
2011-09-13 Zac Medicodoebuild: support allow-missing and thin manifest
2011-08-22 David JamesUpdate --rebuild-if-* flags to rebuild when build depen...
2011-09-13 David JamesCommit fast-build patch to portage_tool repository.
2011-09-15 David JamesUpdate Portage to support fixing *.la and *.pc files...
2011-09-18 Zac Medicoenv_update: add more vardbapi fallback code
2011-09-18 Zac Medicoenv_update: use global vardbapi as fallback
2011-09-15 Brian Harringmove locking into env_update itself
2011-09-15 Zac Medicodigestcheck: only show relevant msgs for thin
2011-09-15 Zac Medicodigestcheck: remove empty/missing Manifest checks
2011-09-15 Zac MedicoDon't write empty (thin) Manifest files.
2011-09-01 Brian Harringadd layout.conf awareness of thin-manifests
2011-09-01 Brian Harringadd thin manifest support to the Manifest class
2011-09-01 Brian HarringBind all manifest access through repoconfigs
2011-08-31 Brian Harringrefactoring; unhide part of the parsing functionality
2011-08-12 Zac MedicoRemove extended package set configuration docs. v2.1.10.11
2011-08-12 Zac MedicoRemove FEATURES=preserve-libs config/docs.
2011-08-12 Zac Medicoportage.const: toggle constants for stable branch
2011-08-12 Zac Medicorepoman: tweak --if-modified help output v2.2.0_alpha51
2011-08-12 Zac Medicorepoman: warn when --if-modified finds nothing
2011-08-12 Zac MedicoFix log uid for logrotate-3.8 compat (bug 378451)
2011-08-11 Zac Medicoresume_depgraph: prune all indirect unsatisfied
2011-08-11 Zac Medicorepoman: add --if-modified option to check less
2011-08-09 Zac Medicorepoman: check more helper calls for $D, $ED...
2011-08-09 Zac MedicoPackage: remove unused profile.system mask type
2011-08-09 Zac MedicoRemove "profile" mask support as per PMS 5.2.7.
2011-08-09 Zac Medico_check_temp_dir: check for 'portage' symlink
2011-08-07 Zac Medicofetch: handle non-essential statvfs failure
2011-08-06 Zac Medicounmerge: remove more info dir files for #323213
2011-08-06 Zac Medicoportageq: fix short help display for leading \n
2011-08-04 Zac Medicounmerge: remove generated info "dir" files
2011-08-04 Zac Medicoaction_info: don't mix print with writemsg_stdout
2011-08-04 Zac Medicoportageq best_visible: support optional pkgtype
2011-08-03 Zac MedicoScheduler: fix parallel-fetch order with --jobs=1
2011-08-02 Zac Medicounpack: remove backward compat for bug #376741 v2.2.0_alpha50
2011-08-02 Zac Medicounmerge: display preserved syms in ascending ord
2011-08-01 Zac Medicounpack: always unpack to cwd (bug #376741)
2011-08-01 Zac Medicodepgraph: fix duplicate zero pkg count display
2011-08-01 Zac Medicounmerge: unmerge symlinks broken by rmdir
2011-08-01 Zac Medicopost_emerge: just return instead of sys.exit()
2011-07-29 Zac Medicounmerge: fix false alarm about protected symlinks v2.2.0_alpha49
2011-07-29 Zac MedicoFix a typo in a comment. v2.2.0_alpha48
2011-07-28 Zac Medicoemerge: protect symlinks to directories sometimes
2011-07-27 Zac Medicodepgraph: handle invalid SRC_URI
2011-07-27 Zac Medicoconfig: fix AttributeError: 'NoneType' errors
2011-07-27 Zac Medicomerge: abort if symlink replacing dir
2011-07-26 Zac MedicoNEWS: Add note about EAPI 3 in portage-
2011-07-25 Zac Medicodepgraph: make --exclude handle contradictions
2011-07-24 Zac MedicoFix a typo in the previous commit. v2.2.0_alpha47
2011-07-24 Zac MedicoLinkageMapELF.getOwners(): add note about plibs
2011-07-24 Zac MedicoLinkageMapELF: fix reversed x, cpv var refs
2011-07-24 Zac MedicoLibraryConsumerSet: handle KeyError from dbapi
2011-07-23 Zac Medicomerge: handle symlink replacing dir
2011-07-23 Zac MedicoLinkageMapELF: remove 5-tuple unpack code
2011-07-22 Zac MedicoLinkageMapELF: add getOwners() method and use it
2011-07-22 Zac MedicoLinkageMapELF: use a class for _obj_properies
2011-07-22 Zac MedicoLinkageMapELF: optimize memory usage