2011-06-14 Stefan ReinauerSeaBIOS: Fix a bug in PCI ID mapping 23/2623/1 0.14.811.B 0.15.877.B 780.B factory-1020.B factory-980.B firmware-881-u-boot-v1 firmware-u-boot-v1 master release-1011.B test-982.B
2011-06-08 Stefan ReinauerMerge "Use ESC instead of F12 for the menu, because...
2011-06-07 Stefan ReinauerUse ESC instead of F12 for the menu, because we don... 68/2168/2
2011-06-06 Stefan ReinauerChange the firmware ID string shown in ChromeOS. 67/2167/1
2011-06-01 Stefan ReinauerAdd a coreboot enabled config file for SeaBIOS and... 92/1892/2
2011-05-26 Stefan ReinauerAdd support for OXPCIe PCIe serial port cards 84/1184/3 0.13.587.B
2011-05-23 Vadim BendeburyMerge "Fix seabios build problems." 0.13.558.B
2011-05-23 Vadim BendeburyFix seabios build problems. 83/1383/1
2011-05-20 Stefan ReinauerMerge "Add option rom PCI ID mapping to SeaBIOS"
2011-05-20 Stefan ReinauerAdd option rom PCI ID mapping to SeaBIOS 97/1197/2
2011-05-19 Stefan ReinauerAdd int15 vga callback hooks for Google devices 03/1203/2
2011-05-14 Ian CampbellPrint E820 type names as well as numbers, as a debug aid
2011-05-11 Kevin O'ConnorAdd Kconfig option to specify which serial port when...
2011-05-11 Kevin O'ConnorAdd config option (CONFIG_BOOTORDER) to disable bootord...
2011-05-07 Kevin O'ConnorMove ps2ctr manipulation from mouse.c to ps2port.c.
2011-05-07 Kevin O'ConnorMinor Kconfig help update.
2011-05-07 Kevin O'ConnorFix struct bregs - it shouldn't have multiple members...
2011-03-07 Kevin O'ConnorAdd config option to permit running option roms with...
2011-03-07 Kevin O'ConnorAdd config option to disable MTRR initialization.
2011-03-06 Kevin O'ConnorPrep version for next release.
2011-03-01 Kevin O'ConnorUpdate version to 0.6.2
2011-02-04 Gleb Natapovlets pretend that RTC can be used to wakeup from S4
2011-01-30 Kevin O'ConnorExpand user configurable parameters in Kconfig.
2011-01-29 Kevin O'ConnorSupport non-local build directory - allow "make OUT...
2011-01-29 Kevin O'ConnorThe vgabios build must depend on autoconf.h.
2011-01-29 Stefan Reinauerfix parallel compilation of SeaBIOS
2011-01-29 Kevin O'ConnorStart using Kconfig to configure SeaBIOS settings.
2011-01-29 Kevin O'ConnorChange kconfig to emit disabled symbols in autoconf.h.
2011-01-29 Kevin O'ConnorBuild changes for Linux kconfig code to work in seabios...
2011-01-27 Kevin O'ConnorInitial commit of Kconfig build tool.
2011-01-27 Kevin O'ConnorMinor boot fixes.
2011-01-22 Kevin O'ConnorMinor comment / code layout improvement to romlayout.S.
2011-01-22 Kevin O'ConnorFix to prevent infinite loop in build_pci_path().
2011-01-16 Gleb Natapovsupport T13 EDD3.0 spec
2011-01-10 Kevin O'ConnorAdd ability to track PCI paths and add to build_pci_path().
2011-01-08 Kevin O'ConnorMove the CBFS payload setup to later in the boot.
2011-01-08 Kevin O'ConnorExtract space trimming code from ATA and use in USB...
2011-01-06 Kevin O'Connorseabios: acpi: add _RMV control method for PCI devices
2011-01-01 Kevin O'ConnorAdd support for finding the boot priority of USB drives.
2011-01-01 Kevin O'ConnorExtend 'usb_pipe' to track the controller and ports...
2011-01-01 Kevin O'ConnorAdd functions for boot device path parsing.
2010-12-30 Kevin O'ConnorUse bootprio_find_named_rom() for ramdisk and cbfs...
2010-12-30 Kevin O'ConnorRemove drive->desc field.
2010-12-29 Kevin O'ConnorMinor reorganization of some of the boot_xxx code in...
2010-12-29 Kevin O'ConnorMove IPL.fw_bootorder to static variables in boot.c.
2010-12-29 Kevin O'ConnorMove IPL.bev to static variables in boot.c
2010-12-29 Kevin O'ConnorMove IPL.checkfloppysig to a global (CheckFloppySig...
2010-12-29 Kevin O'ConnorRemove Drives global struct in favor of independent...
2010-12-29 Kevin O'ConnorDon't access drive_g->desc from boot_cdrom().
2010-12-29 Kevin O'ConnorSimplify keyboard reading code in the interactive boot...
2010-12-28 Kevin O'ConnorCall setup_translation() from map_hd_drive().
2010-12-28 Kevin O'ConnorRename add_ordered_drive() to add_drive() and use in...
2010-12-28 Kevin O'ConnorAdd stubs to permit devices to specify their boot priority.
2010-12-28 Kevin O'ConnorSimplify boot ordering by building an inclusive boot...
2010-12-26 Kevin O'ConnorPopulate drive_g->desc prior to calling add_bcv_internal().
2010-12-26 Isaku Yamahatapciinit: fix off-by-one
2010-12-26 Kevin O'ConnorMinor build fixes.
2010-12-24 Kevin O'ConnorTrack the source of each optionrom deployed.
2010-12-24 Kevin O'ConnorSupport qemu based romfile wrappers called out of order.
2010-12-24 Kevin O'ConnorBreakup boot_setup() bootorder code into its own function.
2010-12-24 Kevin O'ConnorAdd romfile_loadfile() helper function.
2010-12-24 Gleb NatapovRead bootorder file into memory.
2010-12-24 Kevin O'ConnorAdd strchr() function.
2010-12-24 Gleb NatapovAdd romfile_name() function.
2010-12-24 Gleb NatapovAdd BAID for ahci cdrom.
2010-12-24 Gleb NatapovProvide full EDD 3.0 info for virtio disk
2010-12-24 Kevin O'ConnorEnhance to work around a binutils quirk.
2010-12-12 Gleb NatapovCreate separate IPL entry for each CD/DVD
2010-12-12 Gerd Hoffmannahci: set controller id
2010-12-12 Gerd Hoffmannahci: fix off-by-one in port count
2010-12-12 Kevin O'Connorahci: enable io/mem/dma
2010-12-12 Gerd Hoffmannahci: set dma feature flag
2010-12-05 Kevin O'ConnorCheck if capability enabled in XXX_cmd_data functions.
2010-12-05 Kevin O'ConnorRequire a "_cfuncXX_" symbol prefix for inter-mode...
2010-12-05 Gerd Hoffmannadd ahci support
2010-12-05 Gerd Hoffmannata: make helpers available
2010-12-05 Gerd Hoffmannutil: add memset_fl()
2010-12-05 Gerd Hoffmannpci: add helper functions for mmio bar access from...
2010-11-25 Kevin O'ConnorEnhance call32() to pass a parameter to called function.
2010-11-25 Kevin O'ConnorDon't pass return address to transition(32,16,16big...
2010-11-13 Isaku Yamahatapciinit: use pci_region functions.
2010-11-13 Isaku Yamahatapci: introduce pci_region to manage pci io/memory/prefm...
2010-10-21 Kevin O'Connormark irq9 active high in DSDT
2010-10-18 Kevin O'ConnorReport meaningful error if pyserial not present in...
2010-09-26 Kevin O'ConnorShow size of non-relocatable runtime code during build.
2010-09-25 Kevin O'ConnorCleanup - it's no longer necessary to manually reset...
2010-09-25 Kevin O'ConnorAllow rom to grow to 256K.
2010-09-25 Kevin O'ConnorFix typo preventing relocated space from being used...
2010-09-25 Gleb Natapovfix virtio-blk failure after reboot
2010-09-25 Kevin O'ConnorAdd a debug method to AML code.
2010-09-25 Kevin O'ConnorWarn that ohci bulk is not supported.
2010-09-25 Kevin O'ConnorEnable optionroms to use freed space due to CONFIG_RELO...
2010-09-25 Kevin O'ConnorMove the 32bit init code to high memory at runtime.
2010-09-16 Kevin O'ConnorMove init code from _start() to post().
2010-09-16 Kevin O'ConnorAdd memalign_tmp() helper function.
2010-09-16 Kevin O'ConnorTry to hard-reboot on rerun of post even on emulators.
2010-09-16 Kevin O'ConnorDon't do shadow copying of optionroms when CONFIG_OPTIO...
2010-09-16 Kevin O'ConnorTry to hard-reboot processor on rerun of post under...
2010-09-16 Kevin O'ConnorEnhance build to emit relocation information.
2010-09-16 Kevin O'ConnorSeparate out init code from the rest of the 32bit flat...