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last changeTue, 16 Aug 2011 01:17:32 +0000 (09:17 +0800)
2011-08-16 Tom Wai-Hong TamCHROMIUM: Assign the frame buffer address as FDT one... 44/6044/1 factory-980.B master test-982.B
2011-08-16 Tom Wai-Hong TamCHROMIUM: Change the frame buffer addresses in FDT... 43/6043/1
2011-08-16 Tom Wai-Hong TamFix bug of get_addr() in fdt_decode.c. 42/6042/1
2011-08-11 Tom Wai-Hong TamCHROMIUM: Define CONFIG_USB_ETHER_SMSC95XX to support... 13/5713/1
2011-08-11 Tom Wai-Hong TamAdd support for SMSC95XX USB 2.0 10/100MBit Ethernet... 12/5712/1
2011-08-05 Doug AndersonCHROMIUM: ARM: tegra: aebl: Update EMC tables to match... 73/5373/1 0.15.877.B firmware-881-u-boot-v1 firmware-u-boot-v1
2011-08-04 Gabe BlackMake the FMAP configuration decoding function board...
2011-08-04 Gabe BlackRemove the device tree from one of the vboot support...
2011-08-04 Gabe BlackMake the chromeos FMAP data structures more generic...
2011-08-04 Doug AndersonCHROMIUM: ARM: tegra: kaen: Update EMC tables to match...
2011-08-04 Doug AndersonCHROMIUM: ARM: tegra: Don't call board_emc_init() befor...
2011-08-04 Anton Staafarm: Tegra2: gpio: Disable pullups for state switches
2011-08-03 Wei NiTegra: pmu: Fix the pmu_read and pmu_write
2011-08-03 Sonny RaoCHROMIUM: make include of vboot_api.h unconditional
2011-08-03 Wei NiTegra: pmu: Set SM1 in PWM-only mode
2011-08-03 Che-Liang ChiouCHROMIUM: move VbExHashFirmwareBody() to lib/vbexport/
3 years ago factory-980.B
3 years ago master
3 years ago test-982.B
3 years ago 0.15.877.B
3 years ago firmware-881-u-boot-v1
3 years ago firmware-u-boot-v1