8 days ago AliceTweak comments on getRulesCannotRun and... master
8 days ago AliceMerge pull request #86 from coderjz/master
9 days ago Alice BoxhallBring grunt-closurecompiler and closure lib up to date
2014-04-09 unknownUpdate variable name and comment
2014-04-06 unknownFix variable unsupportedRulesWarningShown
2014-04-04 coderjzUpdated comment. No longer exporting file.
2014-04-02 AliceMerge pull request #84 from GoogleChrome/shadow
2014-04-02 AliceUse node.shadowRoot || node.webkitShadowRoot
2014-04-02 AliceUpdate comment on distributed elements.
2014-04-01 unknownFix unit test for console API and warning
2014-04-01 unknownFix test cases
2014-04-01 unknownAttempt to add unit testing (does not work)
2014-04-01 unknownSuggested variable name update
2014-04-01 unknownRollback dist/js/axs_testing.js to previous good version.
2014-03-31 coderjzUse correct version of Google Closure Compiler
2014-03-31 coderjzRemove @suppress that is not needed
2014-03-31 coderjzCheck correct object for warning flag set when no confi...
2014-03-31 coderjzAdd warning message for rules not supported without...
2014-03-20 Alice BoxhallDescend into Shadow DOM in AuditRule.collectMatchingEle...
2014-02-04 Cameron CundiffMove license info to the end of the README v0.0.5
2013-12-09 Cameron CundiffMerge pull request #73 from ckundo/create-release-directory
2013-11-30 Cameron CundiffMove generated js to dist/js/
2013-11-30 Cameron CundiffCreate dist/ and related grunt task
2013-11-25 AliceMerge pull request #72 from alice/scrollArea
2013-11-25 Alice BoxhallUse instanceof check instead of tagName
2013-11-22 Alice BoxhallCheck for body element in axs.utils.canScrollTo
2013-11-19 AliceMerge pull request #71 from alice/scrollArea
2013-11-19 Alice BoxhallCheck for clipping by container elements
2013-11-19 Alice BoxhallCheck scrollWidth; check for overflow = 'hidden' or...
2013-11-15 Alice BoxhallCheck for scrollbars on parent elements
2013-11-08 AliceMerge pull request #70 from alice/crash
2013-11-08 Alice BoxhallFix issues: crash when overlappingElements was null...
2013-10-28 AliceMerge pull request #68 from ckundo/dropdown-focus-test
2013-10-26 Cameron CundiffMove GUI only tests into their own test file
2013-10-26 Cameron CundiffForce focus before testing visibility on focusable...
2013-10-24 Alice BoxhallAdd test for Issue #69
2013-10-16 AliceMerge pull request #63 from alice/labels
2013-10-16 Alice BoxhallFix infite loop when getting descendant text content...
2013-10-15 AliceMerge pull request #62 from alice/fix
2013-10-11 Alice BoxhallFix test failure in get focus properties test
2013-10-11 AliceMerge pull request #61 from alice/overlapping
2013-10-11 Alice BoxhallUpdate Properties.js to use overlappingElements rather...
2013-10-11 Alice BoxhallLook at individual clientRects rather than boundingClie...
2013-10-10 AliceMerge pull request #60 from alice/master
2013-10-10 Alice BoxhallAdd reasons to focus properties, test for same, and...
2013-10-10 Alice BoxhallAdd comment to explain null check
2013-10-10 Alice BoxhallAdd reasons to focus properties, test for same, and...
2013-10-10 AliceMerge pull request #59 from Casecommons/master
2013-10-07 Nishit ShahFix typo getTextFromHostLangaugeAttributes -> getTextFr...
2013-10-07 Nishit ShahRe-word test descriptions
2013-10-07 Nishit ShahPut quotes around 'id' values in query selectors
2013-10-05 AliceMerge pull request #57 from Casecommons/master
2013-10-04 Nishit ShahFixup test for findTextAlternatives
2013-10-03 Nishit ShahTest that findTextAlternatives does not raise errors
2013-10-03 AliceFix re-declared variable in AuditRule.run()
2013-10-03 Nishit ShahFix findTextAlternatives property to not throw TypeError
2013-10-03 AliceMerge pull request #56 from alice/master v0.0.4
2013-10-02 Alice BoxhallRemove extraneous extra argument to isLowContrast(...
2013-10-02 Alice BoxhallSwitch AuditRule to take an options object rather than...
2013-10-02 Alice BoxhallAdd more tests for color contrast; switch to rounding...
2013-10-02 Alice BoxhallAllow isLowContrast() to take a tolerance factor, and...
2013-10-01 Alice BoxhallRemove dangling if-statement causing many false positiv...
2013-09-26 AliceUpdate AccessibilityUtils.js
2013-09-24 Cameron CundiffMerge pull request #50 from ckundo/update-travis-config
2013-09-24 AliceMerge pull request #55 from alice/master
2013-09-24 Cameron CundiffInstall grunt-cli in a before script, not in the dev...
2013-09-24 Cameron CundiffRevert "Revert "Add grunt-cli to package.json""
2013-09-24 Cameron CundiffRevert "Add grunt-cli to package.json"
2013-09-23 Alice BoxhallAdd test for MainRoleOnInappropriateElement audit rule
2013-09-23 AliceMerge pull request #53 from alice/cherrypick
2013-09-23 Alice BoxhallMove check for name-from:content out of getTextFromDesc...
2013-09-15 Cameron CundiffMerge pull request #49 from ckundo/document-releases release
2013-09-14 Cameron CundiffTurn off email notifications for TravisCI.
2013-09-14 Cameron CundiffAdd grunt-cli to package.json
2013-09-14 Cameron CundiffDefine npm script for Travis default running
2013-09-12 Cameron CundiffAdd language specification to Travis.yml
2013-09-12 Cameron CundiffUpdate README to give a url for including axs_testing.js
2013-09-11 Cameron CundiffMerge pull request #38 from ckundo/travis-ci-issue-24
2013-09-11 AliceMerge pull request #43 from alice/severity
2013-09-11 Alice BoxhallAdd ability to override audit rule severity in AuditCon...
2013-09-09 Cameron CundiffMerge pull request #41 from ckundo/remove-extraneous...
2013-09-09 ckundoRemove extraneous closure directory
2013-09-09 AliceAdd instructions for git clone --recursive to README v0.0.1
2013-09-07 Cameron CundiffMerge branch 'master' into travis-ci-issue-24
2013-09-07 Cameron CundiffRun default grunt tasks on TravisCI.
2013-09-07 Cameron CundiffMerge pull request #32 from ckundo/issue-30-add-qunit... 2.6
2013-09-06 AliceUpdate README.md
2013-09-06 AliceUpdate README.md
2013-09-06 AliceAdd newlines before and after AUTO-GENERATED CONTENT...
2013-09-04 Rachel ShearerMerge pull request #28 from rachelshe/fix_for_iframes
2013-09-04 Cameron CundiffMerge pull request #33 from ckundo/phantomjs-runner
2013-09-04 Cameron CundiffAdd a phantomjs runner to execute an audit from the...
2013-09-04 Rachel ShearerAdding iframes for testpage.html
2013-08-31 Cameron CundiffAdd travis-ci config file.
2013-08-31 Cameron CundiffIgnore node modules in git
2013-08-31 Cameron CundiffRun qunit tests in default grunt task.
2013-08-30 Rachel Shearermerge changes
2013-08-30 Rachel ShearerAdding tests for Properties.js and PageWithoutTitle.js
2013-08-30 AliceMerge pull request #31 from alice/grunt
2013-08-30 Alice BoxhallAdd gen/ to .gitignore