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last changeThu, 13 Jun 2013 19:36:35 +0000 (19:36 +0000)
2013-06-13 acleung@chromium.orgUse new symbol table initization for vertex shader. master
2013-06-07 acleung@chromium.orgLess memory intensive initializing of builtins.
2013-06-06 alokp@chromium.orgFixed line endings to Unix style.
2013-06-06 alokp@chromium.orgSimplified TType class by carving out TStructure and...
2013-05-28 bajones@chromium.orgRegenerated glslang_tab.cpp to fix compile errors
2013-05-28 bajones@chromium.orgAdded support for EXT_frag_depth
2013-05-24 alokp@chromium.orgRemoved checks for zero-length arrays because you can...
2013-05-24 alokp@chromium.orgRemoved code for unsupported pack-unpack language.
2013-05-21 gman@chromium.orgFix linker issue on Windows
2013-05-20 gman@chromium.orgFix compiler warning on Windows
2013-05-20 gman@chromium.orgbump version to 2243
2013-05-20 gman@chromium.orgAdd expression complexity and call stack depth limits.
2013-05-17 shannonwoods... Enable base address randomization.
2013-05-15 alokp@chromium.orgBumped VERSION number.
2013-05-15 alokp@chromium.orgUsed size_t for object size instead of signed int.
2013-05-14 apatrick@chromium.orgAdd adapter LUID to EGL vendor string.
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