5 days ago johnniwinther... Fix deferred_not_loaded_check_test. master
5 days ago johnniwinther... Refactor SimpleTypeInferrer.visitGetterSend and visitSt...
5 days ago johnniwinther... Refactor SsaBuilder.visitStaticSend and visitGetterSend.
5 days ago karlklose@google.comUpdate dart2js-cps_ir test expectations for new tests...
5 days ago scheglov@google.comIssue 23337. Quick Fix for removing dead code.
5 days ago rmacnak@google.comFix status for Dartium (can't distinguish compile-time...
5 days ago johnmccutchan... Fix android cross compile
5 days ago rmacnak@google.comDeal with deferred loading in the VM mirrors.
5 days ago johnmccutchan... Change default value of c_frame_pointers
6 days ago kevmoo@google.comremove pkg/mock
6 days ago johnniwinther... Use Map<FieldElement, ConstantValue> for fields in...
6 days ago johnniwinther... Refactor SimpleTypeInferrer.visitSuperSend and deprecat...
6 days ago johnniwinther... Refactor SsaBuilder.visitSuperSend.
6 days ago paulberry@google.comRevert r45437 (broke the pkgbuild bot)
6 days ago paulberry@google.comAdd protobuf dependency to DEPS file.
6 days ago johnmccutchan... Fix idle ticks during isolate startup
7 days ago fschneider... VM: Use canonical empty-array for empty inlining meta...
7 days ago rmacnak@google.comFix unsimulated ARM64 build.
7 days ago johnmccutchan... - Fully load both Dart and Stub code kinds
7 days ago rmacnak@google.comEnable profiler by default on Android, and reduce profi...
7 days ago ricow@google.comDon't list pkg/third_party when finding packages
7 days ago regis@google.comSupport profiling of simulated Dart code on mips, arm...
7 days ago ricow@google.comAdd icudtl.dat file to content shell bundle on windows
7 days ago rmacnak@google.comAdd links to Observatory documentation and bug tracking.
7 days ago johnmccutchan... Fixes to enable building dart:io implementation cleanly...
7 days ago brianwilkerson... Add standard files needed before we publish
7 days ago kevmoo@google.comfix the bots
7 days ago brianwilkerson... Rename two more classes to prepare for the public API
7 days ago kevmoo@google.comRemove everything but markdown from third_party
7 days ago lrn@google.comReuse RangeError.checkValidRange in dart2js core_patch...
7 days ago lrn@google.comDocument ByteBuffer.asX() methods.
7 days ago johnniwinther... Deprecate ResolvedVisitor.visitClosureSend.
9 days ago iposva@google.comFix http://dartbug.com/23290
10 days ago johnmccutchan... Fix importing builtin libraries in gen_snapshot
10 days ago danrubel@google.comguard against non-existant package directory
10 days ago nweiz@google.comSupport defining environment constants for dart2js...
10 days ago danrubel@google.comsuggest async/await
10 days ago nweiz@google.comProperly print an error when failing to load a transformer.
10 days ago nweiz@google.comMake observatory keep using html5lib.
10 days ago danrubel@google.comfix for r45387 - canonicalize path to prevent "type...
10 days ago rmacnak@google.comFix showing values of instance fields.
10 days ago nweiz@google.comUpdate pubspecs and dependencies to get pkgbuild tests...
10 days ago nweiz@google.comRename html5lib to html.
10 days ago brianwilkerson... Re-apply change to move to plugin package
10 days ago srdjan@google.comRemove public int.is64Bit.
10 days ago pquitslund... Bump html5lib DEP to play nice with args 0.13.0.
10 days ago rmacnak@google.comMove symbol demangling to dart:_internal to remove...
10 days ago pquitslund... Bump css_lib rev in DEPS.
10 days ago pquitslund... Bump analyzer_cli version DEP.
10 days ago pquitslund... Bump analysis_server dep on args to >=0.13.0.
10 days ago brianwilkerson... Also add 'plugin' to the dartium DEPS
10 days ago brianwilkerson... Update the standalone.deps file to allow references...
10 days ago hausner@google.comSimplification in resolving classes
10 days ago danrubel@google.comadd dart: and package: import uri suggestions
10 days ago kmillikin@google.comSupport rethrow in the dart2js JS backend.
10 days ago scheglov@google.comFix for linked position offsets when insert directly...
10 days ago scheglov@google.comIssue 23271. Check target.staticElement for null.
10 days ago nweiz@google.comSkip an analyzer_cli test for now.
10 days ago johnmccutchan... Fix service rpc parameter validation
10 days ago johnmccutchan... Add crash dumps to service protocol and Observatory
10 days ago nweiz@google.comUpdate args to 0.13.0.
10 days ago nweiz@google.comUpdate args to 0.13.0.
11 days ago danrubel@google.comswitch -package-root to use PackageMapUriResolver
11 days ago brianwilkerson... Re-add missed files
11 days ago regis@google.comImplement bigint shift intrinsics on arm.
11 days ago brianwilkerson... Revert breaking change
11 days ago asiva@google.comAddress issue 13719, cleanup the status file to reflect...
11 days ago brianwilkerson... Convert analyzer and analysis_server to use the plugin...
11 days ago srdjan@google.comFix flag —no-propagate-ic-data.
11 days ago pquitslund... Changelog fixes.
11 days ago turnidge@google.comUpdate hack in test_helper.dart to handle new error...
11 days ago turnidge@google.comDo not JSON encode the 'result' of a service rpc.
11 days ago danrubel@google.comprovide importUri for packages and include those sugges...
11 days ago pquitslund... Add `plugin` to DEPS.
11 days ago pquitslund... Analyzer version bump.
11 days ago johnniwinther... Deprecate ResolvedVisitor.visitOperatorSend.
11 days ago karlklose@google.comUpdate test expectations for native tests on dart2js...
11 days ago lrn@google.comImprove return type of markUnmodifiableList to JSArray...
11 days ago karlklose@google.comUpdate dart2js-cps_ir test expectations.
11 days ago ajohnsen@google.comMake all of stdout/stderr/stdin pipes close-on-exec...
12 days ago scheglov@google.comUse package:test_reflective_loader instead of reflectiv...
12 days ago scheglov@google.comUse package:test_reflective_loader instead of reflectiv...
12 days ago regis@google.comAdd reference to existing issue in status file.
12 days ago scheglov@google.comUse package:test_reflective_loader instead of reflectiv...
12 days ago rmacnak@google.comFix script-view. Hide annotations except the current...
12 days ago regis@google.comUse a breakpoint instruction for a stop message on...
12 days ago pquitslund... Analyzer CLI removal.
12 days ago pquitslund... Driver fix to decouple from analyzer front-end deps.
12 days ago scheglov@google.comUpdate test_reflective_loader to 0.0.3
12 days ago danrubel@google.comfix NSM in suggestions with importUri
12 days ago brianwilkerson... Add API for contributing to the index
12 days ago hausner@google.comMinor refactoring of local name resolution
12 days ago brianwilkerson... Rename IndexStore to avoid confusion with the new publi...
12 days ago brianwilkerson... Add file missed in previous CL and comment clean-up
12 days ago koda@google.comFix array allocation overflow check on arm/arm64/mips.
12 days ago alanknight... "Reverting 45351"
12 days ago rmacnak@google.comMirrors memory usage tweaks.
12 days ago alanknight... appendHtml and insertAdjacentHtml should be consistentl...
12 days ago floitsch@google.comdart2js: Fix new emitter.
12 days ago danrubel@google.cominclude importUri in out of scope suggestions