2015-04-29 johnniwinther... Fix deferred_not_loaded_check_test. master
2015-04-29 johnniwinther... Refactor SimpleTypeInferrer.visitGetterSend and visitSt...
2015-04-29 johnniwinther... Refactor SsaBuilder.visitStaticSend and visitGetterSend.
2015-04-29 karlklose@google.comUpdate dart2js-cps_ir test expectations for new tests...
2015-04-29 scheglov@google.comIssue 23337. Quick Fix for removing dead code.
2015-04-29 rmacnak@google.comFix status for Dartium (can't distinguish compile-time...
2015-04-29 johnmccutchan... Fix android cross compile
2015-04-28 rmacnak@google.comDeal with deferred loading in the VM mirrors.
2015-04-28 johnmccutchan... Change default value of c_frame_pointers
2015-04-28 kevmoo@google.comremove pkg/mock
2015-04-28 johnniwinther... Use Map<FieldElement, ConstantValue> for fields in...
2015-04-28 johnniwinther... Refactor SimpleTypeInferrer.visitSuperSend and deprecat...
2015-04-28 johnniwinther... Refactor SsaBuilder.visitSuperSend.
2015-04-28 paulberry@google.comRevert r45437 (broke the pkgbuild bot)
2015-04-28 paulberry@google.comAdd protobuf dependency to DEPS file.
2015-04-28 johnmccutchan... Fix idle ticks during isolate startup
2015-04-27 fschneider... VM: Use canonical empty-array for empty inlining meta...
2015-04-27 rmacnak@google.comFix unsimulated ARM64 build.
2015-04-27 johnmccutchan... - Fully load both Dart and Stub code kinds
2015-04-27 rmacnak@google.comEnable profiler by default on Android, and reduce profi...
2015-04-27 ricow@google.comDon't list pkg/third_party when finding packages
2015-04-27 regis@google.comSupport profiling of simulated Dart code on mips, arm...
2015-04-27 ricow@google.comAdd icudtl.dat file to content shell bundle on windows
2015-04-27 rmacnak@google.comAdd links to Observatory documentation and bug tracking.
2015-04-27 johnmccutchan... Fixes to enable building dart:io implementation cleanly...
2015-04-27 brianwilkerson... Add standard files needed before we publish
2015-04-27 kevmoo@google.comfix the bots
2015-04-27 brianwilkerson... Rename two more classes to prepare for the public API
2015-04-27 kevmoo@google.comRemove everything but markdown from third_party
2015-04-27 lrn@google.comReuse RangeError.checkValidRange in dart2js core_patch...
2015-04-27 lrn@google.comDocument ByteBuffer.asX() methods.
2015-04-27 johnniwinther... Deprecate ResolvedVisitor.visitClosureSend.
2015-04-24 iposva@google.comFix http://dartbug.com/23290
2015-04-24 johnmccutchan... Fix importing builtin libraries in gen_snapshot
2015-04-24 danrubel@google.comguard against non-existant package directory
2015-04-24 nweiz@google.comSupport defining environment constants for dart2js...
2015-04-24 danrubel@google.comsuggest async/await
2015-04-24 nweiz@google.comProperly print an error when failing to load a transformer.
2015-04-24 nweiz@google.comMake observatory keep using html5lib.
2015-04-24 danrubel@google.comfix for r45387 - canonicalize path to prevent "type...
2015-04-24 rmacnak@google.comFix showing values of instance fields.
2015-04-24 nweiz@google.comUpdate pubspecs and dependencies to get pkgbuild tests...
2015-04-24 nweiz@google.comRename html5lib to html.
2015-04-24 brianwilkerson... Re-apply change to move to plugin package
2015-04-24 srdjan@google.comRemove public int.is64Bit.
2015-04-24 pquitslund... Bump html5lib DEP to play nice with args 0.13.0.
2015-04-24 rmacnak@google.comMove symbol demangling to dart:_internal to remove...
2015-04-24 pquitslund... Bump css_lib rev in DEPS.
2015-04-24 pquitslund... Bump analyzer_cli version DEP.
2015-04-24 pquitslund... Bump analysis_server dep on args to >=0.13.0.
2015-04-24 brianwilkerson... Also add 'plugin' to the dartium DEPS
2015-04-24 brianwilkerson... Update the standalone.deps file to allow references...
2015-04-24 hausner@google.comSimplification in resolving classes
2015-04-24 danrubel@google.comadd dart: and package: import uri suggestions
2015-04-24 kmillikin@google.comSupport rethrow in the dart2js JS backend.
2015-04-24 scheglov@google.comFix for linked position offsets when insert directly...
2015-04-24 scheglov@google.comIssue 23271. Check target.staticElement for null.
2015-04-24 nweiz@google.comSkip an analyzer_cli test for now.
2015-04-24 johnmccutchan... Fix service rpc parameter validation
2015-04-24 johnmccutchan... Add crash dumps to service protocol and Observatory
2015-04-23 nweiz@google.comUpdate args to 0.13.0.
2015-04-23 nweiz@google.comUpdate args to 0.13.0.
2015-04-23 danrubel@google.comswitch -package-root to use PackageMapUriResolver
2015-04-23 brianwilkerson... Re-add missed files
2015-04-23 regis@google.comImplement bigint shift intrinsics on arm.
2015-04-23 brianwilkerson... Revert breaking change
2015-04-23 asiva@google.comAddress issue 13719, cleanup the status file to reflect...
2015-04-23 brianwilkerson... Convert analyzer and analysis_server to use the plugin...
2015-04-23 srdjan@google.comFix flag —no-propagate-ic-data.
2015-04-23 pquitslund... Changelog fixes.
2015-04-23 turnidge@google.comUpdate hack in test_helper.dart to handle new error...
2015-04-23 turnidge@google.comDo not JSON encode the 'result' of a service rpc.
2015-04-23 danrubel@google.comprovide importUri for packages and include those sugges...
2015-04-23 pquitslund... Add `plugin` to DEPS.
2015-04-23 pquitslund... Analyzer version bump.
2015-04-23 johnniwinther... Deprecate ResolvedVisitor.visitOperatorSend.
2015-04-23 karlklose@google.comUpdate test expectations for native tests on dart2js...
2015-04-23 lrn@google.comImprove return type of markUnmodifiableList to JSArray...
2015-04-23 karlklose@google.comUpdate dart2js-cps_ir test expectations.
2015-04-23 ajohnsen@google.comMake all of stdout/stderr/stdin pipes close-on-exec...
2015-04-22 scheglov@google.comUse package:test_reflective_loader instead of reflectiv...
2015-04-22 scheglov@google.comUse package:test_reflective_loader instead of reflectiv...
2015-04-22 regis@google.comAdd reference to existing issue in status file.
2015-04-22 scheglov@google.comUse package:test_reflective_loader instead of reflectiv...
2015-04-22 rmacnak@google.comFix script-view. Hide annotations except the current...
2015-04-22 regis@google.comUse a breakpoint instruction for a stop message on...
2015-04-22 pquitslund... Analyzer CLI removal.
2015-04-22 pquitslund... Driver fix to decouple from analyzer front-end deps.
2015-04-22 scheglov@google.comUpdate test_reflective_loader to 0.0.3
2015-04-22 danrubel@google.comfix NSM in suggestions with importUri
2015-04-22 brianwilkerson... Add API for contributing to the index
2015-04-22 hausner@google.comMinor refactoring of local name resolution
2015-04-22 brianwilkerson... Rename IndexStore to avoid confusion with the new publi...
2015-04-22 brianwilkerson... Add file missed in previous CL and comment clean-up
2015-04-22 koda@google.comFix array allocation overflow check on arm/arm64/mips.
2015-04-22 alanknight... "Reverting 45351"
2015-04-22 rmacnak@google.comMirrors memory usage tweaks.
2015-04-22 alanknight... appendHtml and insertAdjacentHtml should be consistentl...
2015-04-22 floitsch@google.comdart2js: Fix new emitter.
2015-04-22 danrubel@google.cominclude importUri in out of scope suggestions