22 min ago scheglov@google.comIssue 22521. Drop '_J2DAccessor' suffixes. master
39 min ago paulberry@google.comRename MethodInvocation.period to MethodInvocation...
48 min ago scheglov@google.comIssue 23010. Compute constant and report related errors...
68 min ago turnidge@google.comClean up observatory testing processes when we are...
89 min ago scheglov@google.comTest that the target node is a SimpleIdentifier.
91 min ago keertip@google.commerge editor.properties on update
97 min ago brianwilkerson... Fix NPE in ErrorReporter (issue 22980)
100 min ago brianwilkerson... Make some results private
2 hours ago scheglov@google.comFix for computing overridden/implemented members from...
2 hours ago herhut@google.comClean up naming scheme for reflection names.
3 hours ago karlklose@google.comChange type annotation buildInvokeConstructorInvocation.
3 hours ago ricow@google.comRevert "Fix value computation for multi-line strings...
3 hours ago herhut@google.comRevert "Clean up naming scheme for reflection names."
4 hours ago herhut@google.comClean up naming scheme for reflection names.
6 hours ago herhut@google.comMove set-membership based containment test behind a...
6 hours ago johnniwinther... Fix type annotation for deferred constants.
7 hours ago karlklose@google.comUpdate test expectations for new dart2dart backend.
9 hours ago kasperl@google.comFix assert syntax in VM service code.
15 hours ago gbracha@google.comChanges for TC52 3rd edition
17 hours ago scheglov@google.comHide 'Enable code folding' when Analysis Server is...
18 hours ago scheglov@google.comRewrite constants evaluation and checks to avoid using...
19 hours ago paulberry@google.comAllow "dynamic" as a constant value in analyzer.
19 hours ago brianwilkerson... Fix value computation for multi-line strings (issue...
20 hours ago danrubel@google.comsend completion notification even if offset beyond eof
21 hours ago scheglov@google.comTask: Resolve References.
21 hours ago turnidge@google.comFix the build.
22 hours ago turnidge@google.comAllow Observatory debugger to switch isolates.
22 hours ago hausner@google.comAllow metadata on local functions
23 hours ago turnidge@google.comTurn off observatory tests
23 hours ago sra@google.comFix printing of HConstant
23 hours ago turnidge@google.comMake sure Observatory tests run for each commit. Fix...
23 hours ago alanknight... Add alternate name for RtcIceCandidateEvent
23 hours ago rmacnak@google.comFix --break_at_isolate_spawn. Starting in r44655 implic...
26 hours ago johnniwinther... Implement ResolvedVisitor using SemanticSendVisitor.
27 hours ago scheglov@google.comTask: Resolve Variables.
27 hours ago scheglov@google.comFix for displaying override annotations.
30 hours ago karlklose@google.comcps-ir: Set runtime type information for new objects...
33 hours ago ricow@google.comMark pub/test/lish/many_files_test as failing on windows
41 hours ago hausner@google.comMake analyzer happy
41 hours ago floitsch@google.comdart2js: Optimize Function.apply for 0-3 argument calls.
42 hours ago koda@google.comSplit Thread/Isolate instances, but still maintain...
42 hours ago koda@google.comAdd regression test for Map compaction issue.
43 hours ago scheglov@google.comBuildLibraryConstructorsTask to build all constructors...
43 hours ago hausner@google.comEvaluate expression before NSM
43 hours ago koda@google.comia32: Remove redundant CTX preservation from intrinsics...
43 hours ago scheglov@google.comExtract _ListTaskInputMixin and allow chaining.
44 hours ago danrubel@google.comfix exceptions when completing other edge cases
44 hours ago sra@google.comdart2js: permit generation of conditionals as arguments...
45 hours ago scheglov@google.comFilter out external package projects when send analysis...
45 hours ago scheglov@google.comTests for ListTaskInputImpl.
45 hours ago alanknight... Fix status file for FontFace tests that now pass
46 hours ago hausner@google.comFix dart2dart test status
47 hours ago rmacnak@google.comFix spawning a data uri on Windows.
47 hours ago scheglov@google.comAdd toMap / toMapOf / toList
47 hours ago hausner@google.comMake await for cancel the stream when breaking out...
47 hours ago alanknight... Make dartj2s do type conversions on constructor arguments
47 hours ago danrubel@google.comfix exception when completing between arglist and body
2 days ago keertip@google.comadjust project filtering in explorer
2 days ago johnmccutchan... Shutdown the service isolate when shutting down the VM
2 days ago paulberry@google.comMove "null2" getter from ConstantVisitor to TypeProvider.
2 days ago danrubel@google.comexclude identifier being completed from list of suggestions
2 days ago sigurdm@google.comRename the inner function of async functions.
2 days ago zarah@google.comdart2js: rename and refactor reflection_data_parser.
2 days ago johnniwinther... Make unittests work on Windows (again)
2 days ago lrn@google.comClean up apply2-test.
2 days ago het@google.comFix check for throwing NSM implementations.
2 days ago scheglov@google.comConsider pub-cache IFile objects as external during...
2 days ago nweiz@google.comLimit the length of file paths used in many_files_test.
2 days ago scheglov@google.comTask: BuildClassConstructorsTask.
2 days ago rmacnak@google.comTreat functions generated for closurization as equivale...
2 days ago scheglov@google.comAdd UNITS and CLASS_ELEMENTS results.
3 days ago kustermann... Avoid infinite growth of linked hash map implementation
3 days ago brianwilkerson... More comment clean-up
3 days ago johnmccutchan... Disable allocation page auto refresh on GC
3 days ago johnmccutchan... Fix reuse of <ref> elements
3 days ago scheglov@google.comIssue 22962. Adding/removing method/accessor body is...
3 days ago herhut@google.comFix implementation of Function.apply with optional...
3 days ago zarah@google.comRevert "dart2js: remove first argument from lazy function."
3 days ago ricow@google.comUpdate bleeding edge version to 1.10
3 days ago herhut@google.comRemove NSM if followed by a foreign with same effect.
3 days ago herhut@google.comRevert "Remove NSM if followed by a foreign with same...
3 days ago herhut@google.comRemove NSM if followed by a foreign with same effect.
3 days ago zarah@google.comdart2js: remove first argument from lazy function.
3 days ago johnniwinther... Implement new flatten specification.
3 days ago herhut@google.comFix the cps ir constructor test.
3 days ago herhut@google.comRemove setFixedBackendName method from Element.
3 days ago herhut@google.comDo not use the namer for naming closure elements.
3 days ago fschneider... Compile implicit closures as dispatchers instead of...
3 days ago nweiz@google.comSupport publishing packages with many long filenames.
3 days ago het@google.comDon't bailout of type inference for simple NSM implemen...
3 days ago alanknight... Temporarily suppress some timing tests on Chrome
3 days ago alanknight... Test for the correct class in AnimationPlayer.supported...
3 days ago zra@google.comCaches the edge counter increment size in the isolate()
3 days ago alanknight... Split up element_animate_test into groups to get more...
3 days ago rmacnak@google.comSeparate is_debuggable and is_visible again. The outer...
3 days ago paulberry@google.comFix constant evaluation of division.
3 days ago keertip@google.comfix getting source when stopped at breakpoints
3 days ago alanknight... Fix comment indentation
3 days ago alanknight... Make Element.animate work in dart2js Chrome
3 days ago jwren@google.comAnchor and create a link near Notifications and Request...