24 min ago terry@google.comChanged expiration to 52 weeks master
39 min ago rmacnak@google.comMark fragment-activation-focuses-target_t01 as failing...
41 min ago regis@google.comFix more async machinery (capture return value when...
66 min ago scheglov@google.comExtend Omni info label to include path of the file...
91 min ago rmacnak@google.comRestore highlighting for current position.
2 hours ago rmacnak@google.comPick up merges of src and WebKit 39.0.2171.99, plus...
2 hours ago paulberry@google.comDon't define parameters when visiting a function-typed...
2 hours ago regis@google.comRemove passing test from dart2dart status file.
2 hours ago regis@google.comFix async machinery for finally clauses (issues 22445...
3 hours ago devoncarew... Bring the 1.0.0 verison of the usage package into the...
3 hours ago rmacnak@google.comRevert r44198.
4 hours ago pquitslund... More formatter integration cleanup.
4 hours ago scheglov@google.comExclude non-project files altogether.
4 hours ago brianwilkerson... Fix custom server support
4 hours ago scheglov@google.comReplace using unconditional _recordPropagatedType(...
4 hours ago scheglov@google.com[TBR] forgotten file
4 hours ago scheglov@google.comReplace provider polling with listener.
4 hours ago het@google.comSets the native name of static native methods by using...
5 hours ago pquitslund... Preserve selection support for the formatter.
5 hours ago brianwilkerson... First cut at analysis driver
5 hours ago rmacnak@google.comDEPS AutoUpdate: webkit to 191210 (2015-03-03 13:12...
6 hours ago devoncarew... Change the editor's debugger client to disallow steppin...
7 hours ago paulberry@google.comFully parse SDK files when analyzing in batch mode.
7 hours ago rnystrom@google.comUpdate to latest dart_style.
7 hours ago regis@google.comMark test regress_22445_test as failing.
7 hours ago hausner@google.comFixium for dartium
7 hours ago pquitslund... Dead dart_style preference cleanup.
7 hours ago iposva@google.com- Make sure we schedule another wakeup when handling...
7 hours ago johnmccutchan... Fix memory leak in CPU Profile page
8 hours ago regis@google.comOne more fix to async machinery (rethrow in finally...
8 hours ago rmacnak@google.comPoint DEPS to a release branch for 2171 (redux).
8 hours ago keertip@google.comfix for running server from snapshot
8 hours ago kevmoo@google.comfix status_reporter
9 hours ago hausner@google.comImplement async* functions in VM
9 hours ago scheglov@google.comDon't set a propagate type if the variable has already...
9 hours ago danrubel@google.comfix constructor suggestion element names
9 hours ago scheglov@google.comSome clean-ups for Index / SearchEngine.
9 hours ago scheglov@google.comRestore the test for an unknown element search.
9 hours ago whesse@google.comRevert "Fix issues with Socket shutdown."
9 hours ago danrubel@google.cominclude library prefix suggestions when suggesting...
10 hours ago whesse@google.comFix issues with Socket shutdown.
10 hours ago scheglov@google.comWhen a closure is extracted as a method, it does not...
10 hours ago scheglov@google.comDon't allow to extract a closure as a getter.
10 hours ago scheglov@google.comImprove Editor Omni search performance.
10 hours ago danrubel@google.comadd arguments to constructor completions
11 hours ago vegorov@google.comEmit stackmaps even in unoptimized code if slow path...
11 hours ago zra@google.comUpdates Debug mode edge count increment lengths for...
12 hours ago sigurdm@google.comMissing named parameter.
12 hours ago sigurdm@google.comFix problems with default-cases in async code.
13 hours ago paulberry@google.comFix warning in deferred_shared_and_unshared_classes_test.
13 hours ago sigurdm@google.comFix of https://codereview.chromium.org//964553004 .
13 hours ago karlklose@google.comChange test to detect checked mode.
14 hours ago sigurdm@google.comAnalyze locals in await for loops as inside a try-finally.
14 hours ago karlklose@google.comMark corelib/hash_set_type_check_test as failing on...
15 hours ago zarah@google.comdart2js: don't emit unneeded native info.
16 hours ago sigurdm@google.comSupport for a dart2js `dartDeferredLoader` hook.
17 hours ago sigurdm@google.comMove the dart_precompiled function inside scoping function.
17 hours ago asgerf@google.comIR tracer for try statements.
17 hours ago zarah@google.comdart2Js: bailout early when using the new emitter with...
25 hours ago koda@google.comRestore context validation code by fixing old typos.
25 hours ago lukechurch... Static SPPM-n1 model for Dart Core API usage
25 hours ago rmacnak@google.comRevert r44156. Branch for 2171 seems to be inconsistent.
25 hours ago rmacnak@google.comPoint DEPS to a release branch for 2171.
26 hours ago koda@google.comCorrect typing of LinkedHashSet.add. Add unit test.
26 hours ago vsm@google.comDEPS AutoUpdate: webkit to 191152 (2015-03-02 16:16...
27 hours ago regis@google.comMore fixes in async machinery (issue 22438 and maybe...
27 hours ago johnmccutchan... Improved profiler view and inclusive profile tree
28 hours ago brianwilkerson... Reformat
28 hours ago vsm@google.comDEPS AutoUpdate: webkit to 191142 (2015-03-02 14:12...
29 hours ago brianwilkerson... Reformat
29 hours ago scheglov@google.comCheck for empty value for 'experimental/analysisServer...
30 hours ago koda@google.comCatch corrupted pointers earlier.
30 hours ago alanknight... Fix usage of renamed parameter in EventSource
30 hours ago scheglov@google.comOptimize top-level element declarations search.
31 hours ago brianwilkerson... Hook for custom server
31 hours ago paulberry@google.comAvoid unnecessary parsing/resolution when running comma...
31 hours ago hausner@google.comFix VM crash when parsing await throw
31 hours ago scheglov@google.comIssue 22598. Remove all the trailing whitespaces.
31 hours ago rmacnak@google.comBuild script views programmatically.
31 hours ago terry@google.comUpdated to match 39 roll
32 hours ago alanknight... Change EventSource parameter from title to url, to...
32 hours ago paulberry@google.comDon't do folder existence checks when parsing pub list...
32 hours ago vsm@google.comDEPS AutoUpdate: webkit to 191124 (2015-03-02 09:58...
32 hours ago pquitslund... Disable selection flag until dartfmt (re)supports it.
33 hours ago brianwilkerson... API clean-up
34 hours ago fschneider... VM: Better type propagation for string objects.
35 hours ago danrubel@google.comguard against empty instrumentation log file path
35 hours ago danrubel@google.comupdate comments for http diagnostic port
35 hours ago floitsch@google.comFix order of box and types for constructor-body invocat...
35 hours ago paulberry@google.comUpdate status file for bug 22623
37 hours ago johnniwinther... Typecheck return with respect to async.
38 hours ago ricow@google.comStatus file updates after update to chrome 40 on mac
39 hours ago johnniwinther... Pass SourceInformation through the CPS IR.
40 hours ago asgerf@google.comAdded VariableUse expression to tree IR.
40 hours ago sigurdm@google.comMake method in SyncStarIterator private.
41 hours ago karlklose@google.comRevert "Change test expectations for two html/css tests."
41 hours ago karlklose@google.comChange test expectations for two html/css tests.
42 hours ago ricow@google.comFails under ia32
43 hours ago ricow@google.comAdd svn:ignore for dart_style to make the build increme...
43 hours ago ricow@google.comDon't run dart_style slow test on simarm64