2 hours ago floitsch@google.comdart2js: Remove dead code. master
2 hours ago johnniwinther... Cleanup constant building in IrBuilder.
40 hours ago danrubel@google.comfix failing test
2 days ago iposva@google.com- Do not attempt to set parameter types if they
2 days ago sigmund@google.comfix typo in error mesage polymer#42
2 days ago brianwilkerson... Disable tests to fix the build
2 days ago danrubel@google.comimprove suggestion param and sorting
2 days ago danrubel@google.comimprove element parameter string returned by local...
2 days ago danrubel@google.comupdate keyword suggestion priorities
2 days ago danrubel@google.comupdate protocol server getter test
2 days ago danrubel@google.comremove duplicate packages in fuzz test
2 days ago vsm@google.comDEPS AutoUpdate: webkit to 183905 (2014-10-17 10:21...
2 days ago iposva@google.com- Add a separate step to finalize the VM isolate explic...
2 days ago brianwilkerson... Add (as yet unused) task
2 days ago brianwilkerson... Add command-line options for instrumentation
2 days ago scheglov@google.comUse launch-specific UriToFileResolver to convert URIs...
2 days ago paulberry@google.comHandle non-factory redirects in constant evaluation.
2 days ago floitsch@google.comDon't run through iterable twice.
2 days ago johnniwinther... Support binary expressions in analyzer2dart.
2 days ago whesse@google.comAdd additional check to vmservice/websocket_client...
2 days ago johnniwinther... Make cps_ir_builder_visitor a part.
2 days ago johnniwinther... Support dynamic get/invocation in analyzer2dart.
2 days ago johnniwinther... Split IrBuilder and IrBuilderVisitor.
2 days ago floitsch@google.comdart2js: Remove unused function in new emitter.
3 days ago floitsch@google.comdart2js: Add interceptors to new emitter.
3 days ago floitsch@google.comdart2js: Add support for static fields to new emitter.
3 days ago danrubel@google.comfilter invalid method invocation suggestions
3 days ago brianwilkerson... Minor cleanup
3 days ago vsm@google.comDEPS AutoUpdate: webkit to 183828 (2014-10-16 10:10...
3 days ago srdjan@google.comFix issue 21159: prevent endless inlining of field...
3 days ago srdjan@google.comFix issue 20133: do not crash if debug port is illegal.
3 days ago danrubel@google.comimprove method suggestions to include smart complete...
3 days ago danrubel@google.comfilter void methods when suggesting expression
3 days ago floitsch@google.comIt's not IE, but chrome that was slow.
3 days ago brianwilkerson... Generalize source entry
3 days ago paulberry@google.comModify dartanalyzer scripts to look more like dart2js...
3 days ago ricow@google.comUpdate bleeding edge VERSION file
3 days ago floitsch@google.comMark incremental compilation test as slow on IE.
3 days ago floitsch@google.comMark some analyzer/analysis_server tests as slow.
3 days ago johnniwinther... Support local variables in analyzer2dart.
3 days ago floitsch@google.comdart2js: Emit constants in new emitter.
3 days ago floitsch@google.comdart2js: Use computed classes/statics from code-emitter...
3 days ago floitsch@google.comdart2js: restructure emitter.
4 days ago ahe@google.comSkip test that doesn't work in CSP mode.
4 days ago ricow@google.comMark the analyzer tests slow generally on dart2js
4 days ago ricow@google.comSkip language/large_class_declaration_test in debug...
4 days ago rmacnak@google.comRevert "Stop suppressing generation of bindings with...
4 days ago danrubel@google.comadd imported inherited member suggestions
4 days ago rmacnak@google.comStop suppressing generation of bindings with Promise...
4 days ago vsm@google.comDEPS AutoUpdate: webkit to 183769 (2014-10-15 15:23...
4 days ago fschneider... Fix crash with --trace-deoptimization-verbose and tweak...
4 days ago fschneider... VM: Avoid repeated deoptimization on speculatively...
4 days ago floitsch@google.comdart2js: move reusable parts of interceptor emitter...
4 days ago ahe@google.comInclude class members in TAGS file.
4 days ago ahe@google.comHandle top-level tear offs.
4 days ago floitsch@google.comMark analyzer test as slow.
4 days ago floitsch@google.comAssign elements to their correct output units.
4 days ago johnniwinther... Don't emit /* new backend */ comment by default.
4 days ago whesse@google.comFix analyzer error in pub's generated source.
4 days ago whesse@google.comChange update_homebrew script to work with single-file...
4 days ago ahe@google.comMore Safari flakiness
4 days ago fschneider... Initialize the async jump variable with a smi to avoid...
4 days ago ahe@google.comUse directlyInstantiatedClasses instead of instantiated...
4 days ago ricow@google.comRemove lying line from sdk README
4 days ago eernst@google.comAdjusted two tests in co19-dart2js.status
4 days ago johnniwinther... Remove ResolutionEnqueuer.isLive
4 days ago vegorov@google.comBoundsCheckGeneralizer::Simplify should ignore unsuppor...
4 days ago ahe@google.comCSP and checked mode are slow.
5 days ago ahe@google.comAvoid throwing exceptions on inter-frame communication.
5 days ago ricow@google.comAlso suppress error in try/web/cursor_position_test...
5 days ago danrubel@google.cominclude locally inherited members in suggestions
5 days ago sigmund@google.comFix editor sample now that 0.15.1 is published.
5 days ago nweiz@google.comWork around async_await#68 in pub.
5 days ago kevmoo@google.compkg/shelf: only catch errors in createMiddleware if...
5 days ago nweiz@google.comFix pkgbuild tests for async_await.
5 days ago nweiz@google.comRegenerate pub sources.
5 days ago sigmund@google.comRelease polymer 0.15.1
5 days ago nweiz@google.comBump the async_await compiler version.
5 days ago hausner@google.comFixing release build
5 days ago hausner@google.comAwait always waits
5 days ago srdjan@google.comDisable test using async for non-VMs.
5 days ago floitsch@google.comAdd support for source maps in deferred libraries.
5 days ago kevmoo@google.compkg/shelf: include the original `onHijack` callback...
5 days ago danrubel@google.comuse suggestion element when possible
5 days ago danrubel@google.comexclude operators from "." suggestions
5 days ago fschneider... Fix captured parameters and optimized try-catch.
5 days ago paulberry@google.comAllow analyzer to distinguish unresolved types from...
5 days ago floitsch@google.comMark analyzer test as failing.
5 days ago floitsch@google.comRevert "Add support for source maps in deferred libraries."
6 days ago floitsch@google.comAdd support for source maps in deferred libraries.
6 days ago lrn@google.comAdd concurrent modification check to ListMixin/Iterable...
6 days ago floitsch@google.comAdd failing (for dart2js) deferred constant-list test.
6 days ago danrubel@google.comimprove method invocation and string interpolation...
6 days ago rmacnak@google.comMake deserialization more regular as prep for deferring...
6 days ago sigmund@google.comFix web_components test in FF
6 days ago nweiz@google.com"pub get" doesn't choke on previously-cached unknown...
6 days ago paulberry@google.comDisable test "check_all_test" on debug builds.
6 days ago paulberry@google.comSplit up large resolver_test.dart file.
6 days ago hausner@google.comReuse function objects of async closure body
6 days ago paulberry@google.comFix spelling: existant -> existent