24 hours ago scheglov@google.comExtract specialized assertion methods into TreeShakerTe... master
24 hours ago scheglov@google.comUse MockSdk to speed-up tests.
24 hours ago scheglov@google.comUse Element.node to get elements' declaration nodes.
29 hours ago rmacnak@google.comUpdate override for src/third_party/WebKit to deal...
30 hours ago rmacnak@google.comBump multivm deps (first roll with /src on git).
32 hours ago jakemac@google.comupdate changelog
32 hours ago rmacnak@google.comBump multivm DEPS
32 hours ago kevmoo@google.compkg/yaml prepare for release
33 hours ago koda@google.comOptimize number-to-string conversions.
33 hours ago asiva@google.comFix build break.
33 hours ago asiva@google.comChange snapshot versioning code to use plain strings...
35 hours ago jakemac@google.comcall shimStyling even if we have no template, because...
36 hours ago rmacnak@google.comBump multivm DEPS
36 hours ago turnidge@google.comAllow observatory to distinguish between user-level...
37 hours ago turnidge@google.comDon't duplicate reference properties in the protocol...
38 hours ago vegorov@google.comEnsure that BoxInt32 input is correctly preserved on...
39 hours ago ahe@google.comParameterize incremental compiler with "reuseLibrary".
39 hours ago paulberry@google.comMark analyzer2dart tests as "slow" on debug bots
39 hours ago paulberry@google.comFurther improvements to analyzer2dart tree shaking.
40 hours ago ahe@google.comMeasure LibraryLoader.reset.
41 hours ago ajohnsen@google.comScale invocation count by the number of BBs in the...
42 hours ago vegorov@google.comAddress review comments for r39595.
42 hours ago paulberry@google.comStart doing minimal tree-shaking of methods in analyzer...
42 hours ago herhut@google.comProperly handle forwarding factory constructors in...
43 hours ago sigurdm@google.comAllow dart2dart to output one file per library.
44 hours ago paulberry@google.comMinor optimizations to analyzer2dart tree shaker.
45 hours ago herhut@google.comUse correct context when inferring type for default...
45 hours ago brianwilkerson... Add experimental support to Java-based analyzer
46 hours ago paulberry@google.comAnalyzer2dart tree shaking: visit classes.
46 hours ago paulberry@google.comIn the analysis server API, change RequestError.code...
2 days ago koda@google.comProof-of-concept pretenuring of some strings:
2 days ago asiva@google.comUse PassiveObject were possible.
2 days ago rmacnak@google.comRevert "Give instances their own model class; move...
2 days ago danrubel@google.comcompletion collector java side
2 days ago aprelev@gmail.comImprove document.appendText test as a follow up to...
2 days ago collinsn@google.comFix Issue 20342: type propagation for Object methods...
2 days ago rmacnak@google.comGive instances their own model class; move DartErrors...
2 days ago johnmccutchan... Fix type in vm_metrics_test
2 days ago vsm@google.comDEPS AutoUpdate: chromium to 291715 (2014-08-28 23...
2 days ago johnmccutchan... Initial UI for Metrics in Observatory
2 days ago jakemac@google.comfix for getDefaultComputedStyles
2 days ago floitsch@google.comUpdate deferred_libraries_test in pub.
2 days ago danrubel@google.comupdate completion handler java side "last" -> "isLast"
2 days ago rnystrom@google.comMake analyzer bot happy again.
2 days ago danrubel@google.comremove unused DartProject and related methods
2 days ago srdjan@google.comAdd loop printing to block comments.
2 days ago jwren@google.comRe-implementation of the analysis.outline in the java...
2 days ago rnystrom@google.comVersion stamp the async compiled output.
2 days ago scheglov@google.comUse server's quick assists.
2 days ago collinsn@google.comFix Issue 20712: JSON slash escaping is not YAML compat...
2 days ago vegorov@google.comFixing s/unminfied/unminified/ in Polymer files.
2 days ago jakemac@google.comgive better error if attribute is missing property...
2 days ago jwren@google.comFixes in the Outline type generation and some cleanup...
2 days ago messick@google.comFix name clash by adding explicit import
2 days ago jwren@google.comCleanup of AnalysisServerListener to list for list...
2 days ago turnidge@google.comAdd a new Sentinel type for sentinel responses. (They...
2 days ago ricow@google.comPass --enable-async to the analyzer
2 days ago scheglov@google.comEditor with Server. Fix for reconciler.
2 days ago scheglov@google.comUpdate override indicator manager to the updated API.
2 days ago scheglov@google.comTweaks for refactoring tests.
2 days ago ajohnsen@google.comManually inline fixed-size list's forEach, to make...
2 days ago scheglov@google.com'Inline Local' refactoring.
2 days ago scheglov@google.comNew analyzer snapshot.
2 days ago scheglov@google.comRespond to 'analysis.flushedResults' notification in...
2 days ago ajohnsen@google.comKeep hash-codes in Smi range, in dart2js.
2 days ago sigurdm@google.comName the output hunks from deferred loading serially.
2 days ago kustermann... Mark http_client_stays_alive_test as skip on MIPS debug
2 days ago jwren@google.comRe-implementation of the completion domain in the java...
2 days ago paulberry@google.comSkip dart2analyzer tests on browsers
2 days ago paulberry@google.comCreate unit tests for analyzer2dart/driver.
2 days ago kustermann... Bump tools/VERSION to 1.7
2 days ago karlklose@google.comUpdate test expectations for dart2js_native test.
2 days ago ahe@google.comUse sets for {instanceMembers,instanceFunctions}ByName.
2 days ago brianwilkerson... Fix async parse bug
2 days ago paulberry@google.comSplit analyzer2dart code into multiple source files
2 days ago kustermann... Bugfix in dart:io's WebSocketTransformer implementation...
2 days ago karlklose@google.comRemove unused class.
2 days ago sgjesse@google.comFix HttpServer documentation
2 days ago ricow@google.comRevert revision 39617 "Create isolates in a separate...
2 days ago karlklose@google.comRemove reference to deleted file.
2 days ago karlklose@google.comRemove TreeValidator.
2 days ago paulberry@google.comStart filling out analyzer2dart
2 days ago jgruber@google.comdart2dart: Implement constant propagation in CPS
2 days ago johnniwinther... Sketch for the new frontend dart2dart prototype.
3 days ago sigmund@google.comMark template_binding/test/custom_element_bindings_test...
3 days ago collinsn@google.comRename tests.
3 days ago collinsn@google.comFix Issue 18628 by refixing Issue 18468
3 days ago rnystrom@google.comFix two more analyzer bot failures.
3 days ago asiva@google.comFix warning in build
3 days ago rnystrom@google.comFix the analyzer bots.
3 days ago aprelev@gmail.comFix Try Dart newline handling on IE11.
3 days ago iposva@google.com- Disable concurrent sweep.
3 days ago messick@google.comCopy xml parser sources into coverage tool
3 days ago rnystrom@google.comHook async/await compiler into pub and use it.
3 days ago asiva@google.comDo not use the OS and ARCH name in the snapshot version...
3 days ago jwren@google.comBuild fix, TBR
3 days ago jwren@google.comFixes for comments in CL 474193003
3 days ago iposva@google.com- Run a full GC when needed.
3 days ago iposva@google.com- Introduce a synchronous GC before throwing OOM.
3 days ago turnidge@google.comCreate isolates in a separate thread.