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16 min ago messick@google.comAdd UI context to key bindings customization. master
19 min ago scheglov@google.comWait for analysis finished before rename/move.
46 min ago scheglov@google.comUse MOVE_FILE refactoring in Editor's move file partici...
60 min ago scheglov@google.comIssue 18296. Harden the name checks.
78 min ago scheglov@google.comUse MOVE_FILE refactoring to implement file rename...
85 min ago scheglov@google.comTry to restore 'package:' URI reference to the file...
117 min ago rnystrom@google.comFix binstub test on windows.
2 hours ago zra@google.comFixes compilation error with gcc-4.9
2 hours ago floitsch@google.comTypedefs don't support generic arguments yet.
3 hours ago jakemac@google.comupdate pubspec/changelog
3 hours ago jakemac@google.comdon't move anything to body until first import
3 hours ago scheglov@google.comIntegration of MOVE_FILE into the server and a couple...
3 hours ago asiva@google.com1. Add user tag to the pointers traversed in the object...
4 hours ago koda@google.comLazy walkability of old-space bump allocation block.
5 hours ago scheglov@google.comFix memory leak in tests - index.
5 hours ago zra@google.comFixes for the profiler on arm64.
16 min ago master