2013-08-28 distorm@gmail.comAccidental commit. Grrr master
2013-08-28 distorm@gmail.comgit-svn-id: distorm.googlecode.com/svn/trunk@244 d69571...
2013-07-06 distorm@gmail.comAdded a diStorm wrapper for C# by Dan Shechter.
2013-06-26 distorm@gmail.comMade instructions' affected CPU flags to be compatible...
2013-06-23 distorm@gmail.comFixed FPU instructions to support dst-wrt flag. Issue...
2013-06-22 distorm@gmail.comFixed issue #64. Python binding supports Python3. ...
2013-06-22 distorm@gmail.comFixed issue #65, display for REP for CMPS/SCAS is REPZ.
2013-06-22 distorm@gmail.comIssue 71, bug fix, missing comma.
2012-12-20 distorm@gmail.comFixed some FPU OT_MEM operands to be more explicit...
2012-09-30 distormFixed explicit indirection size for MOVZX operands.
2012-09-21 distormUpdated instructions tables
2012-09-21 distormFixed Java project
2012-09-20 distormFixed old init.py binding and updated Java code
2012-08-08 distorm@gmail.comAdded the CPU affected flags to the DInst structure...
2012-07-29 distormUpdated VS files.
2012-07-29 distormx86defs.c is no more needed
2012-07-29 distormUpdated to V3.3. Updated Python bindings
2012-07-24 distormFixed Java with new mnemonics
2012-07-24 distormAdded CPU flags that each instruction affects (mod...
2012-05-14 distormFixed a few problems regarding the new DISTORM_LIGHT...
2012-05-11 distormOpcodes list for Java.
2012-05-08 distormfixed a bug with special VEX/MODRR instructions.
2012-05-08 distormUpdated the distorm for Java project to support latest...
2012-05-07 distormUpdated distorm to ver 3.2.
2012-04-18 distormCosmetics.
2012-04-18 distormAdded new instructions to disOps: INVPCID, TZCNT, RDxSB...
2012-03-21 distormFixed Mov Seg instruction, see #45.
2012-03-08 distormFixed VPEXTRQ.
2012-03-08 distormFixed display strings for INS/OUTS instructions accordi...
2012-03-07 distormEnabled SYSENTER/SYSEXIT in 64 bits (according to Intel...
2012-03-04 distormAdded XSAVE64/XSAVEOPT64/XRSTOR64 and similar instructions.
2012-03-04 distormA typo in VTEST instructions fixed. (issue #41)
2012-03-03 distormFixed a few typo'ed mnemonics.
2012-02-29 distormFixed the typo for AVX compare instruction in Python...
2012-02-29 distormFixed a typo in AVX pseudo compare instruction.
2012-02-28 distormFixed issue #29 continued. Pseudo compare instructions...
2012-02-27 distormNew mnemonics for pseudo compare instructions.
2012-02-27 distormFixed issue #29. Pseudo compare instructions' mnemonics...
2011-07-07 distormhelper output of mnemonics table for java.
2011-07-07 distormA fix for string io instructions text formatting.
2011-06-25 distorm_DInst now takes 8bytes less ;)
2011-06-18 distormFixed VS configuration.
2011-06-17 distormdll not found message in python module changed.
2011-06-15 distormDisplacement of an instruction shouldn't be truncated...
2011-06-15 distormmore size refactoring from creating a flags-table ...
2011-06-10 distormMoved to version 3.1.0 !
2011-05-22 distormfix for new mnemonics layout.
2011-05-22 distormMade mnemonics array flat, serialized more efficiently...
2011-04-22 distormFixed setup.py for windows.
2011-04-22 distormFixed setup.py
2011-04-22 distormFixed makefiles.
2011-04-22 distormChanged Win32 project to use VS2010.
2011-04-22 distormFixed issue #20.
2011-03-25 distormFixed a operand.h header problem.
2010-11-28 distormFixed a few file paths, and moved mnemonics.c to src/.
2010-11-19 distormAdded the Java sample to the SVN.
2010-11-18 distormManifests for distutils updated.
2010-11-17 distormChanged the MAX_TEXT_SIZE to 48 from 32, since it was...
2010-11-17 distorm!!!! Temporary commit #5, still changing stuff !!!!
2010-11-14 distorm!!!! Temporary commit #4, still changing stuff !!!!
2010-11-14 distorm!!!! Temporary commit #3, still changing stuff !!!!
2010-11-14 distorm!!!! Temporary commit, still changing stuff !!!!
2010-10-31 distormA tiny fix for ctypes usage.
2010-10-20 distormAnother fix for Python bindings.
2010-10-19 distormAdded support for Mac makefile.
2010-10-11 distormFixed displayed signed offsets in distorm_decode.
2010-10-01 distormIn MSVC x64 the default was to use the big-endianity...
2010-09-21 distormAdded used registers mask to _DInst structure.
2010-09-10 distormAdded RIP-relative flag.
2010-09-09 distormFixed register name for Operand class.
2010-09-08 distormFixed Python's sample to use distorm3
2010-09-08 distormFixed bugs in Python wrapper for the Decompose API.
2010-08-30 distormMoved config.h into src/.
2010-08-20 distormAdded DDK sample project
2010-08-20 distormAdded a new flag: FLAG_DST_WR - Indicates whether the...
2010-08-17 distormPython setup distutils related.
2010-08-17 distormDeleted embedded pydistorm native support! We got the...
2010-08-17 distormFixed compilation of 64bit .dll.
2010-08-16 distormFixed Linux sample project makefile.
2010-08-15 distormAdded a new field 'nextOffset' to CodeInfo structure...
2010-08-15 distormgit-svn-id: distorm.googlecode.com/svn/trunk@114 d69571...
2010-08-15 distormUpdated structure of CodeInfo.
2010-08-15 distormFixed a bug in Python's Decode generator. (Stream now...
2010-07-26 distormRenamed Win32 project name to distorm.
2010-07-25 distormMostly documentation. And added Meta info for Wait...
2010-07-16 distormFixed compilation problem for clib -x64.
2010-07-16 distormRemoved extra returns in printf output of Win32 sample.
2010-07-11 distormAdded an Operand class.
2010-07-11 distormFixed broken code.
2010-07-09 distormUpdated internals of class Instruction (Python Wrapper).
2010-05-23 distormFixed bug out-of-sync for return FC instructions only...
2010-05-16 distormInitial version of Decompose API support, by Roee Shenb...
2010-05-13 distormRemoved support for compiling py-distorm in all platforms.
2010-05-13 distorm_LIB preprocessor macro was renamed to LIBDISTORM,...
2010-05-01 distormUpdated Makefile of Linux to use distorm3 filename.
2010-05-01 distormPython Binding module with sample added
2010-05-01 distormMSVS Solution fixes.
2010-05-01 distormDropped Python module compilation from the Win32 MSVS...
2010-05-01 distormRenamed file name of distorm64 output in Mac Build.
2010-04-23 distormChanged Mac makefile according to issue #1.