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last changeFri, 18 Apr 2014 20:59:16 +0000 (20:59 +0000)
32 hours ago thestig@chromium.orgminidump-2-core: Allow user to override shared lib... master
3 days ago wfh@chromium.orgChange the way function and public symbols are obtained...
3 days ago wfh@chromium.orgAllow symupload to upload to multiple URLs on the same...
4 days ago thestig@chromium.orgLimit the workaround in r1313 to Android only.
4 days ago[Android]: Fix hang in CreateChildCrash() on Android.
4 days ago rmcilroy@chromium.orgUpdate offset of fpregs_mem.
8 days ago rmcilroy@chromium.orgAdd x64 version of getcontext.
8 days ago rmcilroy@chromium.orgFill in CPU info in mini-dump for Arm64.
9 days ago ivan.penkov... Adding support for 64-bit Windows modules to ms_symbol_...
9 days ago ivan.penkov... Moving directory 'build' one level up as it collides...
10 days ago rmcilroy@chromium.orgIncrease Breakpad's signal handler stack size.
10 days ago rmcilroy@chromium.orgFix aarch64 ucontext layout on Android
11 days ago rmcilroy@chromium.orgAdd Arm64 support to breakpad unittests.
2014-04-03 chrisha@chromium.orgMove build configuration to root of repository.
2014-04-03 benchan@chromium.orgFix ElfCoreDumpTest.ValidCoreFile unit test.
2014-04-03 rmcilroy@chromium.orgAdd Arm64 version of breakpad_getcontext for Android.
32 hours ago master