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last changeWed, 22 Apr 2015 20:14:24 +0000 (20:14 +0000)
2015-04-22 erikchen@chromium.orgSupport object files larger than 2**32. master
2015-04-21[MIPS]: Use mcontext_t structure for MIPS
2015-04-18 vapier@chromium.orgupdate svn:ignores
2015-04-15 cjhopman@chromium.orgFix call to rt_sigaction
2015-04-15 mark@chromium.orgMIPS64: Initial MIPS64 related change.
2015-04-13 mark@chromium.orgUse __NR_rt_sigaction instead of __NR_sigaction
2015-04-13 primiano@chromium.orgMicrodump processor: be more tolerant for different...
2015-04-10 mark@chromium.orgAdd address and reason for IN_PAGE_ERROR.
2015-04-10 mark@chromium.orgWorkaround Android sigaction bug
2015-03-24 ted.mielczarek... Fix compilation with gcc --std=c++11
2015-03-16 primiano@chromium.orgFix compatibility with Android NDK r10d.
2015-03-10 primiano@chromium.orgMake breakpad compatible with Android NDK r10d.
2015-03-10 primiano@chromium.orgMicrodump writer: stop using new/malloc in compromised...
2015-03-06 ted.mielczarek... Fix Windows dump_syms x64 linking
2015-02-27 ted.mielczarek... Formatting tweak for
2015-02-27 hashimoto@chromium.orgAdd stack contents output functionality to minidump_sta...
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