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last changeTue, 25 Nov 2014 22:45:23 +0000 (22:45 +0000)
3 days ago ivanpe@chromium.orgSurfacing the process create time in google_breakpad... master
3 days ago primiano@chromium.orgIntroduce microdump_stackwalk comand line executable
3 days ago primiano@chromium.orgFix microdump_writer and add unittest.
9 days ago mmandlis@chromium.orgMicrodump processing implementation
11 days ago ivanpe@chromium.orgAdd parameter --product to symupload.exe
2014-11-05 mark@chromium.orgFix UMR and potential crash in Mac dump_syms.
2014-11-03 ted.mielczarek... Read dynamic symbols table even if binary contains...
2014-11-03 ted.mielczarek... Fix Windows client compilation on mingw.
2014-10-28 primiano@chromium.orgIntroduce microdump writer class.
2014-10-24 primiano@chromium.orgFix breakpad on mips and x86_64 for the NDK r10c update.
2014-10-21 primiano@chromium.orgUpdate breakpad to support Android NDK r10c
2014-10-21 primiano@chromium.orgRevert "Remove unecessary headers following NDK r10c...
2014-10-21 primiano@chromium.orgRemove unecessary headers following NDK r10c update.
2014-10-17 ivanpe@chromium.orgFixing the Mac Inspector build by adding the launch_rep...
2014-10-17 primiano@chromium.orgRefactor .so name detection logic in minidump/linux_dumper.
2014-10-15 ivanpe@chromium.orgThe process uptime computation when the Windows out...
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