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last changeThu, 17 Jul 2014 17:53:10 +0000 (17:53 +0000)
2014-07-17 ghcooper@gmail.comrevert r333: Chromium is not yet ready to pull current... master
2014-07-17 ghcooper@gmail.comAllow Chromium to build with more MSVC warnings enabled.
2014-07-17 ghcooper@gmail.comCleanup: Use ::testing::{tuple,get,make_tuple} when...
2014-07-16 ghcooper@gmail.comCleaning up remaining misuses of "squelch" in our code...
2014-04-04 colinmeek@gmail.comAdding new client types for Chrome Sync GCM.
2014-02-28 ghcooper@gmail.comadd lite runtime option to android_channel.proto
2014-02-26 ghcooper@gmail.comchange protocol buffer compiler options in channel_comm...
2014-02-25 colinmeek@gmail.comAdding copies of protos for use in C++ cache invalidation.
2014-02-05 ghcooper@gmail.comupdate build datestamp
2014-02-05 ghcooper@gmail.comRevert r322 since Chrome does not yet support unique_ptr
2014-02-05 ghcooper@gmail.comAdd channel_common.proto
2014-02-05 ghcooper@gmail.comremove unused mock methods
2014-02-05 ghcooper@gmail.comCleanup: Convert from scoped_ptr to std::unique_ptr.
2013-08-12 ghcooper@gmail.comupdate build timestamp for 8/2013 release
2013-08-12 ghcooper@gmail.comsplit ::using declarations for RepeatedField into a...
2013-06-05 ghcooper@gmail.comupdate version datestamp for June 2013 release
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