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last changeFri, 14 Sep 2012 04:18:28 +0000 (04:18 +0000)
2012-09-14 bryner@google.comIgnore the new-style API 'key' parameter in the test... master
2012-08-08 mattm@chromium.orgTest server: Fix the redirect urls having the wrong...
2012-04-16 mattm@chromium.orgTest server: Support ephemeral ports and specifying...
2012-04-09 bryner@google.comUpdate the testing suite for use with non-MACing clients.
2011-01-27 gcastoChange client to sync the datastore after every update... git-svn
2011-01-07 gcastoFix import statements for dashboard script.
2010-11-08 gcastoCut down on data size one more time for Chrome.
2010-11-03 gcastoCommit change to decrease size of testing data for...
2010-10-13 gcastoRevert accidental delete of testing framework.
2010-10-08 gcastoRevision created by MOE tool init_codebases.
2010-10-06 gcastoAdding support for timeouts and resets in the test...
2010-09-28 gcastoUse the compiled version of protocol buffer from protoc...
2010-09-17 gcastoAdding License and changing test_server to read using...
2010-08-18 gcastoAdd protocol buffer necessary to use testing server
2010-08-17 gcastoFirst submit of testing server and associated data
2007-07-09 (no author)Initial directory structure.
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