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last changeThu, 11 Apr 2013 23:08:52 +0000 (23:08 +0000)
2013-04-11 brettwForward includes to url/ master
2013-04-05 brettwFix C++11 compilation on iOS
2013-01-29 ericu@chromium.orgTypo fix: we're referring to the wrong spec_.
2013-01-24 brettwAdd googleurl.gyp to make it possible to build using...
2012-12-20 brettwMake ResolveRelative work with all hierarchical URLs.
2012-10-12 brettwSchemeIsSecure must return true for "wss"
2012-09-06 eroman@chromium.orgExpose functions to stringify IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
2012-08-20 brettwRevert r176, this breaks some Chrome tests.
2012-08-20 brettwAdd a missing include.
2012-06-18 brettwFix handling of URLs with no schema.
2012-05-11 brettwChange #include <memory.h> to #include <string.h>
2012-05-09 ericu@chromium.orgFix path component length for zero-length paths canonic...
2012-04-24 ericu@chromium.orgRemove ifdef guard for FULL_FILESYSTEM_URL_SUPPORT.
2012-04-04 brettwRemove a test that only works on one of windows/*nix...
2012-04-03 brettwI fixed the expectation [the URL is invalid] and added...
2012-04-03 brettwDisable failing filesystem URL test.
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