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last changeMon, 17 Nov 2014 02:56:14 +0000 (02:56 +0000)
2014-11-17 kosak@google.comNoop changes to suppress compile-time warnings in WINDO... master
2014-11-17 kosak@google.comRemove special support for GTEST_OS_IOS_SIMULATOR.
2014-11-17 kosak@google.comStrip trailing whitespace when stringifying type lists.
2014-11-17 kosak@google.comClang-on-Windows can support GTEST_ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED_.
2014-11-17 kosak@google.comCall move() by qualified name (::testing::internal...
2014-11-17 kosak@google.comAdd ByMove() modifier for the Return() action.
2014-11-17 kosak@google.comDistinguish between C++11 language and library support...
2014-11-17 kosak@google.comReduce the stack frame size for CmpHelper* functions...
2014-07-29 kosak@google.comMock out GetCurrentDir in NaCl.
2014-07-28 kosak@google.comExpand equality failure messages with a by-line diff.
2014-06-18 kosak@google.comAdditional changes, to add support for Windows Phone...
2014-06-18 kosak@google.comReduce the number of occurrences of gendered pronouns...
2014-06-17 kosak@google.comDisable asan instrumentation for StackGrowsDown().
2014-05-15 billydonahue... Push upstream to SVN.
2014-04-02 kosak@google.comExport tuple and friends in the ::testing namespace.
2014-03-24 kosak@google.comImplement threading support for gtest on Windows.
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