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last changeWed, 6 Aug 2014 23:40:21 +0000 (23:40 +0000)
2014-08-06 thestig@chromium.orgRespect output_all_resource_defines when generating... master
2014-08-06 tony@chromium.orgRespect output_all_resource_defines when generating...
2014-07-21 brettw@chromium.orgFix .d file outputs, add support for asserting outputs.
2014-06-26 joaodasilva... Added support for string-enum-list.
2014-06-12 newt@chromium.orgTeach grit that file.svg is an SVG.
2014-04-24 thakis@chromium.orgHave grit survive a Windows registry with Unicode keys.
2014-04-22 newt@chromium.orgList removed (non-whitelisted) resources when repacking.
2014-04-21 newt@chromium.orgSpeed-up whitelist check in
2014-04-18 sergeyu@chromium.orgFix leading/trailing whitespace form chrome_extension_j...
2014-04-11 tony@chromium.orgMake grit aware that nb and no language codes are equiv...
2014-04-07 joaodasilva... Added files missing from revision 159.
2014-04-07 joaodasilva... Added a policy writer for iOS Plists.
2014-04-02 newt@chromium.orgAdd whitelist support to repack.
2014-03-26 joi@chromium.orgRevert of Ignore whitelist when generating android...
2014-03-12 joi@chromium.orgIgnore whitelist when generating android xml.
2014-03-03 joi@chromium.orgStart to implicitly include \n in rc_header_format.
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