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last changeWed, 24 Dec 2014 00:52:18 +0000 (00:52 +0000)
2014-12-24 thakis@chromium.orgGRIT: Add first id file to depfile generation. master
2014-12-04 thakis@chromium.orgTest for r183. gcl didn't land it, for some reason.
2014-12-04 thakis@chromium.orgGive build a --write-only-new option.
2014-11-05 joaodasilva... Set the MAXLEN/maxLength attribute for strings in ADM...
2014-11-05 joaodasilva... Fix duplicated strings in ADMX templates.
2014-11-04 newt@chromium.orgAdd support to override output_all_resource_defines...
2014-10-31 newt@chromium.orgApply whitelist file to structure elements.
2014-10-16 joaodasilva... Add a chromium version to policy template files.
2014-09-24 thakis@chromium.orgMake it easier to parse the output assertion
2014-09-08 joaodasilva... Add optional mandatory policy setting for template...
2014-08-28 joaodasilva... Link to the documentation for complex policies on Windows.
2014-08-28 joaodasilva... Fixed the example JSON strings for Windows and Linux.
2014-08-06 thestig@chromium.orgRespect output_all_resource_defines when generating...
2014-08-06 tony@chromium.orgRespect output_all_resource_defines when generating...
2014-07-21 brettw@chromium.orgFix .d file outputs, add support for asserting outputs.
2014-06-26 joaodasilva... Added support for string-enum-list.
5 weeks ago master