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last changeTue, 28 Apr 2015 22:04:35 +0000 (22:04 +0000)
2015-04-28 kosak@google.comurxvt supports colors master
2015-04-28 kosak@google.comWork around some unsigned->signed warnings in our tests/.
2015-04-28 kosak@google.comMake an int64->double conversion explicit to silence...
2015-02-14 kosak@google.comEnable GTest thread safety on Native Client.
2015-02-14 kosak@google.comAdd asserts to prevent mysterious hangs in a non-thread...
2015-01-22 kosak@google.comAdd FreeBSD support.
2015-01-14 kosak@google.comFix build regression with old (Xcode 5.1) clangs.
2015-01-08 kosak@google.comFix build of Objective-C++ files with new clang versions.
2015-01-08 kosak@google.comSmall Mingw localtime() fix.
2015-01-08 kosak@google.comChange an example to use 'override' rather than 'virtua...
2014-11-17 kosak@google.comNoop changes to suppress compile-time warnings in WINDO...
2014-11-17 kosak@google.comRemove special support for GTEST_OS_IOS_SIMULATOR.
2014-11-17 kosak@google.comStrip trailing whitespace when stringifying type lists.
2014-11-17 kosak@google.comClang-on-Windows can support GTEST_ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED_.
2014-11-17 kosak@google.comCall move() by qualified name (::testing::internal...
2014-11-17 kosak@google.comAdd ByMove() modifier for the Return() action.
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