13 hours ago scottmg@chromium.orgwin: disable two flaky tests on gyp-win32 master
16 hours ago sbaig1@bloomberg.netRemove the default setting for clcompile_cmd in msvs...
7 days ago thakis@chromium.orggyp: cache conditional ASTs for 3 CPU seconds (5%)...
7 days ago thakis@chromium.orggyp: use a set() in DeepDependencies for less O(n^2).
7 days ago thakis@chromium.orggyp: fix O(n^2) in dependency calculations.
7 days ago thakis@chromium.orggyp: 1% faster by optimizing IsPathSections
7 days ago thakis@chromium.orggyp: use all processors instead of hard-coded 8.
9 days ago scottmg@chromium.orgMake test/cxxflags use a user define instead of __OPTIM...
13 days ago scottmg@chromium.orgAdd MASM settings support to msvs_settings.
13 days ago thakis@chromium.orgUse context manager to manage OS environment in tests
2014-04-09 torne@chromium.orgRevert "Fix None target type with Ninja build."
2014-04-08 jochen@chromium.orgAvoid duplicating non-configuration settings when mergi...
2014-04-08 justincohen... Adds xcode-ninja flavor for Xcode wrapper projects.
2014-04-08 torne@chromium.organdroid: Add support for multiarch builds.
2014-04-02 torne@chromium.organdroid: Allow disabling the generation of alias targets.
2014-04-02 torne@chromium.organdroid: Remove rule_trigger targets.
2014-03-26 sdefresne@chromium.orgImplements ARCHS filtering for all generator on OS X
2014-03-25 scottmg@chromium.orgFix None target type with Ninja build.
2014-03-24 sdefresne@chromium.orgEnable 64-bit architectures by default for Xcode 5...
2014-03-21 sdefresne@chromium.orgFix ARCHS selection when building for iOS
2014-03-20 thakis@chromium.orgninja: Reduce size of individual_generated_bindings...
2014-03-20 thakis@chromium.orgninja: Collapse rule inputs into a single node when...
2014-03-19 sbaig1@bloomberg.netSupport building selected C/C++ files in msvs-ninja
2014-03-18 thakis@chromium.orgninja: Don't support RULE_INPUT_* variables in rule...
2014-03-17 thakis@chromium.orgmsvs_emulation: Remove unused method.
2014-03-16 dimator@google.comOn some source control systems (perforce), checked...
2014-03-15 thakis@chromium.orgninja/mac: Fix multiarch link regression caused by...
2014-03-14 scottmg@chromium.orgwin: make msvs_shard work properly for static_library...
2014-03-13 thakis@chromium.orgninja: Revert accidental windows changes in r1871.
2014-03-13 thakis@chromium.orgninja: Use rsp files for SOLINK and SOLINK(module)...
2014-03-12 scottmg@chromium.orgFix missing variable MSVS expansion of copies arguments...
2014-03-12 sdefresne@chromium.orgFix test/mac/gyptest-strip.py with Xcode 5.0 or higher
2014-03-12 sdefresne@chromium.orgDisable test/mac/gyptest-objc-gc.py when using Xcode 5.1
2014-03-12 sdefresne@chromium.orgIntroduce a helper module TestMac
2014-03-11 thakis@chromium.orgDisable gyptest-link-dependency.py for cmake, make...
2014-03-11 grt@chromium.orgAdd support for VCCLCompilerTool EnableEnhancedInstruct...
2014-03-10 sdefresne@chromium.orgRemove explicit usage of sh to launch test_check_sdkroot.sh
2014-03-09 sdefresne@chromium.orgFix gyptest-type-envvars.py for Xcode 5.0.0
2014-03-07 thakis@chromium.orgRemove unused parameter. No functionality change.
2014-03-04 mark@chromium.orgAllow support target name suffix to be customized
2014-03-04 mark@chromium.orgIntroduce the 'link_dependency' attribute that removes...
2014-02-27 scottmg@chromium.orgClean up the filters in the MSVS generator, for VS...
2014-02-27 scottmg@chromium.orgGlobally ignore '*_excluded' keys for MSVS Settings
2014-02-21 torne@chromium.organdroid: set ASFLAGS as well as CFLAGS.
2014-02-20 scottmg@chromium.orgVS 2013 emits a warning when two source files have...
2014-02-18 sdefresne@chromium.orgFix a local rule reference
2014-02-18 sdefresne@chromium.orgCache Xcode version at the module level
2014-02-17 thakis@chromium.orgninja: Let TOC code use $lib instead of ${lib}.
2014-02-12 sdefresne@chromium.orgFix generation for ninja of multiarch executable targets
2014-02-12 sdefresne@chromium.orgUse "formats" parameter to TestGyp to filter the format
2014-02-12 sdefresne@chromium.orgImprove ninja's Xcode emulation
2014-02-11 sdefresne@chromium.orgExtract XcodeVersion to be a standalone module function
2014-02-11 sdefresne@chromium.orgFix comparison of Xcode version
2014-02-05 scottmg@chromium.orgNinja generator: check if meminfo exists before reading it.
2014-01-28 thakis@chromium.orgNinja generator: support using clang-cl for Windows
2014-01-24 chrisha@chromium.orgQuell warnings for exclusion list dictionaries in MSVS...
2014-01-22 thakis@chromium.orgEclipse generator now uses compiler's default include...
2014-01-22 mark@chromium.orgXcode: Add .xcassets = folder.assetcatalog in extension_map
2014-01-20 sebmarchand... De-hardcode link concurrency for Windows.
2014-01-18 thakis@chromium.orgremove unreferenced gyp_dummy.c
2014-01-17 scottmg@chromium.orgStrip the invalid characters from the string used as...
2014-01-17 scottmg@chromium.orgFix VS 2008 generation with nested folders again
2014-01-15 scottmg@chromium.orgwin ninja: build fix for msvs_pre/postbuild error test
2014-01-14 scottmg@chromium.orgSupport 'msvs_prebuild/msvs_postbuild' in MSBuild ...
2014-01-13 scottmg@chromium.orgninja win: Allow parent environment variables through...
2014-01-11 scottmg@chromium.orgPass the mspdbsrv flag as a command line argument to...
2014-01-09 scottmg@chromium.orgupdate comment to add tracking bug from r1833
2014-01-09 scottmg@chromium.orgSpeculative fix for OOM on win ninja builders
2014-01-08 scottmg@chromium.orgwin ninja: include .pdb in linker outputs
2014-01-08 jochen@chromium.orgDon't try to match mixed source/dir gyp order on MSVS...
2014-01-08 jochen@chromium.orggenerator output should be relative to depth.
2014-01-07 scottmg@chromium.orgwin msvs: make express editions not use x64-x64 compiler
2013-12-28 thakis@chromium.orgSilence a pylint warning.
2013-12-28 brettw@chromium.orgWrite the make_global_settings to the error message.
2013-12-26 thakis@chromium.org_XcodeVersion: return CLT version as appropriate
2013-12-24 thakis@chromium.orgxcode_emulation: fix on CLT-only systems redux
2013-12-21 thakis@chromium.orgmake: Let CC_host, CXX_host env vars win over make_glob...
2013-12-19 thakis@chromium.orgRevert r1819 for now, it broke the mac bots.
2013-12-18 scottmg@chromium.orgwin ninja: add support for ForceSymbolReferences
2013-12-18 justincohen... Restrict multiple codesign assert.
2013-12-17 scottmg@chromium.orgwin msvs: make mixed source/dir match gyp order
2013-12-16 thakis@chromium.orgxcode_emulation: work in the absence of xcodebuild
2013-12-14 scottmg@chromium.orgAdd license header to ordered_dict
2013-12-13 scottmg@chromium.orgFix OrderedDict path import for 2.6
2013-12-13 scottmg@chromium.orgAdd backported OrderedDict
2013-12-12 thakis@chromium.orgUse gyp.common.EnsureDirExists() in more places.
2013-12-12 scottmg@chromium.orgwin ninja: default to embedding manifest to match msvs
2013-12-12 scottmg@chromium.orgwin ninja: Refactor manifest generate and embed to...
2013-12-11 scottmg@chromium.orgwin msvs: Make ordering of sources in subdirs match...
2013-12-11 sdefresne@chromium.orgFix gyptest-xcode-env-order for Xcode 5.0.0
2013-12-11 sdefresne@chromium.orgFix gyptest-sdkroot when oldest SDK is >= 10.8
2013-12-10 sdefresne@chromium.orgFix gyptest-xcode-gcc.py when using Xcode 5.0.2
2013-12-09 sdefresne@chromium.orgFix gyptest-app for Xcode 5.0.2
2013-12-06 scottmg@chromium.orgwin msvs: make ordering match .gyp order
2013-12-04 scottmg@chromium.orgIgnore pylint blacklist on Windows too
2013-12-04 scottmg@chromium.orgwin: support linker warnings-as-errors
2013-12-03 scottmg@chromium.orgClean up the filters in the MSVS generator.
2013-12-03 yukawa@chromium.orgSupport Visual C++ PGO in Ninja generator
2013-12-03 yukawa@chromium.orgninja/win: Support VCLinkerTool.GenerateManifest
2013-11-27 scottmg@chromium.orgAdds an helper class to shard mspdbsrv.