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last changeTue, 19 Aug 2014 00:32:02 +0000 (00:32 +0000)
2 days ago scottmg@chromium.orgninja win: don't expect pdb to be generated when Genera... master
3 days ago sky@chromium.orgMakes the analyzer output the set of targets needing...
8 days ago sky@chromium.orgRemoves old way to specify files to look for
9 days ago scottmg@chromium.orgProvide a way to suppress implicit MIDL generation...
2014-08-06 sky@chromium.orgStyle changes for analyzer
2014-08-06 sky@chromium.orgCurrently I've special cased gyp* file modifications...
2014-08-01 sdefresne@chromium.orgPull in relevant targets when using xcode-ninja
2014-08-01 sdefresne@chromium.orgGuard against configurations without 'xcode_settings'
2014-07-30 sky@chromium.orgUpdates analyzer to output to a file
2014-07-29 mark@chromium.orgAvoid infinite recursion with identity variables.
2014-07-29 mark@chromium.orgEnable custom suffixes for Mac bundles.
2014-07-28 sky@chromium.orgChanges analyzer to search for targets
2014-07-25 sbaig1@bloomberg.netninja: Add support for 'ninja_use_console' in actions...
2014-07-24 sdefresne@chromium.orgThis CL adds support for extension in GYP.
2014-07-20 thakis@chromium.orgninja/win: Put common msvs_system_include_dirs into...
2014-07-20 thakis@chromium.orgAdd test files for
2 days ago master