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18 hours ago christopherdunnJSON_ASSERT -> JSON_ASSERT_MESSAGE
2014-01-29 aaronjacobsAdded missing includes for std::istream.
2013-09-23 blepFixed broken build on VS 2012
2013-08-08 aaronjacobsFixed some snprintf-related build breakages in Visual...
2013-08-08 aaronjacobsUpdated two calls to sprintf that I missed in r269.
2013-08-08 aaronjacobsReplaced the complex implementation of valueToString...
2013-08-08 aaronjacobsAdded more floating point tests.
2013-08-08 aaronjacobsAdded further floating point tests.
2013-08-06 aaronjacobsSwitched away from sprintf, which is prone to buffer...
2013-05-09 blep- CMake: added option to turn fail compilation if warni...
2013-05-09 blep- disabled warning 4786 for VS6 caused by STL (identifi...
2013-05-09 blepAdded simple batch build script for CMake.
2013-05-09 blepAdded missing source file to CMakeLists.txt.
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