2011-11-21 bill.pugh@gmail.comproduce jar file containing just the jsr305 classes... master
2010-10-08 bill.pughAllow this annotation to be applied to any CharSequence
2009-03-19 bill.pughAdd mime type
2009-02-03 bill.pughAdding generated Javadoc
2009-01-22 bill.pughadd source to jsr305.jar (for JavaDoc purposes)
2008-12-31 bill.pughAdd build targets for jar files
2008-08-25 bill.pughuse spaces rather than evil tabs
2008-08-25 bill.pughCorrect documentation to indicate that @CheckForSigned...
2008-08-25 bill.pughuse spaces rather than evil tabs
2008-07-21 david.hovemeyerFixed a typo
2008-07-15 bill.pughimport cleanup
2008-07-15 bill.pughAdd JCIP concurrency annotations
2008-06-13 david.hovemeyeradded NetBeans project
2008-05-27 bill.pughadd a .project file to allow the entire trunk to be...
2008-05-27 bill.pughPatches from loganjerry@gmail.com
2008-05-27 bill.pughFix typo
2008-05-27 bill.pughwe no longer use applyTo as a way to designate default...
2008-05-27 bill.pughapply patch from loganjerry@gmail.com
2008-05-24 bill.pughchange exclusive and exhaustive to separate annotations
2008-05-23 bill.pughtest examples of default annotations
2008-05-23 bill.pughfix typo in comments
2008-05-23 bill.pughupdate
2008-05-21 bill.pughdocumentation cleanup
2008-05-21 bill.pughAdd annotation that marks methods that must be invoked...
2007-11-06 bill.pughStuff for nonnull parameters
2007-09-24 bill.pughupdates to current version
2007-09-24 bill.pughrename to avoid name class with regex.Pattern
2007-09-24 bill.pughupdate to current plans; primarily remove defaultFor...
2007-08-27 bill.pughadd ant build file for us poor Maven chanlenged developers
2007-08-15 bill.pughsimplified When
2007-08-14 bill.pughremove classes directory
2007-08-12 bill.pughupdate applyTo -> defaultFor
2007-07-23 bill.pughupdate type qualifier and detainted
2007-07-23 bill.pughupdate when definitions
2007-07-20 bill.pughLots of changes, including some renaming
2007-07-02 david.hovemeyerMake 5.0 the default Eclipse compiler compliance level.
2007-06-16 bill.pughcleanup, more sample uses
2007-06-15 bill.pughmore updates;
2007-06-14 bill.pughupdates
2007-06-14 bill.pughgit-svn-id: https://jsr-305.googlecode.com/svn/trunk...
2007-03-04 neilahartread me for mvn builds
2007-03-04 neilahartremoving eclipse files for maven
2007-03-04 neilahartmissing pom
2007-03-04 neilahartmain mvn file
2007-03-04 neilahartmaven other project
2007-03-04 neilahartmaven other project
2007-03-04 neilahartmoving src to maven src
2007-03-04 neilahartsetting up maven for ri
2007-03-02 bill.pughInitial import.
2007-03-02 bill.pughInitial import.
2007-02-09 (no author)Initial directory structure.