2014-05-01 Chris MumfordRelease LevelDB 1.17 master
2014-02-10 David GroganRelease LevelDB 1.16
2013-12-10 David GroganRelease LevelDB 1.15
2013-09-19 David GroganRelease LevelDB 1.14
2013-08-21 David GroganLevelDB 1.13
2013-06-18 David GroganRelease leveldb 1.12
2013-06-13 David GroganRelease leveldb 1.11
2013-05-15 David GroganRelease leveldb 1.10
2013-02-07 David GroganMake DB::Open fail if sst files are missing.
2013-01-07 David GroganFix corruption bug found and analyzed by dhruba@gmail.com
2012-12-27 Sanjay Ghemawatadded utility to dump leveldb files
2012-10-16 Sanjay GhemawatSmall fixes.
2012-10-12 David GroganUpdate to leveldb 1.6
2012-05-30 Sanjay Ghemawatupdate version number to 1.5
2012-05-30 Sanjay Ghemawatremove obsolete android port files
2012-05-30 Sanjay GhemawatRemove static initializer; fix endian-ness detection...
2012-04-17 Sanjay GhemawatAdded bloom filter support.
2012-03-30 Sanjay Ghemawatbuild shared libraries; updated version to 1.3; add...
2012-03-21 Sanjay GhemawatBuild fixes and cleanups:
2012-03-15 Sanjay Ghemawatuse mmap on 64-bit machines to speed-up reads; small...
2012-03-09 Sanjay Ghemawatfix LOCK file deletion to prevent crash on windows
2012-03-09 Sanjay Ghemawatadded group commit; drastically speeds up mult-threaded...
2012-03-05 Sanjay Ghemawatadd .gitignore; support for building on a few BSD variants
2012-02-02 Sanjay Ghemawatavoid very large compactions; fix build on Linux
2012-01-25 Sanjay Ghemawatfixed issues 66 (leaking files on disk error) and...
2011-11-30 Hans WennborgMakefile fixes for systems with $CXX other than g++.
2011-11-14 Hans WennborgPass system's CFLAGS, remove exit time destructor,...
2011-10-31 Hans WennborgA number of fixes:
2011-10-05 Gabor CselleA number of bugfixes:
2011-09-26 Hans WennborgSync with upstream @24213649.
2011-09-12 Hans WennborgSync with upstream @23860137.
2011-09-01 gabor@google.comBugfixes: for Get(), don't hold mutex while writing...
2011-08-22 gabor@google.comBugfix for issue 33; reduce lock contention in Get...
2011-08-16 gabor@google.comBugfixes for iterator and documentation.
2011-08-06 dgrogan@chromium.org@23023120
2011-08-05 gabor@google.comC binding for leveldb, better readseq benchmark for...
2011-07-29 gabor@google.comImproved benchmark, fixed bugs and SQLite parameters.
2011-07-27 gabor@google.comMinor typos in benchmark page.
2011-07-27 gabor@google.comMinor edit in benchmark page.
2011-07-27 gabor@google.comSetting SVN mime-type for benchmark page.
2011-07-27 gabor@google.comAdding doctype to benchmark page so Google Code display...
2011-07-27 gabor@google.comAdding FreeBSD support, removing Chromium files, adding...
2011-07-21 gabor@google.comSpeed up Snappy uncompression, new Logger interface.
2011-07-19 gabor@google.comSun Studio support, and fix for test related memory...
2011-07-15 gabor@google.comSmall tweaks and bugfixes for Issue 18 and 19.
2011-06-30 gabor@google.comFixed a snappy compression wrapper bug (passing wrong...
2011-06-29 gabor@google.comFixing Makefile issue reported in Issue 15 (misspelled...
2011-06-29 gabor@google.comPlatform detection during build, plus compatibility...
2011-06-22 gabor@google.comFixing issue 11: version_set_test.cc was missing
2011-06-22 gabor@google.comA number of smaller fixes and performance improvements:
2011-06-07 hans@chromium.orgsync with upstream @21706995
2011-06-02 dgrogan@chromium.orgsync with upstream @21627589
2011-05-28 dgrogan@chromium.orgUpdate from upstream @21551990
2011-05-21 dgrogan@chromium.orgsync with upstream @ 21409451
2011-05-03 dgrogan@chromium.orgmake windows include /Iport\win in dependent projects
2011-04-21 dgrogan@chromium.orgpull in hans' mac build fix
2011-04-20 dgrogan@chromium.orgfix build on at least linux
2011-04-20 dgrogan@chromium.org@20776309
2011-04-19 dgrogan@chromium.orgreverting disastrous MOE commit, returning to r21
2011-04-19 dgrogan@chromium.orgRevision created by MOE tool push_codebase.
2011-04-18 dgrogan@chromium.orgchmod a-x
2011-04-12 dgrogan@chromium.org@20602303. Default file permission is now 755.
2011-03-30 jorlow@chromium.orgFix last commit
2011-03-30 jorlow@chromium.orgMove include files into a leveldb subdir.
2011-03-29 jorlow@chromium.orgUpstream change.
2011-03-28 jorlow@chromium.orgUpstream changes.
2011-03-25 jorlow@chromium.orgUpstream changes
2011-03-22 jorlow@chromium.orgPull from upstream.
2011-03-22 jorlow@chromium.orgMake GetTestDirectory threadsafe within Chromium and...
2011-03-22 jorlow@chromium.orgMore changes from upstream.
2011-03-21 gabor@google.comRemoving unneeded build files
2011-03-21 jorlow@chromium.orgmore upstream changes
2011-03-21 jorlow@chromium.orgSync in bug fixes
2011-03-21 jorlow@chromium.orgChanges to get Snappy working
2011-03-21 jorlow@chromium.orgOops, another file that didn't upload correctly.
2011-03-21 hans@chromium.orgSet mime-type to text/css on doc/doc.css files.
2011-03-21 hans@chromium.orgSet mime-type to text/html on .html files.
2011-03-18 jorlow@chromium.orgFix typo in Makefile.
2011-03-18 jorlow@chromium.orgDirectory paths were off a bit.
2011-03-18 jorlow@chromium.orgInitial checkin.
2011-03-02 (no author)Initial directory structure.