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last changeWed, 1 Oct 2014 01:16:04 +0000 (01:16 +0000)
10 hours ago fbarchard@google.comChange scale to unaligned movdqu. master
17 hours ago fbarchard@google.comRemove alignment constraint for SSE2. Allows the optimi...
34 hours ago fbarchard@google.comFor android arm64 dont specify neon flag.
35 hours ago fbarchard@google.comport/fix CopyRow_AVX to gcc
36 hours ago fbarchard@google.comCopyRow_AVX which supports unaligned pointers for Sandy...
42 hours ago ashok.bhat... Row AArch64 Neon implementation - Part 11
2 days ago ashok.bhat... Remove __ARM_NEON__ define check for AArch64
4 days ago brettw@google.comRename GN public variables.
4 days ago ashok.bhat... Row AArch64444 Neon implementation - Part 10
5 days ago ashok.bhat... Row AArch64 Neon implementation - Part 9
7 days ago kjellander... Add tools/lsan/suppressions.txt
7 days ago kjellander... Update Chromium sync scripts for WebRTC r7222 changes
8 days ago kjellander... Make Libyuv work with Chromium Git checkouts
8 days ago fbarchard@google.comDetect asimd as same as Neon for Arm features. Used...
9 days ago kjellander... Roll chromium_revision 280149:291168 and remove sanitiz...
11 days ago fbarchard@google.comadd stride to pointer in C and pass as register to...
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