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last changeFri, 11 Apr 2014 23:40:41 +0000 (23:40 +0000)
6 days ago fbarchard@google.comRoll chromium_revision 260824:262938 + fix binutils... master
7 days ago fbarchard@google.comUpdate the gold location (third_party/libyuv).
2014-04-03 fbarchard@google.comChange r9 to a parameter which will map to x9 for arm64.
2014-04-02 kjellander... Fix DEPS and gyp_libyuv for chromium roll in r996
2014-04-02 fbarchard@google.comBump chromium deps to 260824 which is lkgr for improved...
2014-03-29 fbarchard@google.comarm64 initial port using C
2014-03-28 kjellander... Revert accidental checkin in r992
2014-03-28 kjellander... Minor fixes to
2014-03-28 fbarchard@google.comUpdate libyuv build toolchain.
2014-03-26 fbarchard@google.comPort format_conversion (bayer) to C
2014-03-26 fbarchard@google.comRoll chromium dependency to r255773
2014-03-24 fbarchard@google.comFix C89 compile error for cpu detect. Make mips detect...
2014-03-18 fbarchard@google.comWarning fix for implicite cast in scaling from int64...
2014-03-18 fbarchard@google.comARGBScale down bilinear clip to edge of image to avoid...
2014-03-08 fbarchard@google.comMore wordy comments about Neon
2014-03-07 fbarchard@google.comunittest first checks if files exists for neon detection.
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