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last changeTue, 29 Jul 2014 18:32:59 +0000 (18:32 +0000)
4 hours ago ashok.bhat... Remove extra MEMACCESS master
25 hours ago fbarchard@google.comAdd a gyp define LIBYUV_DISABLE_JPEG to not build jpeg...
11 days ago fbarchard@google.comredo nv12 crop unittest with expect eq
11 days ago fbarchard@google.comAdd NV12 cropping unittest to confirm behavior.
2014-07-14 fbarchard@google.comCheck number of functions available to cpuid before...
2014-07-09 fbarchard@google.comDetect clang-cl compiler and disable assembly for now.
2014-07-08 fbarchard@google.comremove extern "C" from rotate function, since its built...
2014-07-08 fbarchard@google.comPort conversion functions to c.
2014-07-07 fbarchard@google.comconvert source ported to c89.
2014-07-03 kjellander... Disable assembly optimizations in MemorySanitizer builds.
2014-07-03 kjellander... Roll chromium_revision 274825:280149 to fix GN
2014-07-01 fbarchard@google.comShow jpeg as an option for psnr tool if enabled
2014-06-26 fbarchard@google.comadd symbols for ios unittests
2014-06-26 fbarchard@google.comlint fixes for psnr
2014-06-26 fbarchard@google.comjpeg psnr avoid duplicates with libyuv by checking...
2014-06-26 fbarchard@google.commove Calc functions for psnr into header to avoid dupli...
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