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last changeWed, 22 Apr 2015 00:29:49 +0000 (00:29 +0000)
2015-04-22 petarj@mips.comAdd support for sys_mmap MIPS64 N64 master
2015-02-20[MIPS] Fix syscall clone implementation
2015-01-22 vapier@chromium.orgMIPS: tweak register constraint to build under clang
2015-01-16 vapier@chromium.orgARM64: fix build due to incomplete ppoll decl
2014-08-01 thestig@chromium.orgMIPS: The new ABI should be allowed to use r8 and r9...
2014-05-28 mseaborn@chromium.orgFix literal-suffix warning when using GCC 4.8
2014-04-15 anton@chromium.orgAdd arm64 support to linux_syscall_support.h.
2014-04-04 anton@chromium.orgFix for x64. __unused is #defined elsewhere.
2013-08-31 mseaborn@chromium.orgChange prctl() syscall wrapper to take prctl()'s full...
2013-08-31 mseaborn@chromium.orgFix restore_rt() getter's inline asm not to clobber...
2013-08-16 phosek@chromium.orgLinux brk() syscall returns the new program break
2013-04-10[MIPS] Fix constraint modifier for syscall clone
2013-04-02 vapier@chromium.orgfix up cast to fix errors w/-Wstrict-prototypes
2013-04-01 vapier@chromium.orgAdd x32 ABI support
2013-03-06 vapier@chromium.orgFix building with glibc-2.16+
2012-10-30 mseaborn@chromium.orgMake linux_syscall_support.h compilable with -Wstrict...
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