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last changeSat, 31 Jan 2015 09:16:37 +0000 (09:16 +0000)
2 hours ago yukawa@google.comMove storage/louds/key_expansion_table{.h, master
2 hours ago yukawa@google.comRefactor SystemDictionary::LookupPredictive using new...
2 hours ago yukawa@google.comRefactor SystemDictionary::PrefixSearch using LoudsTrie...
2 hours ago yukawa@google.comRefactor LOUDS trie by introducing a new API set for...
2 hours ago yukawa@google.comDemove dead code that is never used in Windows Vista...
3 hours ago yukawa@google.comUse VersionHelpers.h to simplify SystemUtil
3 hours ago yukawa@google.comRemove legacy base/hash_tables.h in favor of C++11
5 days ago yukawa@google.comRemove a workaround code for Visual C++ 2010 (KB813540)
5 days ago yukawa@google.comRequire Visual C++ 2013 to build Mozc for Windows
5 days ago yukawa@google.comRequire Windows Vista SP2 or later
5 days ago yukawa@google.comRemove build_tools command from
6 days ago yukawa@google.comRequire Clang to build Linux host binaries
6 days ago yukawa@google.comSwitch from stlport to libcxx in Android build
6 days ago yukawa@google.comRemove mozc::DetachedThread as it is no longer used
6 days ago yukawa@google.comFix build failur of unit tests when libcxx is used...
6 days ago yukawa@google.comFix test failure in release build with Visual C++ 2013
2 hours ago master