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last changeSun, 24 Aug 2014 19:39:58 +0000 (19:39 +0000)
2 days ago yukawa@google.comUpdate copyright year notice in the about dialog master
2 days ago yukawa@google.comUpdate line number attributes in Qt message files
10 days ago yukawa@google.comFix a typo in a build rule for OS X
10 days ago yukawa@google.comIntroduce a new keymap for Chromium OS device
10 days ago yukawa@google.comMove GetDefaultKeyMap from keymap::KeyMapManager to...
10 days ago yukawa@google.comSupport 'Set input mode to X' in DirectInput mode on...
11 days ago yukawa@google.comEnable Ninja's console pool feature for 'ant' tasks...
11 days ago yukawa@google.comSuppress build time message for the clean build log...
2014-08-10 yukawa@google.comUpdate symbol dictionary
2014-08-09 yukawa@google.comRoll protobuf r489:r512
2014-08-09 yukawa@google.comInclude Visual C++ 2013 merge modules when necessary
2014-08-09 yukawa@google.comUse the workaroud for KB 813540 only for Visual C+...
2014-08-09 yukawa@google.comRemove an unnesesary blank line
2014-08-03 yukawa@google.comRoll WTL r460:r587 part 2
2014-08-03 yukawa@google.comRemove an unnecessary directry search rule
2014-08-03 yukawa@google.comSwitch to libc++ for better C++11 support
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