9 hours ago bradnelson... Fix gforth quota javascript to handle running incognito. master
11 hours ago bradnelson... Change PRESUBMIT.py to check all partitions, and repart...
14 hours ago phosek@chromium.orgAdd -fPIC when building freetype as a shared library
16 hours ago phosek@chromium.orgUpdate fontconfig to version 2.11.1
16 hours ago phosek@chromium.orgUpdate freetype to version 2.5.3
26 hours ago bradnelson... Dropping -fforce-addr from gforth as gcc aliases to...
27 hours ago bradnelson... Adding gforth port.
29 hours ago bradnelson... Update plumbing tests to match new tcp testing app.
33 hours ago channingh@google.comAdd pipe()
33 hours ago channingh@google.comAdd PipeServer
34 hours ago bradnelson... Adding xcb-util.
37 hours ago channingh@google.comGeneralize SendRequest()
2 days ago bradnelson... Adding missing darksky-catalog dependency on thingking.
2 days ago bradnelson... Fixing curl build.
2 days ago channingh@google.comAdd getsid() and setsid().
2 days ago bradnelson... Pass pnacl compiles thru a shim to inject -O0 / drop...
2 days ago bradnelson... Cleanup bash build.
2 days ago sbc@google.comUpdate README.rst and build_tools/README.txt
2 days ago sbc@google.comAdd a lock file to prevent multiple copies of naclports...
2 days ago sbc@google.comDisable darksky-catalog and thingking python modules...
3 days ago bradnelson... Fix opencv dependency on old newlib behavior.
3 days ago bradnelson... Fixing glibc build of tk.
3 days ago bradnelson... Change python-host build so that zlib is discovered...
3 days ago binji@chromium.orgAdd libuuid-1.0.3
3 days ago bradnelson... Fixing tcl for osx, disabling tk on osx.
4 days ago bradnelson... Fixing coreutils build break caused by adding mkfifo...
4 days ago phosek@chromium.orgAdd herror to glibc-compat
4 days ago bradnelson... Enable arm and avr (arduino) targets in binutils.
4 days ago bradnelson... Replacing mknod and mkfifo macros in glibc-compat with...
7 days ago matthewturk... Adding google-api, httplib2, python-gflags modules.
7 days ago matthewturk... Update python-static with modules and to match python
7 days ago binji@chromium.orgAdd requests and fix dependencies for thingking.
7 days ago bradnelson... Adding Tcl and Tk ports.
8 days ago binji@chromium.orgUpdating python modules yt and add thingking, darksky_c...
8 days ago matthewturk... Updating ipython to 2.1.0.
9 days ago bradnelson... Fixing ipython, ninja, lua mistake, disable broken...
9 days ago bradnelson... Adding missing dependencies and dropping false ones...
9 days ago bradnelson... Fix bad line break in spec awk line.
9 days ago bradnelson... Divide nacl_spawn.h and provide stub implementations...
9 days ago channingh@google.comAdd setpgid()
9 days ago channingh@google.comFix devenvwidget bug
10 days ago channingh@google.comAdd link to NaCl DevEnv in the web store if the extensi...
10 days ago channingh@google.comAdd getpgid()
11 days ago bradnelson... Switch toybox to use cli_main.
11 days ago bradnelson... Inline nacl_spawn declaration to break cross arch depen...
11 days ago bradnelson... Revert 1521 "Relocating pid and ppid to a nacl_spawn...
11 days ago bradnelson... Relocating pid and ppid to a nacl_spawn from cli_main.
11 days ago binji@chromium.orgscummvm: Add themepath and extrapath to scummvmrc.
13 days ago bradnelson... Adding twm and xbitmap.
2014-08-08 channingh@google.comFix segfault
2014-08-08 channingh@google.comAdd getppid()
2014-08-08 channingh@google.comAdd implementation of getpid to nacl-spawn.
2014-08-06 channingh@google.comAdd support for Python's subprocess
2014-08-06 channingh@google.comFix bug where processes with exit code 0 where causing...
2014-08-05 sbc@google.comDisable libxkbfile on mac (libx11 not yet building).
2014-08-05 cmihail@chromium.orgUse OS_NAME variable directly instead of name -s.
2014-08-04 sbc@google.comOn the buildbot, uninstall all existing package before...
2014-08-04 sbc@google.comAdd support for CONFLICTS field in pkg_info.
2014-08-01 sbc@google.comDisable more ports under bionic.
2014-08-01 bradnelson... Pass --no-ext-diff to git diff in case a graphical...
2014-07-31 sbc@google.comAdd zlib module to staticly linked python.
2014-07-31 bradnelson... Adding libpciaccess and libxkbfile.
2014-07-31 sbc@google.comRemove use of URL_FILENAME in pkg_info files.
2014-07-31 bradnelson... Pulling in newer chrome revision for testing.
2014-07-31 bradnelson... Disable x11 support in giflib.
2014-07-31 bradnelson... Adding libxfont and libfontenc.
2014-07-31 bradnelson... Adding multiple x11 protocol packages.
2014-07-31 channingh@google.comSupport simultaneous persistent and temporary file...
2014-07-30 channingh@google.comMake devenvwidget put files in temporary file system
2014-07-30 channingh@google.comRemove extension-specific files from bash
2014-07-29 channingh@google.comSeparate whitelist into own file
2014-07-29 binji@chromium.orgAdd fftw tests.
2014-07-29 bradnelson... Fixing libxaw build for arm, disabling xeyes on mac.
2014-07-29 bradnelson... Adding xeyes program.
2014-07-29 bradnelson... Adding libxpm and libxaw.
2014-07-28 channingh@google.comMake DevEnvWidget check if the DevEnv extension exists.
2014-07-27 bradnelson... Repartion bots.
2014-07-27 bradnelson... Fixing more use of uname -o to fix yaji.
2014-07-26 bradnelson... Fix nacl-env.sh on mac (fix yaji).
2014-07-26 bradnelson... Explicitly turn on iconv support in libarchive and...
2014-07-26 bradnelson... Change devenvwidget copy step to work in an svn checkout.
2014-07-26 bradnelson... Adding libxmu, libxrender, libxt.
2014-07-26 sbc@google.comVarious fixes for building ports on windows.
2014-07-26 channingh@google.comAdd the ability to create a DevEnv widget
2014-07-25 petewil@chromium.orgMake Emacs install.
2014-07-25 bradnelson... Disabling x11 for mac and dependent builds.
2014-07-25 bradnelson... Disabling cairo use of x11.
2014-07-25 channingh@google.comAdd key to devenv
2014-07-25 cmihail@chromium.orgAdd workaround for Mac build break for libarchive.
2014-07-25 bradnelson... Use glibc-compat creat instead of one in grep patch.
2014-07-25 bradnelson... Fixing typo in xinerama archive root.
2014-07-24 channingh@google.comAdd os.spawnve() to python
2014-07-24 bradnelson... Make the X11 packages use lowercase names.
2014-07-24 bradnelson... Adding libICE and libSM.
2014-07-24 bradnelson... Adding libXi, libXext, libXinerama, and libXtst.
2014-07-24 bradnelson... Adding in libX11, xtrans fixes to packaging and glib...
2014-07-24 bradnelson... Fixing create_nmf invocation for ByArch packaging.
2014-07-24 bradnelson... Adding libxcb and libXau.
2014-07-24 bradnelson... Adding several X11 proto packages.
2014-07-24 cmihail@chromium.orgAdd libarchive.