14 hours ago bradnelson... Repartion bots. master
18 hours ago bradnelson... Fixing more use of uname -o to fix yaji.
40 hours ago bradnelson... Fix nacl-env.sh on mac (fix yaji).
42 hours ago bradnelson... Explicitly turn on iconv support in libarchive and...
42 hours ago bradnelson... Change devenvwidget copy step to work in an svn checkout.
2 days ago bradnelson... Adding libxmu, libxrender, libxt.
2 days ago sbc@google.comVarious fixes for building ports on windows.
2 days ago channingh@google.comAdd the ability to create a DevEnv widget
2 days ago petewil@chromium.orgMake Emacs install.
2 days ago bradnelson... Disabling x11 for mac and dependent builds.
2 days ago bradnelson... Disabling cairo use of x11.
2 days ago channingh@google.comAdd key to devenv
3 days ago cmihail@chromium.orgAdd workaround for Mac build break for libarchive.
3 days ago bradnelson... Use glibc-compat creat instead of one in grep patch.
3 days ago bradnelson... Fixing typo in xinerama archive root.
3 days ago channingh@google.comAdd os.spawnve() to python
3 days ago bradnelson... Make the X11 packages use lowercase names.
3 days ago bradnelson... Adding libICE and libSM.
3 days ago bradnelson... Adding libXi, libXext, libXinerama, and libXtst.
3 days ago bradnelson... Adding in libX11, xtrans fixes to packaging and glib...
3 days ago bradnelson... Fixing create_nmf invocation for ByArch packaging.
3 days ago bradnelson... Adding libxcb and libXau.
3 days ago bradnelson... Adding several X11 proto packages.
4 days ago cmihail@chromium.orgAdd libarchive.
4 days ago sbc@google.comUpdate regal to latest version.
4 days ago sbc@google.comDisable quakespasm for PNaCl.
5 days ago sbc@google.comFix ARM build of quakespasm.
6 days ago sbc@google.comUse strcasecmp rather than stricmp in SDLmain.
6 days ago channingh@google.comAdd the ability to access the HTML5 filesystem from...
6 days ago sbc@google.comAdd quakespasm, an OpenGL+SDL-based port of quake1.
6 days ago sbc@google.comMove README for libtar to correct folder.
6 days ago sbc@google.comFix a bug in SDL_audio the the pause status was not
6 days ago bradnelson... Adding port of m4 for newlib, glibc, pnacl.
6 days ago sbc@google.comNew port: BLIS library (Linear Algebra)
9 days ago bradnelson... Fixing bash to work in pnacl + devenv tests.
9 days ago bradnelson... Switching nacl_spawn to mimic spawnve, wait, waitpid.
9 days ago bradnelson... Fixing subversion to build on newlib + pnacl, use nacl...
9 days ago bradnelson... Adding geturl utility to provide devenv access to URLLo...
9 days ago sbc@google.comAdd and utilize index of pre-built online packages.
10 days ago channingh@google.comClean up home directory after tests
11 days ago channingh@google.comAdd more tests of devenv.
11 days ago channingh@google.comDelete correct background.js
11 days ago sbc@google.comCompress binary packages with bzip2 compression.
11 days ago sbc@google.comUpdate default MIN_SDK_VERSION to pepper_35.
12 days ago channingh@google.comMove devenv test framework from bash/ to devenv/
12 days ago bradnelson... Disable libiconv in sdl, disable libiconv on mac.
13 days ago channingh@google.comAdd tests for devenv.
13 days ago channingh@google.comFix the case where foreground_process is null
13 days ago bradnelson... Repartitioning naclports in preparation for sdl ->...
2014-07-12 bradnelson... Adding ninja port.
2014-07-12 bradnelson... Adding a libffi port.
2014-07-12 bradnelson... Disabling builds currently broken on bionic.
2014-07-12 bradnelson... Adding libiconv port.
2014-07-11 bradnelson... Adding libunistring port.
2014-07-11 bradnelson... Fixing ncurses under bionic.
2014-07-11 channingh@google.comSplit onTerminalResize
2014-07-11 bradnelson... Fixing libtar under bionic.
2014-07-11 channingh@google.comReplace underscore variable names with camel case.
2014-07-11 channingh@google.comReplace onEnd handler with waitpid
2014-07-11 channingh@google.comRemove ability to add arbitrary event handlers from...
2014-07-11 channingh@google.comTurn global variables into instance variables
2014-07-11 channingh@google.comRemove calls to print in naclprocess.
2014-07-11 bradnelson... Fixing grep build on arm and pnacl.
2014-07-11 bradnelson... Adding libtool port (for libltdl).
2014-07-11 bradnelson... Adding a libatomic-ops port.
2014-07-03 channingh@google.comMove onvtkeystroke to NaClTerm
2014-07-02 channingh@google.comMove terminalresize to naclterm
2014-07-02 channingh@google.comMake clients of naclterm all use the same prefix.
2014-07-02 channingh@google.comMake spawn() immediately return a process ID
2014-07-02 sbc@google.comFix reference to old build_toolds/naclports.py in build...
2014-07-02 sbc@google.comRevert part of last change to buildbot_common.sh.
2014-07-01 sbc@google.comAdd gclient run-hooks script to clean stale pyc files.
2014-07-01 sbc@google.comFix partition.py and check_sums.py WRT to new naclports...
2014-07-01 sbc@google.comUpdate location of naclports_test.py to fix the bots.
2014-07-01 sbc@google.comSplit naclports python script into python module with...
2014-07-01 sbc@google.comTemporarily disable sdl2-image.
2014-06-30 sbc@google.comUpdate sdl2 to latest upstream version.
2014-06-30 channingh@google.comMove terminal-specific event handlers to NaClTerm.
2014-06-30 bradnelson... Adding grep to naclports.
2014-06-30 bradnelson... Fixing rm -rf in coreutils.
2014-06-30 sbc@google.comAdd watchlist.
2014-06-30 channingh@google.comSeparate naclterm.js into naclprocess.js and naclhterm.js
2014-06-27 channingh@google.comReplace lib.f.parseQuery call with inline code.
2014-06-27 channingh@google.comMerge createEmbed() and spawn()
2014-06-27 channingh@google.comSplit NaClTerm into NaClTerm and NaClTermHTerm
2014-06-27 sbc@google.comAdd PNaCl support to sdlquake.
2014-06-27 sbc@google.comFix sdlquake by removing asm files.
2014-06-26 sbc@google.comRevive ancient sdlquake port.
2014-06-26 sbc@google.comExport $STRIP variable when setting up the build enviro...
2014-06-26 sbc@google.comDelete old/experimental v8 port.
2014-06-25 sbc@google.comFix python manifest.json and name of nano app archive.
2014-06-25 bradnelson... Splitting up bashrc into separate parts.
2014-06-25 sbc@google.comFix opencv URL so it points to upstream rather than...
2014-06-25 sbc@google.comAdd missing dependencies on python to markupsafe and...
2014-06-25 channingh@google.comAdd the ability to view graphical output of programs...
2014-06-25 sbc@google.comnaclports.py: Split file downloading into its own function.
2014-06-24 sbc@google.comReduce the size the hterm javascript file.
2014-06-24 sbc@google.comFix mpg123 glibc build when SDL is installed.
2014-06-24 sbc@google.comFix python-ppapi build on mac.
2014-06-24 bradnelson... Switch gdb to use nacl-spawn.