5 hours ago sbc@google.comUpdate regal to latest version. master
7 hours ago sbc@google.comDisable quakespasm for PNaCl.
30 hours ago sbc@google.comFix ARM build of quakespasm.
2 days ago sbc@google.comUse strcasecmp rather than stricmp in SDLmain.
2 days ago channingh@google.comAdd the ability to access the HTML5 filesystem from...
2 days ago sbc@google.comAdd quakespasm, an OpenGL+SDL-based port of quake1.
2 days ago sbc@google.comMove README for libtar to correct folder.
2 days ago sbc@google.comFix a bug in SDL_audio the the pause status was not
2 days ago bradnelson... Adding port of m4 for newlib, glibc, pnacl.
2 days ago sbc@google.comNew port: BLIS library (Linear Algebra)
4 days ago bradnelson... Fixing bash to work in pnacl + devenv tests.
4 days ago bradnelson... Switching nacl_spawn to mimic spawnve, wait, waitpid.
5 days ago bradnelson... Fixing subversion to build on newlib + pnacl, use nacl...
5 days ago bradnelson... Adding geturl utility to provide devenv access to URLLo...
5 days ago sbc@google.comAdd and utilize index of pre-built online packages.
6 days ago channingh@google.comClean up home directory after tests
6 days ago channingh@google.comAdd more tests of devenv.
7 days ago channingh@google.comDelete correct background.js
7 days ago sbc@google.comCompress binary packages with bzip2 compression.
7 days ago sbc@google.comUpdate default MIN_SDK_VERSION to pepper_35.
8 days ago channingh@google.comMove devenv test framework from bash/ to devenv/
8 days ago bradnelson... Disable libiconv in sdl, disable libiconv on mac.
8 days ago channingh@google.comAdd tests for devenv.
9 days ago channingh@google.comFix the case where foreground_process is null
9 days ago bradnelson... Repartitioning naclports in preparation for sdl ->...
11 days ago bradnelson... Adding ninja port.
11 days ago bradnelson... Adding a libffi port.
11 days ago bradnelson... Disabling builds currently broken on bionic.
12 days ago bradnelson... Adding libiconv port.
12 days ago bradnelson... Adding libunistring port.
12 days ago bradnelson... Fixing ncurses under bionic.
12 days ago channingh@google.comSplit onTerminalResize
12 days ago bradnelson... Fixing libtar under bionic.
12 days ago channingh@google.comReplace underscore variable names with camel case.
12 days ago channingh@google.comReplace onEnd handler with waitpid
12 days ago channingh@google.comRemove ability to add arbitrary event handlers from...
12 days ago channingh@google.comTurn global variables into instance variables
12 days ago channingh@google.comRemove calls to print in naclprocess.
12 days ago bradnelson... Fixing grep build on arm and pnacl.
12 days ago bradnelson... Adding libtool port (for libltdl).
12 days ago bradnelson... Adding a libatomic-ops port.
2014-07-03 channingh@google.comMove onvtkeystroke to NaClTerm
2014-07-02 channingh@google.comMove terminalresize to naclterm
2014-07-02 channingh@google.comMake clients of naclterm all use the same prefix.
2014-07-02 channingh@google.comMake spawn() immediately return a process ID
2014-07-02 sbc@google.comFix reference to old build_toolds/naclports.py in build...
2014-07-02 sbc@google.comRevert part of last change to buildbot_common.sh.
2014-07-01 sbc@google.comAdd gclient run-hooks script to clean stale pyc files.
2014-07-01 sbc@google.comFix partition.py and check_sums.py WRT to new naclports...
2014-07-01 sbc@google.comUpdate location of naclports_test.py to fix the bots.
2014-07-01 sbc@google.comSplit naclports python script into python module with...
2014-07-01 sbc@google.comTemporarily disable sdl2-image.
2014-06-30 sbc@google.comUpdate sdl2 to latest upstream version.
2014-06-30 channingh@google.comMove terminal-specific event handlers to NaClTerm.
2014-06-30 bradnelson... Adding grep to naclports.
2014-06-30 bradnelson... Fixing rm -rf in coreutils.
2014-06-30 sbc@google.comAdd watchlist.
2014-06-30 channingh@google.comSeparate naclterm.js into naclprocess.js and naclhterm.js
2014-06-27 channingh@google.comReplace lib.f.parseQuery call with inline code.
2014-06-27 channingh@google.comMerge createEmbed() and spawn()
2014-06-27 channingh@google.comSplit NaClTerm into NaClTerm and NaClTermHTerm
2014-06-27 sbc@google.comAdd PNaCl support to sdlquake.
2014-06-27 sbc@google.comFix sdlquake by removing asm files.
2014-06-26 sbc@google.comRevive ancient sdlquake port.
2014-06-26 sbc@google.comExport $STRIP variable when setting up the build enviro...
2014-06-26 sbc@google.comDelete old/experimental v8 port.
2014-06-25 sbc@google.comFix python manifest.json and name of nano app archive.
2014-06-25 bradnelson... Splitting up bashrc into separate parts.
2014-06-25 sbc@google.comFix opencv URL so it points to upstream rather than...
2014-06-25 sbc@google.comAdd missing dependencies on python to markupsafe and...
2014-06-25 channingh@google.comAdd the ability to view graphical output of programs...
2014-06-25 sbc@google.comnaclports.py: Split file downloading into its own function.
2014-06-24 sbc@google.comReduce the size the hterm javascript file.
2014-06-24 sbc@google.comFix mpg123 glibc build when SDL is installed.
2014-06-24 sbc@google.comFix python-ppapi build on mac.
2014-06-24 bradnelson... Switch gdb to use nacl-spawn.
2014-06-24 bradnelson... Change icon color slightly for better constrast.
2014-06-24 bradnelson... Another repartition attempt.
2014-06-24 bradnelson... Add missing mingn dependency, repartition.
2014-06-24 bradnelson... Update test expectations to match tests, pull in new...
2014-06-24 bradnelson... Resizing all partitions given new dependencies.
2014-06-24 sbc@google.comAdd python as dependency of six.
2014-06-24 bradnelson... Redo partition to try to fix load balance.
2014-06-23 bradnelson... Fix devenv build for pnacl.
2014-06-23 bradnelson... Add a short name for devenv and the debugger.
2014-06-23 bradnelson... Use environment rather than patch to select libc getcwd...
2014-06-23 sbc@google.comFix PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR in build_tools/common.mk.
2014-06-23 bradnelson... Adding missing dependency on setuptools
2014-06-23 bradnelson... Make nacl-spawn for runnable-ld.so instead of assuming...
2014-06-23 bradnelson... Untar relative to argv[0] before /mnt/http.
2014-06-23 bradnelson... Handle upload of nothing correctly.
2014-06-23 sbc@google.comFix ruby compile-time prefix.
2014-06-23 bradnelson... Repartion in preparation for adding a libtar dependency...
2014-06-23 bradnelson... Adding new icon for devenv, fixing gdb build.
2014-06-23 sbc@google.comDon't ship site-packages folder in python app.
2014-06-23 sbc@google.comUpdate curl version 7.32.0 -> 7.37.0
2014-06-23 sbc@google.comMinor cleanup of buildbot_sdk_bundle.sh
2014-06-23 bradnelson... Adding new icon for debugger.
2014-06-22 bradnelson... Add arm to the devenv manifest now that we have bash...
2014-06-22 bradnelson... Disable curl and devenv build on mac.