2014-09-09 sbc@google.comUpdate libgit2 version from 0.20.0 to 0.21.1 master
2014-09-09 sbc@google.comEnable cmake builds to (optionally) use ninja
2014-09-09 sbc@google.comRemove code.google.com wiki pages from DEPS file.
2014-09-09 sbc@google.comFix openssl build on OSX
2014-09-09 sbc@google.comRevert to non-parallel build for subversion.
2014-09-09 bradnelson... Fixing endian.h + dirent.h to make subversion green.
2014-09-09 bradnelson... Properly handle converting paths in pnacl manifests.
2014-09-09 bradnelson... Modifying library dependency checker to also expose...
2014-09-09 bradnelson... Switch elf_reader to read both 32 and 64 bit elf files.
2014-09-08 bradnelson... Fix nacl-spawn to rebuild when already installed.
2014-09-08 sbc@google.comFix glibc-compat dirent.h by including sys/cdefs.h
2014-09-08 sbc@google.comFix for glibc-compat to make libgit2 compile cleanly.
2014-09-08 sbc@google.comAdd working realpath implementation to glibc-compat
2014-09-08 sbc@google.comOnly inject system headers if they differ to the existi...
2014-09-08 sbc@google.comFix non-verbose cmake builds.
2014-09-08 sbc@google.comFix nacl-env.sh in the case the $TOOLCHAIN is not defined
2014-09-08 sbc@google.comCheck that NACL_SDK_ROOT looks correct.
2014-09-08 phosek@chromium.orgTeX Live updated to version 2014
2014-09-06 bradnelson... Adding xorg-server ported to SDL based on android-xsdl.
2014-09-06 bradnelson... Adding missing dependency on setuptools to fix the...
2014-09-06 bradnelson... Fixing blackbox build.
2014-09-05 sbc@google.comFix build of 'six' python module.
2014-09-05 bradnelson... Reving to a new chrome version and re-enabling tests.
2014-09-05 bradnelson... Regenerating libxcb patch so it applies cleanly on...
2014-09-05 sbc@google.comRename CleanAll -> CleanAllToolchains.
2014-09-05 sbc@google.comUpdate buildbot scripts to only clean the toolchain...
2014-09-05 bradnelson... Calling ki_fcntl explicitly to ensure it gets called...
2014-09-05 bradnelson... Switching off memory allocation using brk for emacs.
2014-09-05 bradnelson... Adding env option to naclterm, using it for emacs.
2014-09-05 bradnelson... Adding x11 dependency to emacs and configuring emacs...
2014-09-05 bradnelson... Repartitioning for better load balancing.
2014-09-05 bradnelson... Disabling broken ports to green the tree.
2014-09-05 sbc@google.comFix PKG_CONFIG_PATH and PKG_CONFIG_PREFIX in nacl-env.sh.
2014-09-05 sbc@google.comFix bionic build.
2014-09-04 bradnelson... Adding x11 fonts, font tools, and agregating package.
2014-09-04 bradnelson... Adding a port of xkeyboard config.
2014-09-04 bradnelson... Adding an xkbcomp port.
2014-09-03 sbc@google.comRemove #! line from build.sh files.
2014-09-03 sbc@google.comFix glibc build of python-static
2014-09-03 sbc@google.comDisables shared libraries when linking with ppapi_simple.
2014-09-03 sbc@google.comSet CHROME_HEADELESS=1 when calling 'git number' of...
2014-09-03 sbc@google.comDisable python-ppapi build on mac.
2014-09-02 sbc@google.comEnable PNaCl build of ruby, libtoo, libunistring
2014-09-02 sbc@google.comUse local cache of git repositories.
2014-09-01 sbc@google.comUpdate GetRevision so that errors from git number are...
2014-08-30 sbc@google.comTemporarily disable chrome tests.
2014-08-30 sbc@google.comFix x264 pnacl build.
2014-08-30 sbc@google.comTemporarily disable plumbing tests
2014-08-30 sbc@google.comDisable tar build for PNaCl
2014-08-30 sbc@google.comRemove the need for individual packges to set CONFIG_SUB.
2014-08-29 sbc@google.comEnable newlib build of tar
2014-08-29 bradnelson... Taking architecture into account for devenv c tests.
2014-08-29 sbc@google.comUpdate SDL version: c74378f -> d61de00
2014-08-29 sbc@google.comRemove TODO from libtiff build script.
2014-08-29 sbc@google.comUpdate SDL version: 8ccf0e8 -> c74378f
2014-08-29 sbc@google.comUse bundled version of config.guess to set --build...
2014-08-29 sbc@google.comAdd openssl support to python.
2014-08-29 sbc@google.comFix running of config.guess in common.sh
2014-08-28 sbc@google.comPass --build as well as --host to configure scripts.
2014-08-28 sbc@google.comSwitch to github for managing SDL patch.
2014-08-28 sbc@google.comDont clobber existing checkouts when upstream URLs...
2014-08-28 bradnelson... Adding fvwm window manager port.
2014-08-28 bradnelson... Adding blackbox window manager port.
2014-08-28 sbc@google.comUpdate SDL2 versio 9cd11ad->308fae8
2014-08-28 sbc@google.comBLIS 0.1.4 (update)
2014-08-27 channingh@google.comAdd testing framework for syscalls
2014-08-27 sbc@google.comFix sdl2 build.
2014-08-27 sbc@google.comFix gmp ARM build by definining LONGLONG_STANDALONE.
2014-08-26 channingh@google.comAdd waitpid({x|x<-1 or x=0},...) and checking of parent...
2014-08-26 sbc@google.comFix sdl2-tests
2014-08-26 sbc@google.comStrip binaries in PublishByArchForDevEnv.
2014-08-26 sbc@google.comFix libtomcrypt build.
2014-08-26 sbc@google.comFix geturl so that it reports http error codes.
2014-08-26 sbc@google.comFix libtar configure step.
2014-08-26 sbc@google.comUpdate leveldb and fix some issues.
2014-08-26 sbc@google.comUpdate (and fix) generate_port_list.py.
2014-08-25 sbc@google.comUpdate SDL version to 1.2.15.
2014-08-23 bradnelson... Adding libpng to drod.
2014-08-22 bradnelson... Fix gforth quota javascript to handle running incognito.
2014-08-22 bradnelson... Change PRESUBMIT.py to check all partitions, and repart...
2014-08-22 phosek@chromium.orgAdd -fPIC when building freetype as a shared library
2014-08-22 phosek@chromium.orgUpdate fontconfig to version 2.11.1
2014-08-22 phosek@chromium.orgUpdate freetype to version 2.5.3
2014-08-22 bradnelson... Dropping -fforce-addr from gforth as gcc aliases to...
2014-08-22 bradnelson... Adding gforth port.
2014-08-22 bradnelson... Update plumbing tests to match new tcp testing app.
2014-08-22 channingh@google.comAdd pipe()
2014-08-22 channingh@google.comAdd PipeServer
2014-08-21 bradnelson... Adding xcb-util.
2014-08-21 channingh@google.comGeneralize SendRequest()
2014-08-21 bradnelson... Adding missing darksky-catalog dependency on thingking.
2014-08-21 bradnelson... Fixing curl build.
2014-08-21 channingh@google.comAdd getsid() and setsid().
2014-08-20 bradnelson... Pass pnacl compiles thru a shim to inject -O0 / drop...
2014-08-20 bradnelson... Cleanup bash build.
2014-08-20 sbc@google.comUpdate README.rst and build_tools/README.txt
2014-08-20 sbc@google.comAdd a lock file to prevent multiple copies of naclports...
2014-08-20 sbc@google.comDisable darksky-catalog and thingking python modules...
2014-08-19 bradnelson... Fix opencv dependency on old newlib behavior.
2014-08-19 bradnelson... Fixing glibc build of tk.