9 hours ago bradnelson... Adding in curl and git to mingn. master
33 hours ago dpolukhin@google.comRemove __attribute__((section (".bss"))) that doesn...
4 days ago matthewturk... The libpython2.7.a that should be generated from the
5 days ago bradnelson... Enabling glibc build for openal-ogg-demo.
5 days ago matthewturk... This CL updates the nacl.patch file for python-static
6 days ago sbc@google.comUse sf.net rather than sourceforge.net in download...
6 days ago sbc@google.comAdd more detailed information on prerequisites for...
7 days ago bradnelson... Add glibc support to snes9x.
7 days ago binji@chromium.orgMake "NACL_ARCH=pnacl make <foo>" work again.
8 days ago matthewturk... Build system for statically-linked Python.
8 days ago sbc@google.comSwitch python download code to use curl rather than...
9 days ago bradnelson... Shard mac builds now that we have more builders.
9 days ago binji@chromium.orglibgit2 compiles and links for newlib, with glibc-compa...
12 days ago sbc@google.comopenal: Disable use of cpuid.h on i686
12 days ago sbc@google.comswitch openssh to use naclspawn
12 days ago sbc@google.comAdd --verbose-build option to naclports.py.
12 days ago binji@chromium.orgAdd libgit2 v0.20.0.
13 days ago sbc@google.comUpdate openal-soft version.
13 days ago sbc@google.comRemove use of legacy NACL_GLIBC variable.
2014-04-09 sbc@google.comDon't create PUBLISH_DIR for each port.
2014-04-08 bradnelson... Adding debugging extension.
2014-04-08 sbc@google.comRename hterm to libapps in third_party
2014-04-08 bradnelson... Fixing pnacl bochs build.
2014-04-08 binji@chromium.orgFix linking issues with DevIL and PNaCl.
2014-04-08 binji@chromium.orgUpload openssl to 1.0.1g
2014-04-07 bradnelson... Update bochs to 2.6.2 and make it load again.
2014-04-04 sbc@google.comConsistent default values for NACL_ARCH and TOOLCHAIN.
2014-04-04 bradnelson... Refactoring to support tests of debug extension.
2014-04-04 sbc@google.comFix bochs PNaCl build mac
2014-04-04 bradnelson... Fixing gdb build on mac.
2014-04-04 sbc@google.comRename demos so they have more meaningful names.
2014-04-03 sbc@google.comFix sdk bundle buildbot.
2014-04-03 sbc@google.comFix typo in buildbot_sdk_bundle.sh
2014-04-03 sbc@google.comRename demos so they have more meaningful names.
2014-04-03 sbc@google.comAdd initial support for the bionic NaCl toolchain.
2014-04-02 bradnelson... Enable gdb_test.py on the bots.
2014-04-02 bradnelson... Fixing messed up quotes introduced in emacs patch.
2014-04-02 bradnelson... Avoid linuxism in build for emacs, enable for x86-64...
2014-04-02 bradnelson... Switching to a promise pattern for onMessage.
2014-04-02 sbc@google.comMake downloading and unzipping processes quieter.
2014-04-01 sbc@google.comEnable ARM builds for libthoera and bullet.
2014-04-01 bradnelson... On non-windows OSes, use process groups to be sure...
2014-04-01 sbc@google.comFix sdk bundle builder to handle new package file names.
2014-04-01 sbc@google.comRename buildbot related scripts so that all start with...
2014-04-01 sbc@google.comSplit package NAME and VERSION into two fields in pkg_info.
2014-03-31 bradnelson... Switching to using Javascript Promises.
2014-03-31 sbc@google.comexport NACL_SDK_ROOT in buildbot_selector.sh
2014-03-31 sbc@google.comFix bash syntax typo
2014-03-31 sbc@google.comFix the sdk-bundle buildbot.
2014-03-28 petewil@chromium.orgTry to get emacs building
2014-03-28 sbc@google.comRename ports that include underscore in their name.
2014-03-28 bradnelson... Use new nacl_io exit dance.
2014-03-27 sbc@google.comDisable mesagl demo until create_html.py is fixed in...
2014-03-26 bradnelson... Switch httpd and chrome_test to use built-in shutdown.
2014-03-26 sbc@google.comFix tinyxml install step.
2014-03-26 bradnelson... Pass test extension via user agent and make messaging...
2014-03-26 sbc@google.comFix a few packages that were still not installing to...
2014-03-26 sbc@google.comclapack: create DESTDIR_LIBDIR before copying to it
2014-03-25 sbc@google.comFix agg build.sh script so it installs to DESTDIR
2014-03-25 bradnelson... Converting gdb into a background only app.
2014-03-25 sbc@google.combuildbot: Add missing bzip2 to partition 0 of 3
2014-03-25 sbc@google.comInitial implementation of binary package system.
2014-03-25 bradnelson... Fixing gdb slow start and dropping nethack specific...
2014-03-24 binji@chromium.orgDon't skip the STRIP command in lua_ppapi.
2014-03-24 bradnelson... Add gtest style filters to chrome_test, multiple test...
2014-03-20 bradnelson... Adding timeout before begining test interaction with...
2014-03-19 bradnelson... Ignore utility processes and fix linux-sdk bot.
2014-03-19 bradnelson... Actually turn on plumbing_tests.
2014-03-19 bradnelson... Fix race condition in chrome_test, re-enable chrome_tes...
2014-03-18 bradnelson... Require tests to close all open test extension connections.
2014-03-18 bradnelson... Adding an extension testing framework.
2014-03-18 sbc@google.comFix mimetype in dosbox.html when building with PNaCl.
2014-03-17 sbc@google.comFix sed calls to be mac compatible
2014-03-17 sbc@google.comFix for undefined variable error on linux-sdk bot.
2014-03-14 sbc@google.comFix buildbot upload location.
2014-03-13 sbc@google.comUse 'git number' in folder name when uploading results...
2014-03-12 sbc@google.comRemove gtest from DEPS
2014-03-12 sbc@google.comflac: Add missing glibc-compat dependency.
2014-03-12 sbc@google.comSet AR_FLAGS to 'cr' to avoid autotools default of...
2014-03-11 sbc@google.comdrawing-demo: Add dependency on agg.
2014-03-11 sbc@google.comAdd final summary step to buildbot.
2014-03-11 sbc@google.comResurrect old AGG drawing demo.
2014-03-10 sbc@google.comdosbox: Fix PNaCl mac build.
2014-03-10 bradnelson... Fixed bash memory issue and make mingn and bash work...
2014-03-08 binji@chromium.orgFix agg build. /usr/include/freetype2 needs to be inclu...
2014-03-07 binji@chromium.orgFix building freetype w/ Glibc.
2014-03-07 sbc@google.comopenssl: Fix non-glibc builds.
2014-03-07 binji@chromium.orgRoll freetype to version 2.5.2
2014-03-07 sbc@google.comopenssl: fix shared library permissions.
2014-03-07 binji@chromium.orgUse config (Debug/Release) in sentinel. This fixes...
2014-03-07 sbc@google.comopenssl: build as shared library (when building with...
2014-03-06 binji@chromium.orgForce build dependencies when running naclports.py -f
2014-03-06 binji@chromium.orgFix libtheora build after PNaCl upgrade to clang3.4
2014-03-06 sbc@google.comcurl: add dependency on openssl.
2014-03-05 sbc@google.comFixes for mac OSX builds.
2014-03-04 sbc@google.comFix a few builds that were broken by running each step...
2014-03-04 sbc@google.comRun each build phase in its own subshell.
2014-03-04 sbc@google.comnaclports.py: fix check for NACL_SDK_ROOT.
2014-03-03 binji@chromium.orgAdd EXECUTABLES line to ffmpeg build.
2014-03-03 sbc@google.comFix mac builds of various ports.