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last changeTue, 29 Jul 2014 00:58:12 +0000 (00:58 +0000)
96 min ago bradnelson... Adding xeyes program. master
102 min ago bradnelson... Adding libxpm and libxaw.
4 hours ago channingh@google.comMake DevEnvWidget check if the DevEnv extension exists.
29 hours ago bradnelson... Repartion bots.
32 hours ago bradnelson... Fixing more use of uname -o to fix yaji.
2 days ago bradnelson... Fix on mac (fix yaji).
2 days ago bradnelson... Explicitly turn on iconv support in libarchive and...
2 days ago bradnelson... Change devenvwidget copy step to work in an svn checkout.
2 days ago bradnelson... Adding libxmu, libxrender, libxt.
3 days ago sbc@google.comVarious fixes for building ports on windows.
3 days ago channingh@google.comAdd the ability to create a DevEnv widget
3 days ago petewil@chromium.orgMake Emacs install.
3 days ago bradnelson... Disabling x11 for mac and dependent builds.
3 days ago bradnelson... Disabling cairo use of x11.
3 days ago channingh@google.comAdd key to devenv
4 days ago cmihail@chromium.orgAdd workaround for Mac build break for libarchive.
96 min ago master