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last changeSat, 30 Aug 2014 01:33:51 +0000 (01:33 +0000)
6 hours ago sbc@google.comTemporarily disable plumbing tests master
7 hours ago sbc@google.comDisable tar build for PNaCl
7 hours ago sbc@google.comRemove the need for individual packges to set CONFIG_SUB.
8 hours ago sbc@google.comEnable newlib build of tar
9 hours ago bradnelson... Taking architecture into account for devenv c tests.
12 hours ago sbc@google.comUpdate SDL version: c74378f -> d61de00
15 hours ago sbc@google.comRemove TODO from libtiff build script.
17 hours ago sbc@google.comUpdate SDL version: 8ccf0e8 -> c74378f
20 hours ago sbc@google.comUse bundled version of config.guess to set --build...
31 hours ago sbc@google.comAdd openssl support to python.
31 hours ago sbc@google.comFix running of config.guess in
32 hours ago sbc@google.comPass --build as well as --host to configure scripts.
37 hours ago sbc@google.comSwitch to github for managing SDL patch.
37 hours ago sbc@google.comDont clobber existing checkouts when upstream URLs...
38 hours ago bradnelson... Adding fvwm window manager port.
39 hours ago bradnelson... Adding blackbox window manager port.
6 hours ago master