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last changeTue, 9 Sep 2014 22:09:06 +0000 (22:09 +0000)
2014-09-09 sbc@google.comUpdate libgit2 version from 0.20.0 to 0.21.1 master
2014-09-09 sbc@google.comEnable cmake builds to (optionally) use ninja
2014-09-09 sbc@google.comRemove wiki pages from DEPS file.
2014-09-09 sbc@google.comFix openssl build on OSX
2014-09-09 sbc@google.comRevert to non-parallel build for subversion.
2014-09-09 bradnelson... Fixing endian.h + dirent.h to make subversion green.
2014-09-09 bradnelson... Properly handle converting paths in pnacl manifests.
2014-09-09 bradnelson... Modifying library dependency checker to also expose...
2014-09-09 bradnelson... Switch elf_reader to read both 32 and 64 bit elf files.
2014-09-08 bradnelson... Fix nacl-spawn to rebuild when already installed.
2014-09-08 sbc@google.comFix glibc-compat dirent.h by including sys/cdefs.h
2014-09-08 sbc@google.comFix for glibc-compat to make libgit2 compile cleanly.
2014-09-08 sbc@google.comAdd working realpath implementation to glibc-compat
2014-09-08 sbc@google.comOnly inject system headers if they differ to the existi...
2014-09-08 sbc@google.comFix non-verbose cmake builds.
2014-09-08 sbc@google.comFix in the case the $TOOLCHAIN is not defined
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