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last changeSun, 20 Apr 2014 00:20:27 +0000 (00:20 +0000)
25 hours ago matthewturk... The libpython2.7.a that should be generated from the master
2 days ago bradnelson... Enabling glibc build for openal-ogg-demo.
2 days ago matthewturk... This CL updates the nacl.patch file for python-static
3 days ago sbc@google.comUse rather than in download...
3 days ago sbc@google.comAdd more detailed information on prerequisites for...
4 days ago bradnelson... Add glibc support to snes9x.
4 days ago binji@chromium.orgMake "NACL_ARCH=pnacl make <foo>" work again.
5 days ago matthewturk... Build system for statically-linked Python.
5 days ago sbc@google.comSwitch python download code to use curl rather than...
6 days ago bradnelson... Shard mac builds now that we have more builders.
6 days ago binji@chromium.orglibgit2 compiles and links for newlib, with glibc-compa...
9 days ago sbc@google.comopenal: Disable use of cpuid.h on i686
9 days ago sbc@google.comswitch openssh to use naclspawn
9 days ago sbc@google.comAdd --verbose-build option to
9 days ago binji@chromium.orgAdd libgit2 v0.20.0.
10 days ago sbc@google.comUpdate openal-soft version.
25 hours ago master