2015-02-26 sbc@chromium.org[VS Addin] Disable PPAPI linking test except on VS2012 master
2015-02-24 sbc@chromium.org[VS Addin] Fix error handling on webserver startup...
2015-02-24 sbc@chromium.orgUpdate DEPS to point to git mirror of gtest and gmock
2014-09-24 sbc@chromium.org[VS Addin] Add default compiler include paths to visual...
2014-09-24 sbc@chromium.org[VS Addin] Cleanup create_package.py
2014-09-15 sbc@chromium.org[VS Addin] Fix several issues with debugging PPAPI...
2014-09-10 sbc@chromium.org[VS Addin] Update versions used for testing the addin
2014-06-17 sbc@chromium.orgOnly skip uploading of addin if the file already exists...
2014-05-15 sbc@chromium.org[VS Addin] Fix several issues with install script.
2014-05-14 sbc@chromium.org[VS Addin] Add more information when compile tests...
2014-05-14 sbc@chromium.orgUpdate pepper versions that the addin is tested against
2014-02-04 sbc@chromium.org[VSAddin] Don't require both 2010 and 2012 to be installed.
2014-01-03 sbc@chromium.orgFix buildbot upload of vs_addin archive.
2013-11-21 sbc@chromium.org[VS Addin] Set the 'NonCoreWin' property to 'true'
2013-11-19 sbc@chromium.org[VS AddIn] Fix default library paths.
2013-11-13 sbc@chromium.orgFix typo in buildbot script.
2013-11-13 sbc@chromium.org[NaCl AddIn] Update location of PNaCl executables.
2013-07-30 sbc@chromium.org[VS Addin] Don't fail installation if win32 platform...
2013-07-09 sbc@chromium.orgFix buildbot upload to commondatastorage.
2013-06-26 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Roll cocos2dx + two bug fixes
2013-06-18 sbc@chromium.orgRemove naclports from DEPS
2013-06-14 sbc@chromium.orgTest VS addin against pepper 27 and 28.
2013-06-11 sbc@chromium.org[VS Addin] Add visual studio 2012 support
2013-05-31 sbc@chromium.org[NaCl Addin] Fix dependencies in visual studio
2013-05-21 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Add compound shapes.
2013-05-18 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Build third_party libraries into single...
2013-05-18 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Fix one more bad path to make lua unittests...
2013-05-18 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Fix location of lua-yaml in Makefile.
2013-05-17 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Use YAML for for data files and add lua...
2013-05-07 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Move nacl-specific build to proj.nacl
2013-05-07 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Fixes for glibc build
2013-04-30 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Initial editor support.
2013-04-18 noelallen@chromium.orgAdd visual studio project files so that we can build and
2013-04-12 noelallen@google.comCreate a seperate GUI library in LUA and Fix editor...
2013-04-01 noelallen@google.comAdd editting of LUA files
2013-03-29 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Add multi-body touch events
2013-03-29 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Add support for lua update handlers
2013-03-26 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Use more consistent lua module system.
2013-03-26 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Do touch detections using box2d.
2013-03-25 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Add custom level scripts
2013-03-25 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Add touch handling and drawing in lua.
2013-03-20 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Roll cocos2dx version
2013-03-19 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Add linux host build.
2013-03-14 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Move scene and menu management to lua
2013-03-13 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Reference resources directly from checkout...
2013-03-12 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Add new 'edge' shape for defining ground...
2013-03-12 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Roll cocos2dx version.
2013-03-12 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Refactor game data description files.
2013-03-09 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Add Makefile for building lua bindings.
2013-03-09 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Rename core classes in accordance with...
2013-03-08 noelallen@google.comAdded HTML editor
2013-03-08 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Move game logic (behavior) to lua.
2013-03-07 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Add level selection screen.
2013-03-07 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Improve lua integration.
2013-03-07 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Roll cocos2dx deps
2013-03-07 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Apply google style
2013-03-07 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Remove legacy nacl_mounts support.
2013-03-05 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Add dependencies between main nexe and...
2013-03-04 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoon] Roll cocos2dx again to bring in another...
2013-03-04 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Roll cocos2dx to fix ARM build
2013-03-04 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Use box2d sensors to detect collisions.
2013-03-01 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Allow fixtures (static and dynamic) to...
2013-02-28 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Add design resolution.
2013-02-27 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] And some game logic and level loading from...
2013-02-26 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Don't built with nacl-mounts by default
2013-02-26 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Roll cocos2dx version.
2013-02-25 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Switch to SDK build system (common.mk)
2013-02-19 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] roll cocos2dx revision
2013-02-15 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Add physics drawing code
2013-02-14 sbc@chromium.org[VS Addin] Bump SDK version required for pnacl builds.
2013-02-14 sbc@chromium.org[VS Addin] Fix typo in test code for parallel builds.
2013-02-13 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Cleanup initial game code.
2013-02-12 sbc@chromium.org[nacltoons] Add initial frontend and physics game scenes.
2013-02-12 sbc@chromium.org[NaCl Addin] Fix parsing of dependency file.
2013-02-12 sbc@chromium.org[VS Addin] Fix parallel building.
2013-02-12 sbc@chromium.orgClear out all sample code.
2013-02-06 noelallen@google.comUpdate nacltoon Makefile
2013-02-06 sbc@chromium.orgRoll cocos2dx version.
2013-02-06 sbc@chromium.orgTeach common.mk how to be quiet.
2013-02-05 sbc@chromium.orgStart initial work on game example.
2013-02-05 sbc@chromium.org[NaCl Addin] Add testing against pepper_24.
2013-02-05 sbc@chromium.orgRoll cocos version and build cocos lua support.
2013-02-04 sbc@chromium.orgCleanup annotator output
2013-02-02 sbc@chromium.orgRoll cocos2dx deps
2013-02-01 sbc@chromium.orgRemove legacy docs and gallery
2013-02-01 sbc@chromium.orgCleanup nacltoons annotator output
2013-02-01 binji@chromium.orgBuild/run game as packaged app.
2013-02-01 binji@chromium.orgFix "make run" after last change.
2013-02-01 binji@chromium.orgMove sources to src, data to data.
2013-02-01 binji@chromium.orgCocos2dx build depends on naclports build.
2013-02-01 binji@chromium.orgUse SDK Makefile for game.
2013-02-01 sbc@chromium.orgnacltoons starting point is now the SimpleGame from...
2013-02-01 sbc@chromium.orgBuild CocosDenshion sound library.
2013-01-31 binji@chromium.orgFix buildbot script.
2013-01-31 sbc@chromium.orgDon't ignore failures in build-cocos2dx.sh.
2013-01-31 binji@chromium.orgRoll DEPS for cocos2dx
2013-01-31 binji@chromium.orgInitial build setup for nacltoons using Cocos2dx.
2013-01-30 noelallen@google.comAdd buildbot script and disable tree status
2013-01-21 noelallen@chromium.orgUpdate Font
2013-01-20 noelallen@google.comfont files