2014-10-16 ksakamoto@chromium.orgFix reading and writing format 13 cmap tables master
2014-09-26 ksakamoto@chromium.orgFix MSVC warnings about possible value truncation.
2014-06-29 bashi@chromium.orgAdd BUILD.gn
2014-06-27 bashi@chromium.orgAdd DoNotDropColorBitmapTables() API.
2014-04-30 bashi@chromium.org[OTS] update woff2 implementation
2014-03-28 ksakamoto@chromium.orgRemove unused kShortFlagsContinue.
2014-03-28 ksakamoto@chromium.orgImplementation of the woff2 format changes proposed...
2014-01-20 ksakamoto@chromium.org[OTS] Add support for the MATH table.
2014-01-15 ksakamoto@chromium.orgFix offset verification in GDEF and GSUB header parsing.
2013-12-13 ksakamoto@chromium.org[OTS] Switch WOFF 2.0 decompression algorithm to Brotli
2013-11-20 ksakamoto@chromium.org[OTS] build failure on android_aosp
2013-11-19 ksakamoto@chromium.orgAllowing post area names to be >32767.
2013-11-01 ksakamoto@chromium.org[OTS] build failure on QNX
2013-10-24 ksakamoto@chromium.org[OTS] Fix "continue-stream" handling in the woff2 decoder
2013-09-26 ksakamoto@chromium.org[OTS] Remove unused constants
2013-06-07 ksakamoto@chromium.org[OTS] Fix assertion failure on Windows debug build
2013-05-08 ksakamoto@chromium.org[OTS] Fix WOFF2 decode error
2013-05-08 ksakamoto@chromium.org[OTS] Integrate WOFF 2.0 algorithm into OTS
2013-04-03 ksakamoto@chromium.org[OTS] Make standalone tools compile on Mac
2013-04-02 ksakamoto@chromium.org[OTS] Fix standalone tools build
2013-01-19 yusukes@chromium.orgRemove <(library) usage from ots.gyp.
2013-01-15 jshin@chromium.orgMake ots compile on Win64
2012-09-04 bashi@chromium.orgcmap ParseFormat4() should check the first segment
2012-06-26 agl@chromium.orgMark LZMA files as public domain.
2012-06-26 agl@chromium.orgIgnore layout ranges that overlap by a single element.
2012-06-05 bashi@chromium.org[OTS] Strictly check table padding for WOFF files
2012-05-15 bashi@chromium.orgRemoved TAG() macro and revived Tag() function for...
2012-05-07 bashi@chromium.org[OTS] Improve GYP build
2012-05-02 bashi@chromium.org[OTS] Add lzma_sdk for standalone build
2012-04-25 bashi@chromium.org[OTS] TAG() macro for big endian
2012-04-03 bashi@chromium.org[OTS] Fails to Reject CID Fonts When Top Dict is Ordere...
2012-03-21 bashi@chromium.org[OTS] Remove redundant "else if" in cff.cc git-svn
2012-03-03 bashi@chromium.org[OTS] Fix off-by-one in GSUB/GPOS parser
2012-02-24 agl@chromium.orgRemove dependency on winsock2 (ws2_32.dll) on Windows.
2012-02-23 bashi@chromium.org[OTS] Allow empty Private DICT inside CFF data
2012-01-24 yusukes@chromium.orgUse memcpy() instead of violating strict-aliasing rules.
2012-01-17 bashi@chromium.orgAdds woff header checks
2012-01-06 bashi@chromium.org[OTS] OOB read in checking the end of table
2011-12-19 bashi@chromium.org[OTS] Fix incorrect parsing/validation of the empty...
2011-12-09 agl@chromium.orgRemove all 51 static initializers from ots.cc.
2011-11-30 bashi@chromium.org[OTS] sanitizer incorrectly rejects fonts with optical...
2011-09-21 bashi@chromium.orgSort NameRecords in name table if they are not sorted.
2011-09-16 bashi@chromium.orgSupport name table.
2011-09-06 agl@chromium.orgTypo fix.
2011-08-25 bashi@chromium.orgFixing 2 typo bugs
2011-08-05 agl@chromium.orgRemove unused function: ParseSubstLookupRecord
2011-06-07 yusukes@chromium.orgAdded missing include to os2.cc.
2011-06-06 agl@chromium.orgFix GCC 4.6 compile
2011-05-31 bashi@chromium.orgInclude cstddef in ots.h to fix compilation with gcc4.6
2011-05-30 agl@chromium.orgBug fix: + binds tighter than ?:
2011-04-05 bashi@chromium.orgFix compile failure with Solaris Studio on Solaris.
2011-04-04 bashi@chromium.orgAllowing consecutive identical offsets in CFF String...
2011-03-28 bashi@chromium.orgdd vhea/vmtx table support.
2011-03-23 bashi@chromium.orgAdd {GPOS,GSUB}_TYPE_ prefix to enum constants.
2011-03-22 bashi@chromium.orgAdd lookup flag validation check.
2011-03-18 bashi@chromium.orgOTS: Add GSUB table support.
2011-02-25 bashi@chromium.orgDefines 'NOMINMAX' in GYP file.
2011-02-23 bashi@chromium.orgAdd check for size of vectors.
2011-02-23 bashi@chromium.orgUses push_back() to append items into vectors.
2011-02-18 bashi@chromium.orgSupport stand-alone build.
2011-02-17 bashi@chromium.orgAdd GPOS table support.
2011-02-07 bashi@google.comdds more layout common table supports.
2011-01-31 bashi@google.comFix MSVC compiler warning.
2011-01-27 bashi@google.comAdd GDEF support.
2011-01-22 jshin@chromium.orgChange svn:ignore prop from A. to B. below:
2011-01-21 agl@chromium.orgFix MSVC compiler warnings.
2011-01-20 bashi@google.comDon't include chromiums's common.gypi directly to follo...
2011-01-12 agl@chromium.orgFix compilation on mingw.
2010-12-24 bashi@google.comAdds OTS UVSes support.
2010-12-22 bashi@google.comAccepts fonts that are not to add 0-padding at the...
2010-12-17 bashi@google.comAdd codereview.settings
2010-10-20 agl@chromium.orgRevert r36 and r37
2010-10-08 agl@chromium.orgValidate format 14 CMAP subtables
2010-10-08 yusukes@chromium.orgFix code portability issues.
2010-08-10 yusukes@chromium.orgAddressed Tavis's comments in codereview.chromium.org...
2010-08-06 yusukes@chromium.orgValidate font hinting code in OpenType CFF table.
2010-07-15 yusukes@chromium.orgStrict check for FDSelect in the CFF table
2010-07-15 yusukes@chromium.orgStrict check for FDSelect in the CFF table
2010-07-14 agl@chromium.orgBe stricter about the CFF table.
2010-04-28 agl@chromium.orgUpdate GYP file to depend on zlib.
2010-04-28 agl@chromium.orgImplement support for transcoding WOFF fonts.
2010-04-27 agl@chromium.orgUpdate the README with build instuctions
2010-04-27 agl@chromium.orgFix a couple of warnings with GCC 4.4.
2010-02-02 yusukes@chromium.orgAdd kern table support.
2009-12-03 yusukes@chromium.orgUpload test scripts for ots which I'm currently using.
2009-12-01 agl@chromium.orgSetting svn:ignore properties for make, scons, XCode...
2009-12-01 agl@chromium.orgSetting svn:ignore properties for make, scons, XCode.
2009-11-24 yusukes@chromium.orgFix a test tool for OTS, ot-sanitise.
2009-11-23 yusukes@chromium.orgAn empty INDEX is not handled correctly.
2009-11-12 yusukes@chromium.orgFinished the initial internal review.
2009-11-05 yusukes@chromium.orgMoved ots.gyp from the Chromium tree to upstream follow...
2009-11-04 yusukes@chromium.orgsupport GCC 4.4
2009-11-04 yusukes@chromium.orginitial commit.
2009-08-24 (no author)Initial directory structure.