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last changeFri, 28 Mar 2014 04:38:52 +0000 (04:38 +0000)
2014-03-28 ksakamoto@chromium.orgRemove unused kShortFlagsContinue. master
2014-03-28 ksakamoto@chromium.orgImplementation of the woff2 format changes proposed...
2014-01-20[OTS] Add support for the MATH table.
2014-01-15 ksakamoto@chromium.orgFix offset verification in GDEF and GSUB header parsing.
2013-12-13[OTS] Switch WOFF 2.0 decompression algorithm to Brotli
2013-11-20[OTS] build failure on android_aosp
2013-11-19 ksakamoto@chromium.orgAllowing post area names to be >32767.
2013-11-01[OTS] build failure on QNX
2013-10-24[OTS] Fix "continue-stream" handling in the woff2 decoder
2013-09-26[OTS] Remove unused constants
2013-06-07[OTS] Fix assertion failure on Windows debug build
2013-05-08[OTS] Fix WOFF2 decode error
2013-05-08[OTS] Integrate WOFF 2.0 algorithm into OTS
2013-04-03[OTS] Make standalone tools compile on Mac
2013-04-02[OTS] Fix standalone tools build
2013-01-19 yusukes@chromium.orgRemove <(library) usage from ots.gyp.
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