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8 days ago g.rodolafix issue 282: add /dev/poll support for solaris
8 days ago g.rodolalower INTERRUPTED_TRANSF_SIZE to try avoiding false...
8 days ago g.rodolalower FTP server data channel's buffer size so that...
8 days ago g.rodolaissue 285: take advantage of unittest2's addCleanup()
8 days ago g.rodolaassertRaisesRegexp was deprecated in favour or assertRa...
8 days ago g.rodolafix 285: unittest2 migration
8 days ago g.rodolatests: provide better error messages when comparing...
8 days ago g.rodolagive the right CREDITS
8 days ago g.rodolaFTPS: add ability to load a certificate chain file
8 days ago g.rodolarecofingure logging level during tests
2014-04-04 g.rodolafix issue 283: always use a single 'pyftpdlib' logger
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