2014-09-03 chrisha@chromium.orgRemove Syzygy-related code from the Sawbuck repository. master
2014-08-29 chrisha@chromium.orgModify ZebraBlockHeap to accept a heap to use for inter...
2014-08-29 chrisha@chromium.orgAdd GetAllocationSize support to ZebraBlockHeap.
2014-08-29 peterssen@google.comAdded kUnboundedSize (~0) to specify unlimited capacity...
2014-08-29 chrisha@chromium.orgAdd GetAllocationSize support to CtMallocHeap.
2014-08-29 chrisha@chromium.orgAdd GetAllocationSize support to WinHeap and InternalHeap.
2014-08-29 sebmarchand... Remove the unguarded allocation heap.
2014-08-29 siggi@chromium.orgAdd pushad/popad instructions to assembler.
2014-08-29 chrisha@chromium.orgAdd 'GetAllocationSize' to HeapInterface.
2014-08-29 sebmarchand... Remove HeapProxy and use the BlockHeapManager by default.
2014-08-28 sebmarchand... Add support for the HEAP_ZERO_MEMORY flag to HeapAlloc.
2014-08-28 chrisha@chromium.orgChange CircularQueueConstructor to accept an allocator...
2014-08-28 chrisha@chromium.orgCreate InternalHeap.
2014-08-28 chrisha@chromium.orgCleanup ZebraBlockHeap.
2014-08-28 sebmarchand... Fix a bug in Shadow::IsBeginningOfBlockBody
2014-08-27 sebmarchand... Add a new method to check if an address point to the...
2014-08-27 chrisha@chromium.orgCreate gitdeps.py script.
2014-08-27 sebmarchand... Fix a bug in Shadow::IsRightRedzone
2014-08-26 peterssen@google.comIntegrated the ZebraBlockHeap to the BlockHeapManager.
2014-08-26 peterssen@google.comPromoted NullMemoryNotifier outside unit tests.
2014-08-25 chrisha@chromium.orgAdd protobuf library to third_party.
2014-08-21 sebmarchand... Fix the HeapCheckerTest.IsHeapCorrupt test.
2014-08-21 peterssen@google.comAdded enable_zebra_block_heap flag to SyzyASan.
2014-08-21 chrisha@chromium.orgMake LargeBlockHeap use HeapAllocator rather than Memor...
2014-08-20 siggi@chromium.orgClean up an old TODO and make RPC utils reusable.
2014-08-20 sebmarchand... Remove the nested heap API.
2014-08-19 sebmarchand... Remove the references to HeapProxy in the unittest...
2014-08-19 chrisha@chromium.orgMove MemoryNotifierAllocator to its own file, and creat...
2014-08-19 sebmarchand... Remove some references to HeapProxy from the unittests.
2014-08-18 sebmarchand... Add a new flag to use ctmalloc in BlockHeapManager.
2014-08-18 chrisha@chromium.orgRemove DirectAllocation.
2014-08-15 chrisha@chromium.orgReorganize ShadowMarkers.
2014-08-15 peterssen@google.comAdded a new flag to specify the ratio of the memory...
2014-08-15 sebmarchand... Add support for subsampling of SyzyASAN allocation...
2014-08-14 sebmarchand... Declares WindowsHeapAdapter
2014-08-13 peterssen@google.comReplace the STL queue by a circular queue in the ZebraB...
2014-08-13 siggi@chromium.orgTest memory interceptor access errors.
2014-08-13 peterssen@google.comImplemented a circular queue.
2014-08-12 siggi@chromium.orgStart testing memory interceptors explicitly.
2014-08-11 chrisha@chromium.orgAdd new AppVerifier exception due to changes in base.
2014-08-11 siggi@chromium.orgMove MemoryAccessorTester to unittest_util.h/cc for...
2014-08-09 siggi@chromium.orgRefactor memory interceptor test fixture into a class.
2014-08-08 peterssen@google.comAdded MemoryNotifierInterface integration to ZebraBlock...
2014-08-08 chrisha@chromium.orgRoll DEPS.
2014-08-07 fdoray@chromium.orgAdd a function to write a PDB file.
2014-08-07 sebmarchand... Plug the heap error callback into BlockHeapManager.
2014-08-07 siggi@chromium.orgBreak memory interceptors out to a separate file.
2014-08-07 siggi@chromium.orgFix ASAN interceptor build uncleanliness.
2014-08-06 fdoray@chromium.orgAdd a PDB public stream writer.
2014-08-06 peterssen@google.comImplemented BlockQuarantineInterface properly in ZebraB...
2014-08-05 chrisha@chromium.orgAdd IsAllocated support to CtMallocHeap.
2014-08-05 fdoray@chromium.orgAdd a PDB symbol record writer.
2014-08-05 fdoray@chromium.orgAdd an ImageSymbol class to the PDB writer.
2014-08-05 sebmarchand... Declares BlockHeapManager.
2014-08-05 chrisha@chromium.orgMake CTMalloc use a LRU freelist for its partitions.
2014-08-04 fdoray@chromium.orgAdd a SectionOffsetAddress class.
2014-08-04 fdoray@chromium.orgAdd a base class for PDB symbols.
2014-08-04 fdoray@chromium.orgAdd a GetAlignment function in common.
2014-08-04 chrisha@chromium.orgDisable CTMalloc heap debug features.
2014-08-01 peterssen@google.comRemoved odd 'const' qualifier in function GetCount...
2014-08-01 chrisha@chromium.orgCreate CtMallocHeap.
2014-08-01 chrisha@chromium.orgSmall QuarantineInterface refactor.
2014-07-31 sebmarchand... Fix the namespace of the [Simple|Large]BlockHeap.
2014-07-31 peterssen@google.comAdded a new flag to specify the size of the ZebraBlockH...
2014-07-31 siggi@chromium.orgRolls Sawbuck deps to Chromium r271365 and deals with...
2014-07-31 fdoray@chromium.orgAdd a PDB debug info stream writer.
2014-07-31 chrisha@chromium.orgRename GetHeapType to GetHeapFeatures, and add optional...
2014-07-31 siggi@chromium.orgVarious tweaks to get Sawbuck mostly building with...
2014-07-30 sebmarchand... Fix a bug in NestedHeapTest.IntegrationTest
2014-07-30 chrisha@chromium.orgPlumb MemoryNotificationInterface into LargeBlockHeap.
2014-07-30 fdoray@chromium.orgAdd an empty PDB type info stream writer.
2014-07-30 fdoray@chromium.orgAdd a PDB header writer.
2014-07-30 fdoray@chromium.orgAdd a PDB section header stream writer.
2014-07-30 peterssen@google.comImplemented the ZebraHeap
2014-07-30 fdoray@chromium.orgAdd a PDB string table writer.
2014-07-30 fdoray@chromium.orgExpose the PDB hash function.
2014-07-30 chrisha@chromium.orgAdd new authors to keep the SVN <-> GIT synchronization...
2014-07-30 fdoray@chromium.orgAllow PDB bit sets to be written without their size.
2014-07-29 chrisha@chromium.orgFix ShadowMemoryNotifier unittest.
2014-07-29 chrisha@chromium.orgDefine ShadowMemoryNotifier.
2014-07-29 chrisha@chromium.orgDefine MemoryNotificationInterface.
2014-07-29 sebmarchand... Declares HeapManager.
2014-07-25 sebmarchand... Move the ASan error info struct and function into their...
2014-07-25 chrisha@chromium.orgDefine LargeBlockHeap.
2014-07-24 chrisha@chromium.orgCreate RecursiveLock.
2014-07-23 sebmarchand... Use the new block structure and remove the old one.
2014-07-23 chrisha@chromium.orgCreate BlockHeapInterface.
2014-07-23 sebmarchand... Fix a compile issue in block_unittest.cc
2014-07-23 sebmarchand... Adds support for the nested blocks to BlockInitialize.
2014-07-22 chrisha@chromium.orgRemove bogus missing input file from asan.gyp.
2014-07-21 sebmarchand... Fix how we retrieve the trailer of a block in BlockInfo...
2014-07-21 sebmarchand... Use the new quarantine in HeapProxy.
2014-07-14 chrisha@chromium.orgDeclare QuarantineInterface and ShardedQuarantine.
2014-07-14 sebmarchand... Bump version number to produce new binaries.
2014-07-14 sebmarchand... Fix the interceptor of wcsstr.
2014-07-09 sebmarchand... Fix an invalid comparison in the interceptor of HeapSet...
2014-07-08 sebmarchand... Memzero the corrupt info buffer before reporting it.
2014-07-07 sebmarchand... Bump version number to produce new binaries.
2014-07-07 sebmarchand... Adds a new flag to disable Breakpad error reporting...
2014-07-04 chrisha@chromium.orgAdd statistics and variable allocation lengths to page...