12 hours ago sebmarchand... Checking in revision 5429f9aa80c77443755800d021c5eca963... master
12 hours ago chrisha@chromium.orgFurther COFF bugfixes.
15 hours ago sebmarchand... Bump version number to produce new official binaries.
15 hours ago sebmarchand... Small fixes to the ASan callback used in the RTL unittests.
17 hours ago chrisha@chromium.orgModify GuessFileType to recognize resource files.
7 days ago sebmarchand... Implement the ASan interceptor of wcschr.
8 days ago sebmarchand... Use integration_tests_dll.dll in the ASan transform...
8 days ago sebmarchand... Prevent from corrupting a block in the integration...
8 days ago chrisha@chromium.orgSeveral bug fixes for ar_lib.
12 days ago chrisha@chromium.orgSmall fix to ArWriter to handle anonymous object files.
12 days ago chrisha@chromium.orgCreate ArchiveInstrumenter adapter.
12 days ago chrisha@chromium.orgCreate ArTransform.
13 days ago sebmarchand... Adds the AsanCorruptBlockRange structure (and remove...
2014-04-09 sebmarchand... Fix a logging bug in SyzyASan.
2014-04-09 chrisha@chromium.orgCreate ArWriter class for writing archive (.lib) files.
2014-04-08 chrisha@chromium.orgIntroduce ar_lib and ArReader.
2014-04-04 sebmarchand... Add a new method to check if a StackTrace belong to...
2014-04-02 sebmarchand... Define the structure that'll be used to report the...
2014-04-02 sebmarchand... Fix a bug in AsanCrashHandlerTest.SetOnExceptionCallback
2014-04-01 sebmarchand... Add necessary plumbing for checking the heap to HeapPro...
2014-04-01 etienneb@chromium.orgFix decomposition of cold code.
2014-03-31 sebmarchand... Checking in revision b8c5c6685179efdf7a470b89c24986b051...
2014-03-31 sebmarchand... Fix a bug in HeapTest.AsanPointerToBlockHeaderViaShadow
2014-03-31 chrisha@chromium.orgUpdate release_binaries.py to handle Git hashes.
2014-03-31 sebmarchand... Create ShadowWalker.
2014-03-31 sebmarchand... Miscellaneous bug-fixes to CRT interceptors.
2014-03-31 chrisha@chromium.orgBugfixes to allow COFF+ASAN instrumentation to succeed...
2014-03-28 chrisha@chromium.orgAdd SwapImport unittests to unittests.gypi.
2014-03-27 sebmarchand... Bump version number to produce new official binaries.
2014-03-27 sebmarchand... Make agent_logger XP compatible.
2014-03-26 chrisha@chromium.orgAdd support for runtime subsampling of SyzyASAN allocat...
2014-03-26 sebmarchand... Cast the return value of HeapFree to a boolean before...
2014-03-25 etienneb@chromium.orgRemove more deprecated graph attributes.
2014-03-24 etienneb@chromium.orgRemove unused block graph attributes.
2014-03-21 chrisha@chromium.orgAdd unhandled exception filtering to syzyasan_rtl.
2014-03-19 sebmarchand... Add a new shadow value for the block header.
2014-03-19 chrisha@chromium.orgAdd callbacks to ctmalloc for Asan integration.
2014-03-18 chrisha@chromium.orgAdd ctmalloc to third_party.
2014-03-18 sebmarchand... Adds a new method to get the beginning of a block via...
2014-03-17 etienneb@chromium.orgFix the test_dll object file name for the Ninja build.
2014-03-17 chrisha@chromium.orgIgnore call-site labels that land beyond the end of...
2014-03-17 etienneb@chromium.orgFix decomposer unittests broken with the Ninja build.
2014-03-14 etienneb@chromium.orgFix the naming of export_dll.lib to work with Ninja.
2014-03-14 etienneb@chromium.orgMove build_output_dir detection to GYP files.
2014-03-14 chrisha@chromium.orgClean up system interceptor unittests so as not to...
2014-03-13 chrisha@chromium.orgClean up SyzyASan CRT interceptors unittests.
2014-03-13 etienneb@chromium.orgAdd missing GYP dependeny for test_dll x64.
2014-03-13 sebmarchand... Use the same time functions in HeapTest.GetTimeSinceFre...
2014-03-13 etienneb@chromium.orgFix invalid path escaping in GYP files.
2014-03-13 siggi@chromium.orgUpdate Sawbuck to VS2010 and latest DEPS.
2014-03-13 etienneb@chromium.orgRoll deps for GYP to include Ninja build fixes.
2014-03-13 etienneb@chromium.orgRemove an invalid dependancy which break Ninja build.
2014-03-12 sebmarchand... Disable the optimizations in HeapTest.GetTimeSinceFree.
2014-03-12 etienneb@chromium.orgFix run_all_test script to avoid git-cl variable clashes.
2014-03-12 etienneb@chromium.orgFix GYP rules for MASM to allow Ninja build.
2014-03-12 etienneb@chromium.orgFix some issues with Ninja build.
2014-03-11 chrisha@chromium.orgFix a typo introduced in r2067.
2014-03-11 chrisha@chromium.orgAdd authors file.
2014-03-11 chrisha@chromium.orgModify the build system to use our own lastchange.py.
2014-03-10 chrisha@chromium.orgTear out old decomposer.
2014-03-10 chrisha@chromium.orgFix unittests so that they don't fail while under the...
2014-03-10 chrisha@chromium.orgPlumb runtime ASAN parameters through instrumentation...
2014-03-10 chrisha@chromium.orgFix broken waterfall.
2014-03-06 chrisha@chromium.orgCentralize parsing and representation of all ASan runti...
2014-03-06 sebmarchand... Checking in version 2060 release binaries.
2014-03-05 sebmarchand... Upgrade version number to trigger a new build.
2014-03-05 chrisha@chromium.orgAdd instrumentation subsampling support to ASan instrum...
2014-03-05 chrisha@chromium.orgChecking in version 2057 release binaries.
2014-03-05 chrisha@chromium.orgBump version number to produce new official binaries.
2014-03-04 chrisha@chromium.orgSmall fix for VS2013.
2014-03-04 chrisha@chromium.orgAdd checksum validation when blocks exit the quarantine.
2014-03-03 chrisha@chromium.orgAdd a callback mechanism to allow HeapProxy to report...
2014-02-28 chrisha@chromium.orgChecking in version 2050 release binaries.
2014-02-28 chrisha@chromium.orgBump version number to produce new binaries.
2014-02-28 chrisha@chromium.orgModify ASAN quarantine behaviour to ignore large blocks...
2014-02-27 chrisha@chromium.orgAdd COFF support to AsanTransform.
2014-02-26 sebmarchand... Checking in version 2044 release binaries.
2014-02-26 sebmarchand... Bump version number for new binaries.
2014-02-26 chrisha@chromium.orgAdd a unittest ensuring that round-trip COFF basic...
2014-02-25 chrisha@chromium.orgPlumb BasicEndBlock into BasicBlockDecomposer.
2014-02-20 sebmarchand... Improve ASan's symbolizer to support content_shell...
2014-02-19 sebmarchand... Fix a false assumption in HeapTest.CalculateBlockChecksum
2014-02-19 chrisha@chromium.orgAdd support for BasicEndBlocks in BlockBuilder.
2014-02-18 chrisha@chromium.orgCreate BasicEndBlock.
2014-02-13 sebmarchand... Update the SyzyASan symbolizer script.
2014-02-13 chrisha@chromium.orgExtend coff_utils and COFF-related transforms to handle...
2014-02-12 chrisha@chromium.orgSmall fix to CoffRenameSymbolsTransform.
2014-02-11 chrisha@chromium.orgSmall bugfix to coff_utils.
2014-02-11 chrisha@chromium.orgMove COFF-specific utilities from pe_utils to coff_util...
2014-02-11 etienneb@chromium.orgDump of an unreachable blocks into a cachegrind file.
2014-02-10 chrisha@chromium.orgAllow CoffRenameSymbolsTransform to be configured to...
2014-02-10 sebmarchand... Improve the reporting for the corrupted blocks.
2014-02-10 robertshield... Add --nologo flag to Syzygy tool command line parsing...
2014-02-07 chrisha@chromium.orgAdd empty .gitmodules file.
2014-02-06 chrisha@chromium.orgFix broken ETW dependency.
2014-02-06 sebmarchand... Adds a version of test_dll compiled with VS2010.
2014-02-05 sebmarchand... Use the checksum of the blocks to detect corrupted...
2014-02-05 chrisha@chromium.orgBring in Sawbuck's Python ETW code as a third_party...
2014-02-04 etienneb@chromium.orgAdd dumping of MSToolEnv to pdb_dumper.
2014-02-03 chrisha@chromium.orgCreate DEPS.syzygy.