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last changeWed, 23 Apr 2014 18:24:07 +0000 (18:24 +0000)
7 hours ago sebmarchand... Checking in revision 5429f9aa80c77443755800d021c5eca963... master
7 hours ago chrisha@chromium.orgFurther COFF bugfixes.
9 hours ago sebmarchand... Bump version number to produce new official binaries.
10 hours ago sebmarchand... Small fixes to the ASan callback used in the RTL unittests.
12 hours ago chrisha@chromium.orgModify GuessFileType to recognize resource files.
7 days ago sebmarchand... Implement the ASan interceptor of wcschr.
8 days ago sebmarchand... Use integration_tests_dll.dll in the ASan transform...
8 days ago sebmarchand... Prevent from corrupting a block in the integration...
8 days ago chrisha@chromium.orgSeveral bug fixes for ar_lib.
12 days ago chrisha@chromium.orgSmall fix to ArWriter to handle anonymous object files.
12 days ago chrisha@chromium.orgCreate ArchiveInstrumenter adapter.
12 days ago chrisha@chromium.orgCreate ArTransform.
13 days ago sebmarchand... Adds the AsanCorruptBlockRange structure (and remove...
2014-04-09 sebmarchand... Fix a logging bug in SyzyASan.
2014-04-09 chrisha@chromium.orgCreate ArWriter class for writing archive (.lib) files.
2014-04-08 chrisha@chromium.orgIntroduce ar_lib and ArReader.
7 hours ago master