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last changeWed, 3 Sep 2014 13:12:50 +0000 (13:12 +0000)
2014-09-03 chrisha@chromium.orgRemove Syzygy-related code from the Sawbuck repository. master
2014-08-29 chrisha@chromium.orgModify ZebraBlockHeap to accept a heap to use for inter...
2014-08-29 chrisha@chromium.orgAdd GetAllocationSize support to ZebraBlockHeap.
2014-08-29 peterssen@google.comAdded kUnboundedSize (~0) to specify unlimited capacity...
2014-08-29 chrisha@chromium.orgAdd GetAllocationSize support to CtMallocHeap.
2014-08-29 chrisha@chromium.orgAdd GetAllocationSize support to WinHeap and InternalHeap.
2014-08-29 sebmarchand... Remove the unguarded allocation heap.
2014-08-29 siggi@chromium.orgAdd pushad/popad instructions to assembler.
2014-08-29 chrisha@chromium.orgAdd 'GetAllocationSize' to HeapInterface.
2014-08-29 sebmarchand... Remove HeapProxy and use the BlockHeapManager by default.
2014-08-28 sebmarchand... Add support for the HEAP_ZERO_MEMORY flag to HeapAlloc.
2014-08-28 chrisha@chromium.orgChange CircularQueueConstructor to accept an allocator...
2014-08-28 chrisha@chromium.orgCreate InternalHeap.
2014-08-28 chrisha@chromium.orgCleanup ZebraBlockHeap.
2014-08-28 sebmarchand... Fix a bug in Shadow::IsBeginningOfBlockBody
2014-08-27 sebmarchand... Add a new method to check if an address point to the...
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