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last changeMon, 9 Jun 2014 21:12:10 +0000 (21:12 +0000)
2014-06-09 arthurhsu@google.comFix compiler warning master
2013-11-05 arthurhsu@google.comIssue 19330043: fix QNX build
2013-10-16 stuartg@google.comticket:38 Fix sfntly compilation on VS2013
2012-07-09 arthurhsu@google.comGracefully fail when TTF name table contains a zero...
2012-06-29 arthurhsu@google.comLand Nico's warning fix.
2012-02-28 arthurhsu@google.comWork around Apple MacOS X Lion AppleMyungjo font bug. git-svn
2012-01-05 arthurhsu@google.comCoverity fix: uninitialized scalar member.
2011-12-12 arthurhsu@google.comMove Chromium subsetter code to sample, update CMakeLis...
2011-12-09 arthurhsu@google.comUpdate test files for macro changes in previous CL
2011-12-09 arthurhsu@google.comPatch from Nico Weber: remove static initializers.
2011-12-09 arthurhsu@google.comUpdate per code review
2011-12-09 arthurhsu@google.comUpdate per Chromium side code review
2011-11-30 arthurhsu@google.comFix clang compilation errors in Chromium.
2011-11-29 arthurhsu@google.comGraduate EBXX from experimental
2011-11-29 arthurhsu@google.comFix subsetter bug (TBR, testing with Chrome integration...
2011-11-28 arthurhsu@google.comUpdate per code review comments from previous check-in
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