2014-06-09 arthurhsu@google.comFix compiler warning master
2013-11-05 arthurhsu@google.comIssue 19330043: fix QNX build
2013-10-16 stuartg@google.comticket:38 Fix sfntly compilation on VS2013
2012-07-09 arthurhsu@google.comGracefully fail when TTF name table contains a zero...
2012-06-29 arthurhsu@google.comLand Nico's warning fix.
2012-02-28 arthurhsu@google.comWork around Apple MacOS X Lion AppleMyungjo font bug. git-svn
2012-01-05 arthurhsu@google.comCoverity fix: uninitialized scalar member.
2011-12-12 arthurhsu@google.comMove Chromium subsetter code to sample, update CMakeLis...
2011-12-09 arthurhsu@google.comPatch from Nico Weber: remove static initializers.
2011-11-30 arthurhsu@google.comFix clang compilation errors in Chromium.
2011-11-29 arthurhsu@google.comGraduate EBXX from experimental
2011-11-28 arthurhsu@google.comUpdate per code review comments from previous check-in
2011-11-28 arthurhsu@google.comFinish bitmap subsetting support
2011-11-16 arthurhsu@google.comFix bug in HDMX table (from stuartg's code review)
2011-11-15 arthurhsu@google.comUpdate to Java initial release (except bitmap tables)
2011-10-21 arthurhsu@google.comUpdate to 10-17-11 snapshot
2011-10-20 arthurhsu@google.comFix issue 3: no new line at end of file
2011-10-18 arthurhsu@google.comUpdate to 10-12-11 snapshot
2011-10-11 arthurhsu@google.comUpdate to Sep 30 snapshot, include all current EBXX...
2011-09-26 arthurhsu@google.comTemporary disable CMap and Bitmap processing by default.
2011-09-20 arthurhsu@google.comAdd atomicity to whereever needed.
2011-09-17 dfilimon@google.comFixing Windows build, round 2.
2011-09-17 dfilimon@google.comFixing compile errors on Windows.
2011-09-17 dfilimon@google.comAdding support for CMapFormat4.
2011-09-16 dfilimon@google.comTypo in last commit.
2011-09-16 dfilimon@google.comAssignment operator fix for IdFilter.
2011-09-16 dfilimon@google.comMinor cleanup.
2011-09-15 dfilimon@google.comAdded port/type.h before other headers to fix the Visua...
2011-09-15 dfilimon@google.comAdded private operator= for CMapIdFilter to get the...
2011-09-15 dfilimon@google.comAdded fix for operator= generation failure for CMapIdFi...
2011-09-15 dfilimon@google.comAdded UNREFERENCED_PARAMATER fix for CMapFormat2 iterator.
2011-09-15 dfilimon@google.comAdding CMapTable support for Format0.
2011-09-12 arthurhsu@google.comAdd mutex
2011-09-08 arthurhsu@google.comAdvance C++ port to Sep 1 11 snapshot
2011-09-01 arthurhsu@google.comAdvance C++ port to Aug 11 Java snapshot
2011-08-29 dfilimon@google.comModified NewTableBuilder so it would no longer require...
2011-08-23 arthurhsu@google.comReorg folder structure to aligned with latest Java...
2011-08-23 dfilimon@google.comAdded SearchUShort and SearchULong.
2011-08-23 dfilimon@google.comFixed bug where all glyphs would be set to composite.
2011-08-19 arthurhsu@google.comPort files under /data to Aug 11 version.
2011-08-17 arthurhsu@google.comBug fix: when table is located at the end of file,...
2011-08-12 arthurhsu@google.comMore thorough unit tests.
2011-08-12 dfilimon@google.comAdded CreateWritableFontData factory methods to Writabl...
2011-08-10 arthurhsu@google.comFortify font build against error cases.
2011-08-09 arthurhsu@google.comFix VC compilation warnings.
2011-08-08 arthurhsu@google.comReorg test structure, fix memory leaks.
2011-08-05 dfilimon@google.comAdded generate_name from tag. Useful for debugging...
2011-08-05 dfilimon@google.comSmall style fix.
2011-08-02 arthurhsu@google.comFix loca bug caused by typo.
2011-08-01 dfilimon@google.comFixed fix. Didn't have SVN repo updated before committing.
2011-08-01 dfilimon@google.comFixes memory leak in font_factory.
2011-08-01 arthurhsu@google.comOriginal change by dfilimon
2011-08-01 arthurhsu@google.comFix possible NULL pointer dereferencing.
2011-08-01 arthurhsu@google.comReadability clean up. The code conforms to Google...
2011-07-30 dfilimon@google.comQuick fix for compile on Windows.
2011-07-27 arthurhsu@google.comFix compilation warnings when used by Chrome.
2011-07-26 arthurhsu@google.comRemoving changes from revision 26
2011-07-26 dfilimon@google.comFixed a memory leak in font.cc:520 caused by not attach...
2011-07-26 arthurhsu@google.comFix crash issue when users specify /GR- in VC's compila...
2011-07-21 arthurhsu@google.comUpdate for clang to successfully build sfntly.
2011-07-21 arthurhsu@google.comCMap porting and unit tests (partial)
2011-07-14 arthurhsu@google.comPorting name table implementation, also the correspondi...
2011-07-13 arthurhsu@google.comAdd more unit tests and fix I/O bugs.
2011-07-11 arthurhsu@google.comFix bugs and add unit tests to FileInputStream class.
2011-07-08 arthurhsu@google.comUpdate static const ints to enums so that these enums...
2011-06-27 arthurhsu@google.comAdded a preprocessor flag SFNTLY_NO_EXCEPTION to disabl...
2011-06-23 arthurhsu@google.comInitial release