13 hours ago dsinclair@chromium.orgPolymerize find-control. master
16 hours ago dsinclair@chromium.orgAdd jszip to build files
17 hours ago nduca@chromium.orgRemove accidental debugger call
17 hours ago nduca@chromium.orgEliminate the remainder of the tvcm.require calls
17 hours ago nduca@chromium.orgFix skp listing
17 hours ago nduca@chromium.orgMove tvcm/__init__.js to tvcm.html AND make it a dependency
17 hours ago nduca@chromium.orgRemove implicit dependency on polymer in html modules
22 hours ago nduca@chromium.orgMove tvcm/ to imports
23 hours ago nduca@chromium.orgChange how html files are decided to be modules
29 hours ago nduca@chromium.orgSimple protection against improper script tag escaping
30 hours ago nduca@chromium.orgTry to detect malformed html
32 hours ago nduca@chromium.orgFix trace2html and generate_about_tracing_contents
32 hours ago nduca@chromium.orgFix missing end token on zip_importer.html
40 hours ago dsinclair@chromium.orgConvert tracks/ to HTML modules.
41 hours ago dsinclair@chromium.orgConvert trace_model/ to HTML modules.
2 days ago dsinclair@chromium.orgConvert importers to HTML modules
2 days ago dsinclair@chromium.orgCommit Linux Perf importer to HTML modules
2 days ago dsinclair@chromium.orgConvert ETW importer to HTML modules.
2 days ago dsinclair@chromium.orgConvert v8 to HTML imports.
2 days ago dsinclair@chromium.orgConvert side_panel directory to HTML modules.
3 days ago dsinclair@chromium.orgConvert tracing files to HTML modules.
3 days ago dsinclair@chromium.orgConvert analysis directory to HTML modules.
3 days ago dsinclair@chromium.orgConvert about_tracing to HTML modules.
4 days ago dsinclair@chromium.orgConvert cc directory to HTML modules.
4 days ago dsinclair@chromium.orgConvert tcmalloc directory to a HTML module.
4 days ago dsinclair@chromium.orgFix ordering in trace_viewer.html
4 days ago dsinclair@chromium.orgConvert system_stats directory to HTML modules.
4 days ago dsinclair@chromium.orgConvert gpu directory to HTML modules
4 days ago dsinclair@chromium.orgConvert find control and find controller to HTML module.
4 days ago dsinclair@chromium.orgExtend HTML parser support.
4 days ago nduca@chromium.orgFix import and stylesheet stripping tests
4 days ago nduca@chromium.orgMake tvcm.quad an HTML module
4 days ago nduca@chromium.orgDon't include _test.html files in gyp/gn checks
4 days ago nduca@chromium.orgMake requireRawScript and requireStylesheet executing...
4 days ago nduca@chromium.orgMerge js and html files together so renames are easier.
4 days ago dsinclair@chromium.orgAllow instantiateTemplate to use specific document.
4 days ago nduca@chromium.orgMake html module and test discovery work
4 days ago dsinclair@chromium.orgCorrect pointer to map file.
4 days ago dsinclair@chromium.orgUpgrade polymer, platform and add map files.
4 days ago nduca@chromium.orgCatch socket error on finish
4 days ago dsinclair@chromium.orgSplit FindControl and FindController.
4 days ago nduca@chromium.orgFix failing testContentsAsHTML
4 days ago nduca@chromium.orgUse html imports for all module loading.
4 days ago dsinclair@chromium.orgRequire chrome 36 or later.
4 days ago dsinclair@chromium.orgFix gl_matrix imports; fix test error
4 days ago nduca@chromium.orgMake modules constructable without having real files...
4 days ago nduca@chromium.orgAlphabetize imports
6 days ago nduca@chromium.orgTeach tvcm runtime loader about html modules
6 days ago nduca@chromium.orgFirst implementation of html_module
7 days ago nduca@chromium.orgGenerateJS is still needed
7 days ago nduca@chromium.orgBasic movement of generate code into module plus basic...
7 days ago nduca@chromium.orgThis adds a bit more parsing logic in preparation for...
8 days ago cvicentiu@chromium.orgFixed lthi_cats_perf_test
11 days ago pdr@chromium.orgShow the preset trace categories
11 days ago pdr@chromium.orgAdd thread-level highlight instant events
11 days ago dsinclair@chromium.orgMove all side panels.
11 days ago gholap@chromium.orgShow sunburst view in bottom analysis panel for samples...
12 days ago gholap@chromium.orgSampling summary side panel uses selection instead...
12 days ago pdr@chromium.orgFix exception printing in task.js
12 days ago dsinclair@chromium.orgCleanup old examples.
12 days ago dsinclair@chromium.orgKill the standalone timeline view generation script.
12 days ago miletus@chromium.orgAdd selection support for input latency side panel
12 days ago dsinclair@chromium.orgRemove DS_Store file.
13 days ago gholap@chromium.orgSamples now have their own track instead of using Slice...
13 days ago gholap@chromium.orgAdded missing dependency.
13 days ago gholap@chromium.orgFixed a few doc typos.
13 days ago gholap@chromium.orgMoved Slice specific functionality out of RectTrack...
13 days ago gholap@chromium.orgPresubmit script makes sure that filenames are sorted...
13 days ago cvicentiu@chromium.orgFixed gzip importer issue with parsing a string style...
13 days ago cvicentiu@chromium.orgThread time visualization performance fix
2014-07-09 fdoray@chromium.orgAdd a sample Windows ETW CSwitch trace.
2014-07-08 fdoray@chromium.orgAdd support for context switches to EtwImporter.
2014-07-08 fdoray@chromium.orgLift out CpuState from the Linux Perf importer.
2014-07-08 nduca@chromium.orgMake slice_track subclass rect_track
2014-07-08 nduca@chromium.orgFix slices so they render
2014-07-08 gholap@chromium.orgRenamed SliceTrack to RectTrack
2014-07-08 tdresser@chromium.orgDon't try to read from |e.touches| when given a mouse...
2014-07-08 tdresser@chromium.orgTouch driven panning and zooming.
2014-07-04 nduca@chromium.orgMake generate_about_tracing_contents use generate directly
2014-07-03 cvicentiu@chromium.orgAdded thread time visualisation
2014-07-03 dsinclair@chromium.orgFix systrace import error.
2014-07-02 gholap@chromium.orgFixed sorting of samples in TraceModel.
2014-07-01 pdr@chromium.orgsend tracing categories and options on Tracing.start
2014-07-01 gholap@chromium.orgFixed return value of appendTableCellWithTooltip_.
2014-06-28 gholap@chromium.orgFixed the fix for stack frame coloring. (108230045).
2014-06-27 gholap@chromium.orgFixed stack frame coloring.
2014-06-26 mmandlis@chromium.orgAdd upload button to about://tracing page.
2014-06-25 gholap@chromium.orgChanged how single-sample analysis is displayed.
2014-06-25 nduca@chromium.orgAdd mouse events and brushing to line chart
2014-06-24 pdr@chromium.orgUpdate category presets
2014-06-24 nduca@chromium.orgAdd more files to GN that were left out.
2014-06-24 nduca@chromium.orgAdd BUILD.gn and associated presubmit machinery
2014-06-24 pdr@chromium.orgMove record_selection_dialog from tracing/ to about_tra...
2014-06-23 gholap@chromium.orgMoved code to analyze samples into its own file.
2014-06-21 pdr@chromium.orgAdd a simple record UI
2014-06-20 caseq@chromium.orgAvoid throwing when importing a trace that has null...
2014-06-19 pdr@chromium.orgMove all recording options into the record dialog
2014-06-19 chrishenry... Modify inspector client to use Tracing.getCategories.
2014-06-14 nduca@chromium.orgInitial bits of chrome://inspect integration
2014-06-13 dsinclair@chromium.orgHighlight any flow events in the selection.