4 days ago fmeawad@chromium.orgRename Duration -> Wall Duration, ThreadDuration -... master
4 days ago fmeawad@chromium.orgFix v8 log importer tests after moving to the new Stack...
5 days ago nduca@chromium.orgInitial implementation of CPU profiling features in...
5 days ago nduca@chromium.orgEven better handling of null trackview
5 days ago nduca@chromium.orgFix exceptions that arise syncing interestRange during...
5 days ago nduca@chromium.orgUpdate skps so that tests pass again
7 days ago nduca@chromium.orgRename CounterSeries.addSample->CounterSeries.addCounte...
7 days ago nduca@chromium.orgFix run_tests
7 days ago nduca@chromium.orgRecover correctly when selection changes without a...
8 days ago nduca@chromium.orgHook up interest region to timeline side panel
8 days ago nduca@chromium.orgTurn TimelineViewport.markers -> TimelineInterestRange
12 days ago nduca@chromium.orgTimeSummary UX tweaks
12 days ago nduca@chromium.orgFix gjslint script and lint that resulted from it being off
12 days ago nduca@chromium.orgFix analysis view resizing
13 days ago nduca@chromium.orgBasic thread_times panel
13 days ago nduca@chromium.orgRemove accidental debugger statements
13 days ago nduca@chromium.orgDont guard export with try/catch
13 days ago nduca@chromium.orgIncrease robustness of tvcm to module loading and other...
2014-04-01 nduca@chromium.orgIntroduce TimelineViewSidePanel
2014-04-01 nduca@chromium.orgPrint diagnostic information when css linting fails
2014-04-01 nduca@chromium.orgMore cleanups from palette changes
2014-04-01 nduca@chromium.orgPrettify test runner URLs
2014-03-31 nduca@chromium.orgRemove accidentally added file
2014-03-31 nduca@chromium.orgAdd getUsingPath
2014-03-30 nduca@chromium.orgMove the rest of telemetry.web_components.ui into tvcm.ui
2014-03-30 nduca@chromium.orgUpdate shadowDOM usage to latest spec
2014-03-30 nduca@chromium.orgFix a few lingering problems with the color palette...
2014-03-30 nduca@chromium.orgMove color_pallette to tvcm.ui
2014-03-27 miletus@chromium.orgSort async/flow event by sequence number when timestamp...
2014-03-27 ajuma@chromium.orgMake GPU-rasterized layers more visible in frame viewer
2014-03-21 fmeawad@chromium.orgExpose MIN_MOUSE_SELECTION_DISTANCE to fix timing mode
2014-03-20 dsinclair@chromium.orgAdd telemetry bar chart widget.
2014-03-20 dsinclair@chromium.orgAllow following flow event arcs with shift-arrow keys.
2014-03-19 ajuma@chromium.orgMake GPU-rasterized layers have a different border...
2014-03-14 bratell@opera.comSkip scheme prefix in traceviewer when not needed.
2014-03-12 etienneb@chromium.orgFix the presubmit (upload) script.
2014-03-08 nduca@chromium.orgBetter exception when template creation fails
2014-03-07 nduca@chromium.orgA few small fixes after big rename
2014-03-07 nduca@chromium.orgSpeed up deps generation by huge amounts
2014-03-07 nduca@chromium.orgLint fix for module test case runner
2014-03-07 nduca@chromium.orgMove gjslint helper script into a reusable module
2014-03-07 nduca@chromium.orgSkip js files from PRESUBMIT check that are obviously...
2014-03-07 nduca@chromium.orgAllow other_paths to be passed into TraceViewerProject
2014-03-07 nduca@chromium.orgMove src->trace_viewer and build->trace_viewer/build
2014-03-07 nduca@chromium.orgFix subclassing with namespaced elements
2014-03-07 nduca@chromium.orgpatch from issue 72140044
2014-03-05 wangxianzhu... Force end recording when start recording
2014-03-05 nduca@chromium.orgSpecify utf8 on trace-viewer html files
2014-03-05 nduca@chromium.orgAllow tvcm.testSuite to define a testSuite to help...
2014-03-04 etienneb@chromium.orgAvoid memory allocation with getEventHandler in EtwImpo...
2014-03-04 etienneb@chromium.orgAdd decoding of EventTrace event to get trace information.
2014-03-04 etienneb@chromium.orgAdd decoding of Process and Thread Events into EtwImporter.
2014-02-28 fmeawad@chromium.orgFix skipped occurence column
2014-02-27 nduca@chromium.orgtrace2html needs to include cc and other about_tracing...
2014-02-26 nduca@chromium.orgShift to zero to avoid rendering artefacts in example...
2014-02-26 nduca@chromium.orgTeach raster_task_slice_view about new raster task...
2014-02-26 etienneb@chromium.orgPlug the Thread and Process parser into the EtwImporter.
2014-02-26 etienneb@chromium.orgAdd threads and processes manipulation methods into...
2014-02-26 etienneb@chromium.orgAdd decoding of aggregate structures into EtwImporter.
2014-02-26 etienneb@chromium.orgImplements the decoder methods for basic types.
2014-02-26 nduca@chromium.orgDont spam console with temp filename when running tests
2014-02-26 nduca@chromium.orgExplicitly wait for load
2014-02-26 nduca@chromium.orgImprove error messages reported when browser finding...
2014-02-26 nduca@chromium.orgRe-raise errors that happened during browser start...
2014-02-26 nduca@chromium.orgInitialize fields earlier to handle failures better.
2014-02-26 nduca@chromium.orgAllow --browser to be passed to run_tests
2014-02-26 nduca@chromium.orgNeed to awit on window.tvcm instead of an unbound global
2014-02-26 nduca@chromium.orgNeed to handle base_types on implicit snapshots as...
2014-02-25 nduca@chromium.orgAdd __call__ to ModuleTestSuite to try to fix Win failures.
2014-02-25 nduca@chromium.orgImprove EvaluateThennableAndWait to give better errors...
2014-02-25 nduca@chromium.orgFix newlines at end of discovery exception printing
2014-02-25 nduca@chromium.orgYet more deflake of test_case_runner loading
2014-02-25 nduca@chromium.orgtrace2html: gzip-then-b64encode the data for smaller...
2014-02-25 nduca@chromium.orgShift world to zero when importing traces
2014-02-25 nduca@chromium.orgPrint diagnostic information on discovery failure
2014-02-25 nduca@chromium.orgAllow object snapshotting to modify object name
2014-02-25 nduca@chromium.orgUse toString() to set name of created functions instead...
2014-02-21 nduca@chromium.orgAdd trace2html script and module
2014-02-21 nduca@chromium.orgShare navigation code between test execution and discovery
2014-02-20 etienneb@chromium.orgThis CL adds a importer/parser for ETW events.
2014-02-18 etienneb@chromium.orgFixes invalid paths when generating dependencies on...
2014-02-18 nduca@chromium.orgFix GenerateJS bug and add smoke and unit test coverage
2014-02-18 nduca@chromium.orgAllow writing of ExtraScript to be overridden
2014-02-18 nduca@chromium.orgExpose showPanic
2014-02-18 nduca@chromium.orgAdd CalcLoadSequenceForModuleNames helper function
2014-02-18 nduca@chromium.orgWait on more variables in attempt to deflake
2014-02-18 nduca@chromium.orgUse telemetry's browser_options for picking browser...
2014-02-18 nduca@chromium.orgAllow HTML generation to a file
2014-02-18 nduca@chromium.orgRemove parse_deps and move CalcLoadSequence to project
2014-02-18 nduca@chromium.orgMake all modules depend on tvcm
2014-02-18 nduca@chromium.orgAdd smoke test for HTML generation
2014-02-18 nduca@chromium.orgAdd os.walk emulation to fake_fs
2014-02-18 nduca@chromium.orgRemove shebang on generate.py
2014-02-18 nduca@chromium.orgUse telemetry naming conventions for all python files
2014-02-17 nduca@chromium.orgStyle checker had links to semi-questionable guidance...
2014-02-17 nduca@chromium.orgDeflake test runner by waiting on tvcm to be defined
2014-02-17 nduca@chromium.orgOverride __class__ to make cloning of a suite possible...
2014-02-17 nduca@chromium.orgRecognize _unittest.js as a test and validate test...
2014-02-17 nduca@chromium.orgAllow dev_server embedder to limit what tests get run
2014-02-15 dsinclair@chromium.orgformatting