2014-09-18 r.kasibhatla... Fix for failing perf tests master
2014-09-17 dsinclair@chromium.orgHandle missing layer and region data.
2014-09-17 skyostil@chromium.orgVisualize input events
2014-09-17 skyostil@chromium.orgAdd utility class for accessing trace data about the...
2014-09-17 awoloszyn@chromium.orgPointed the replica layer's parent to the correct place
2014-09-16 mmandlis@chromium.orgMake trace report ID selectable and a link in the ...
2014-09-15 nduca@chromium.orgFix 'c' appearing in about:tracing
2014-09-13 nduca@chromium.orgRewrite parse_html_deps to use BeautifulSoup
2014-09-13 nduca@chromium.orgBeautifulSoup to trace-viewer
2014-09-12 danakj@chromium.orgRemove opaque rect from Picture since it's going away...
2014-09-12 nduca@chromium.orgRevert "Add Python-2.7.6 HTMLParser to third_party...
2014-09-10 gholap@chromium.orgMake sunburst for samples selection-aware both ways.
2014-09-04 gholap@chromium.orgRe-enable showing of stats at the center of sunburst...
2014-09-02 nduca@chromium.orgHint users about how to mark the selection
2014-09-02 nduca@chromium.orgRemove stale css
2014-09-02 nduca@chromium.orgAdd collapsing to most tracks in the timeline
2014-09-02 nduca@chromium.orgAttach slice and async slice groups to model
2014-09-02 nduca@chromium.orgStore ephemeral TraceModelSettings internally by GUID
2014-09-02 nduca@chromium.orgRemove *insane* top-repositioning code in DrawingContainer
2014-08-29 cvicentiu@chromium.orgImplemented new analysis results framework.
2014-08-29 dsinclair@chromium.orgCorrect viewport size on initial load.
2014-08-28 nduca@chromium.orgTrailing "}" reported while building trace-viewer.
2014-08-28 nduca@chromium.orgAdd Python-2.7.6 HTMLParser to third_party and delegate...
2014-08-28 nduca@chromium.orgFix picture unit tests after skp changes
2014-08-27 nduca@chromium.orgInvalidations are green, like they are in inspector
2014-08-26 vmpstr@chromium.orgAdd active_tiles as way of getting tiles.
2014-08-25 gholap@chromium.orgRemoved click stack from sunburst.
2014-08-23 nduca@chromium.orgAdd link to what rasterized
2014-08-23 nduca@chromium.orgAdd handling for raster task selection from multiple...
2014-08-23 nduca@chromium.orgGive better names for lthi links
2014-08-23 nduca@chromium.orgFix bounds checking on LTHI drawnBefore logic
2014-08-23 nduca@chromium.orgRename analysis class to reflect its polymer component...
2014-08-23 nduca@chromium.orgFix 'f' key centering
2014-08-23 nduca@chromium.orgClean up 'is raster task' flow
2014-08-23 nduca@chromium.orgAdd link to lthi
2014-08-22 nduca@chromium.orgMake qsv slider 400
2014-08-22 nduca@chromium.orgShow how many tiles we consider during rasterization
2014-08-22 nduca@chromium.orgDon't draw invalidation rects when the tree has been...
2014-08-22 nduca@chromium.orgFix yet more fallout from mutating the selection states...
2014-08-22 nduca@chromium.orgTiles weren't selectable
2014-08-22 nduca@chromium.orgSeparate out analysis from raster results
2014-08-21 nduca@chromium.orgFix gyp and gn
2014-08-21 nduca@chromium.orgRestore the rasterization analysis when no selection
2014-08-21 nduca@chromium.orgAdd extraHighlights to the LTQSV and put the raster...
2014-08-21 nduca@chromium.orgAdd analysis of raster slices by layer
2014-08-21 nduca@chromium.orgMake dev server produce html error pages when appropriate
2014-08-21 nduca@chromium.orgUse flex-row for sane layout on toolbar
2014-08-21 nduca@chromium.orgMove ltqsv css inline
2014-08-21 nduca@chromium.orgFix raster_tas_sub_view sizing again
2014-08-21 nduca@chromium.orgAdd support for multiple raster task selections
2014-08-21 nduca@chromium.orgMake update_gyp_and_gn +x
2014-08-21 nduca@chromium.orgAnalysis was not appearing
2014-08-21 nduca@chromium.orgRename RasterTaskSliceView to RasterTaskSubView
2014-08-21 nduca@chromium.orgMake RasterTaskSliceView a SubView
2014-08-21 nduca@chromium.orgUpdate the depth during slider drag, too
2014-08-21 nduca@chromium.orgAdd slider to quad stack to control stacking depth
2014-08-21 nduca@chromium.orgAttach tracking to canvas instead of quad stack.
2014-08-21 nduca@chromium.orgFix layer picking not causing layers to get selected...
2014-08-20 nduca@chromium.orgRevert "Remove mapfiles"
2014-08-20 vmpstr@chromium.orgEnsure isActiveTile is on the tile object.
2014-08-20 cvicentiu@chromium.orgFix a 'No Label' bug in the tab-view.
2014-08-20 cvicentiu@chromium.orgSome custom views are not based off analysis-sub-view...
2014-08-20 cvicentiu@chromium.orgImplemented a toggleable container.
2014-08-20 cvicentiu@chromium.orgFixed race condition in tests.
2014-08-20 nduca@chromium.orgBegin unifying old-style custom views with general...
2014-08-20 nduca@chromium.orgRemove mapfiles
2014-08-20 nduca@chromium.orgUse a type registration model to simplify subview creation
2014-08-20 nduca@chromium.orgAdd socket to fix mising-module error on finish
2014-08-20 nduca@chromium.orgPrune the organized events instead of having repeated...
2014-08-20 nduca@chromium.orgDo not include inactive tiles in gpuMemoryUsageInBytes...
2014-08-20 nduca@chromium.orgUse === due to type coercion for undefined
2014-08-20 nduca@chromium.orgDo not draw inactive tiles
2014-08-19 mmandlis@chromium.orgAdd unit tests for upload trace button.
2014-08-19 nduca@chromium.orgWorkaround for broken CData handling in old python
2014-08-19 nduca@chromium.orgMake async slice group track not derive from slice...
2014-08-18 cvicentiu@chromium.orgRemoved forgotten commented out line during refactoring
2014-08-18 cvicentiu@chromium.orgConvert analysis_view to polymer element.
2014-08-18 cvicentiu@chromium.orgAdded Analysis Sub Views
2014-08-18 mmandlis@chromium.orgRemove unused non cross-browser lines from trace viewer...
2014-08-16 nduca@chromium.orgPut raster task slice view in tall mode
2014-08-16 nduca@chromium.orgFix sizing of raster task slice view
2014-08-16 nduca@chromium.orgFix test failures following Selection.push changes
2014-08-16 nduca@chromium.orgRemove accidental debugger statement
2014-08-15 gholap@chromium.orgSelection.push didn't bother about duplicates.
2014-08-15 gholap@chromium.orgSystemStatsSnapshot had two constructors.
2014-08-15 gholap@chromium.orgMoved window history state management code AnalysisView...
2014-08-14 nduca@chromium.orgPut clamping of 3000 on distanceToVisible
2014-08-14 nduca@chromium.orgTime to visible has been removed.
2014-08-14 nduca@chromium.orgShow the value of the colormap and explanation of borde...
2014-08-14 nduca@chromium.orgDistanceToVisible was renamed on cc side but frame...
2014-08-14 nduca@chromium.orgAdd best-effort memory info for old traces
2014-08-14 nduca@chromium.orgAdd even more memory debugging features to header.
2014-08-14 nduca@chromium.orgWhen an empty tree is given, clear the quads and header.
2014-08-14 nduca@chromium.orgFix handling of layer picker selection changes
2014-08-14 nduca@chromium.orgShrink header font to fit more stuff.
2014-08-14 dsinclair@chromium.orgFix buttons in upload popup.
2014-08-13 nduca@chromium.orgShow tile manager global state in lthiqsv
2014-08-13 nduca@chromium.orgUse ObjectInstanceGroupTrack to display and group objec...
2014-08-13 nduca@chromium.orgIntroduce MultiRowTrack
2014-08-13 nduca@chromium.orgMove heap include to features