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2014-09-18 r.kasibhatla... Fix for failing perf tests master
2014-09-17 dsinclair@chromium.orgHandle missing layer and region data.
2014-09-17 skyostil@chromium.orgVisualize input events
2014-09-17 skyostil@chromium.orgAdd utility class for accessing trace data about the...
2014-09-17 awoloszyn@chromium.orgPointed the replica layer's parent to the correct place
2014-09-16 mmandlis@chromium.orgMake trace report ID selectable and a link in the ...
2014-09-15 nduca@chromium.orgFix 'c' appearing in about:tracing
2014-09-13 nduca@chromium.orgRewrite parse_html_deps to use BeautifulSoup
2014-09-13 nduca@chromium.orgBeautifulSoup to trace-viewer
2014-09-12 danakj@chromium.orgRemove opaque rect from Picture since it's going away...
2014-09-12 nduca@chromium.orgRevert "Add Python-2.7.6 HTMLParser to third_party...
2014-09-10 gholap@chromium.orgMake sunburst for samples selection-aware both ways.
2014-09-04 gholap@chromium.orgRe-enable showing of stats at the center of sunburst...
2014-09-02 nduca@chromium.orgHint users about how to mark the selection
2014-09-02 nduca@chromium.orgRemove stale css
2014-09-02 nduca@chromium.orgAdd collapsing to most tracks in the timeline
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