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4 hours ago nduca@chromium.orgInvalidations are green, like they are in inspector master
25 hours ago vmpstr@chromium.orgAdd active_tiles as way of getting tiles.
2 days ago gholap@chromium.orgRemoved click stack from sunburst.
4 days ago nduca@chromium.orgAdd link to what rasterized
4 days ago nduca@chromium.orgAdd handling for raster task selection from multiple...
4 days ago nduca@chromium.orgGive better names for lthi links
4 days ago nduca@chromium.orgFix bounds checking on LTHI drawnBefore logic
4 days ago nduca@chromium.orgRename analysis class to reflect its polymer component...
4 days ago nduca@chromium.orgFix 'f' key centering
4 days ago nduca@chromium.orgClean up 'is raster task' flow
4 days ago nduca@chromium.orgAdd link to lthi
4 days ago nduca@chromium.orgMake qsv slider 400
4 days ago nduca@chromium.orgShow how many tiles we consider during rasterization
4 days ago nduca@chromium.orgDon't draw invalidation rects when the tree has been...
5 days ago nduca@chromium.orgFix yet more fallout from mutating the selection states...
5 days ago nduca@chromium.orgTiles weren't selectable
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