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last changeTue, 16 Sep 2014 18:47:59 +0000 (18:47 +0000)
40 min ago mmandlis@chromium.orgMake trace report ID selectable and a link in the ... master
22 hours ago nduca@chromium.orgFix 'c' appearing in about:tracing
3 days ago nduca@chromium.orgRewrite parse_html_deps to use BeautifulSoup
3 days ago nduca@chromium.orgBeautifulSoup to trace-viewer
4 days ago danakj@chromium.orgRemove opaque rect from Picture since it's going away...
4 days ago nduca@chromium.orgRevert "Add Python-2.7.6 HTMLParser to third_party...
5 days ago gholap@chromium.orgMake sunburst for samples selection-aware both ways.
11 days ago gholap@chromium.orgRe-enable showing of stats at the center of sunburst...
2014-09-02 nduca@chromium.orgHint users about how to mark the selection
2014-09-02 nduca@chromium.orgRemove stale css
2014-09-02 nduca@chromium.orgAdd collapsing to most tracks in the timeline
2014-09-02 nduca@chromium.orgAttach slice and async slice groups to model
2014-09-02 nduca@chromium.orgStore ephemeral TraceModelSettings internally by GUID
2014-09-02 nduca@chromium.orgRemove *insane* top-repositioning code in DrawingContainer
2014-08-29 cvicentiu@chromium.orgImplemented new analysis results framework.
2014-08-29 dsinclair@chromium.orgCorrect viewport size on initial load.
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