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last changeSat, 19 Apr 2014 07:02:17 +0000 (07:02 +0000)
4 days ago nduca@chromium.orgUse intersection instead of containment to determine... master
4 days ago nduca@chromium.orgOverride window.history.pushState during test running
4 days ago nduca@chromium.orgPrettify test runner: show title, be sans-serif
4 days ago nduca@chromium.orgOnly load the test suite needed to run the selected...
4 days ago nduca@chromium.orgCleanup time summary data before handing to the pie...
4 days ago nduca@chromium.orgDon't create value labels for narrow pie slices
4 days ago nduca@chromium.orgInclude titleWidth in minSize computation
4 days ago nduca@chromium.orgAdd tvcm.ui.isElementAttachedToDocument and use in...
4 days ago nduca@chromium.orgRecognize cc::RasterTask and cc::AnalyzeTask
5 days ago nduca@chromium.orgPut (g) after layers using gpu rasterization to make...
5 days ago nduca@chromium.orgUse new lthi cats and gzip it
5 days ago nduca@chromium.orgFix time summary side panel unit tests after cpuDuratio...
5 days ago nduca@chromium.orgAdd manual autosizing pie chart to keep its size sane
5 days ago nduca@chromium.orgFix width and height setters on charts
5 days ago nduca@chromium.orgMake lines a bit more visible in pie chart
5 days ago nduca@chromium.orgRecognize the latest RasterTaskImpl names
4 days ago master