2 hours ago henrik.lundin... Creating a C++ wrapper class for VAD master
4 hours ago kwiberg@webrtc.orgRevert part of r7561, "Refactor audio conversion functi...
7 hours ago minyue@webrtc.orgCleaning up r7562-7567.
8 hours ago buildbot@webrtc.org(Auto)update libjingle 78822708-> 78823675
8 hours ago minyue@webrtc.orgRevert 7563 "before rebase" due to wrong submission
8 hours ago minyue@webrtc.orgRevert 7564 "to submit" due to wrong submission
8 hours ago minyue@webrtc.orgto submit
8 hours ago minyue@webrtc.orgbefore rebase
8 hours ago minyue@webrtc.orgadding default rates
12 hours ago andrew@webrtc.orgRefactor audio conversion functions.
24 hours ago pbos@webrtc.orgUse external VideoDecoders in VideoReceiveStream.
27 hours ago asapersson... Add stats for duplicate sent and received NACK requests.
29 hours ago bjornv@webrtc.orgcommon_audio: Removed macro WEBRTC_SPL_RSHIFT_W32
29 hours ago asapersson... Remove unused code in overuse detector.
31 hours ago kwiberg@webrtc.orgAudioEncoder: num_10ms_frames_per_packet -> Num10MsFram...
31 hours ago henrik.lundin... Enable G.722 for Chromium builds
31 hours ago buildbot@webrtc.org(Auto)update libjingle 78738075-> 78738103
31 hours ago perkj@webrtc.orgApprtDemo Android: Switch between front and back camera.
32 hours ago kwiberg@webrtc.orgMake an AudioEncoder subclass for Opus
37 hours ago minyue@webrtc.orgRenaming bandwidth to bitrate in webrtcvoiceengine.
41 hours ago aluebs@webrtc.orgMake NSinst_t* const and rename to self in ns_core
41 hours ago henrike@webrtc.orgmove xmpp and p2p to webrtc
42 hours ago aluebs@webrtc.orgMake local functions static and dropWebRtcNs_ in ns_core
42 hours ago aluebs@webrtc.orgMake all comments whole sentences in ns_core
45 hours ago henrike@webrtc.orgscoped_ptr.h: Renames function and change namespace...
46 hours ago buildbot@webrtc.org(Auto)update libjingle 78642371-> 78680406
2 days ago bjornv@webrtc.orgaudio_coding/codecs/isac/fix: Replaced macro WEBRTC_SPL...
2 days ago bjornv@webrtc.orgcommon_audio: Removed trivial macro WEBRTC_SPL_UMUL_16_16
2 days ago henrik.lundin... Use neteq_unittest_tools in audio_decoder_unittests
2 days ago perkj@webrtc.orgFix double backslashes in incoming_video_stream.cc
2 days ago buildbot@webrtc.org(Auto)update libjingle 78616359-> 78642371
2 days ago tommi@webrtc.orgCheck if a datachannel in the current local description...
2 days ago andrew@webrtc.orgAdd a simple AudioConverter class.
2 days ago henrike@webrtc.orgOnly configure the SSL library in one place.
2 days ago pbos@webrtc.orgMove (test) RtpFileReader to a lightweight target.
2 days ago andrew@webrtc.orgMove scoped_ptr "free" functions into the webrtc namespace.
2 days ago glaznev@webrtc.orgAdding setting screen to AppRTCDemo.
2 days ago buildbot@webrtc.org(Auto)update libjingle 78583324-> 78583691
2 days ago andrew@webrtc.orgUpgrade our scoped_ptr copy to match Chromium's latest.
2 days ago pthatcher@webrtc.orgFix the SrtpFilter crash caused by two local offers.
3 days ago pbos@webrtc.orgImplement screencast settings for WebRtcVideoEngine2.
3 days ago henrik.lundin... Cleaning up audio_decoder_test.cc and adding ResampleIn...
3 days ago kwiberg@webrtc.orgisacfix: Refactor big-endian reading and writing
3 days ago pbos@webrtc.orgIncrease max trace message size to 1024 characters.
3 days ago pbos@webrtc.orgFix ::~LogMessage to print as a string.
3 days ago braveyao@webrtc.orgUse flags set by the port allocator.
5 days ago kjellander... PRESUBMIT: Add linux_msan to default trybots.
5 days ago buildbot@webrtc.org(Auto)update libjingle 78430441-> 78445452
6 days ago buildbot@webrtc.org(Auto)update libjingle 78427027-> 78430441
6 days ago perkj@webrtc.orgAdd HD support to Android if we detect a hardware video...
6 days ago houssainy@google.comAdding the subtool rtcBot report visualizer
6 days ago pbos@webrtc.orgMove min transmit bitrate to VideoEncoderConfig.
6 days ago pthatcher@webrtc.orgpatch from issue 25469004
6 days ago buildbot@webrtc.org(Auto)update libjingle 78381351-> 78389679
6 days ago buildbot@webrtc.org(Auto)update libjingle 78344087-> 78381351
6 days ago aluebs@webrtc.orgBreak out WebRtcNs_ComputeDdUpdate function in ns_core
6 days ago aluebs@webrtc.orgBreak out WebRtcNs_UpdateNoise function in ns_core
6 days ago aluebs@webrtc.orgBreak out FFT function in ns_core
6 days ago aluebs@webrtc.orgBreak out ComputeSnr function in ns_core
6 days ago houssainy@google.comAdding three video conference bots test
7 days ago houssainy@google.comAdding file from test.webrtc.org domain to be downloaded
7 days ago asapersson... Add macros and APIs for webrtc histograms.
7 days ago buildbot@webrtc.org(Auto)update libjingle 78296920-> 78342456
7 days ago kjellander... Download full Chromium checkouts by default
7 days ago stefan@webrtc.orgAdds support for sending first set of packets at increa...
7 days ago houssainy@google.comUsing the Unused turn configuration in two way test
7 days ago pbos@webrtc.orgLet video_loopback use internal VCM capturers.
7 days ago andrew@webrtc.orgAdd a memcheck exclusion for EndToEndTest.CanSwitchToUs...
7 days ago buildbot@webrtc.org(Auto)update libjingle 78273470-> 78296920
7 days ago glaznev@webrtc.orgMerging Henrik's and Peter's changes for AppRTCDemo
7 days ago houssainy@google.comNOTE: This code review based on the running issue:
7 days ago houssainy@google.comAdding Two way video and audio streaming test to RtcBot
7 days ago houssainy@google.comHTTPS Server used instead of HTTP for loading the bots...
8 days ago buildbot@webrtc.org(Auto)update libjingle 78262388-> 78262615
8 days ago pbos@webrtc.orgRemove some disabled tests in WebRtcVideoEngine2.
8 days ago kjellander... Suppress libyuv uninitialized read in CopyRow_AVX
8 days ago pbos@webrtc.orgMake ReconfigureVideoEncoder use current bitrate.
8 days ago kjellander... Tighten up MSan blacklist.txt owners.
8 days ago pbos@webrtc.orgDisable TestVp8Impl.BaseUnitTest on MSan.
8 days ago stefan@webrtc.orgFor FIR packet, payload length is zero, so SendToNetwor...
8 days ago kjellander... Roll chromium_revision de13cf4..28d1981 (299488:300483)
8 days ago aluebs@webrtc.orgBreak out WebRtcNs_Windowing function in ns_core
8 days ago aluebs@webrtc.orgBreak out WebRtcNs_Energy function in ns_core
8 days ago aluebs@webrtc.orgBreak out WebRtcNs_IFFT function in ns_core
8 days ago buildbot@webrtc.org(Auto)update libjingle 78193292-> 78199328
8 days ago guoweis@webrtc.orgFix local address leakage when IceTransportsType is...
8 days ago aluebs@webrtc.orgBreak out WebRtcNs_UpdateBuffer function in ns_core
8 days ago buildbot@webrtc.org(Auto)update libjingle 78106439-> 78193292
9 days ago henrik.lundin... Implement AudioEncoderPcmU/A classes and convert AudioD...
9 days ago bjornv@webrtc.orgaudio_coding/codecs/ilbc: Replaced macro WEBRTC_SPL_RSH...
9 days ago henrik.lundin... Fix for glitches in ACM when switching desired output...
9 days ago glaznev@webrtc.orgAvoid using EGLContext class for Android 4.1 and below.
10 days ago bjornv@webrtc.orgcommon_audio: Replaced invalid operand in min_max_opera...
10 days ago pbos@webrtc.orgSet up start bitrate in WebRtcVideoEngine2.
10 days ago pbos@webrtc.orgMake avg_{psnr,ssim}_threshold_ const.
10 days ago bjornv@webrtc.orgaudio_coding/codecs/isac/main: Replaced macro WEBRTC_SP...
10 days ago bjornv@webrtc.orgaudio_coding/neteq: Replaced macro WEBRTC_SPL_RSHIFT_W3...
12 days ago henrike@webrtc.orgReverts r7459 "Create a copy of talk/xmpp and talk...
12 days ago buildbot@webrtc.org(Auto)update libjingle 77953038-> 77970462
12 days ago henrike@webrtc.orgRevert cls (original cl + fixes) 7422-7424 "Add VP9...