8 min ago kjellander... Increment sync_chromium.py version to force re-sync master
4 hours ago iannucci@chromium.orgMake the last_sync_chromium file a bit more comprehensive.
5 hours ago niklas.enbom... Landing issue 15189004
10 hours ago phoglund@webrtc.orgMaking sure muc members get recorded.
11 hours ago henrik.lundin... Add send-side bit-exactness test for AudioCoding Module
11 hours ago henrik.lundin... Use a deterministic input in NetEqBgnTest
13 hours ago bjornv@webrtc.orgRefactoring common_audio/signal_processing: Remove...
17 hours ago thakis@chromium.orgFix clang -Wformat warnings.
17 hours ago thakis@chromium.orgConvert nsx_core_neon.S to unified syntax.
17 hours ago iannucci@chromium.orgUse --gclientfile instead of --spec, because windows...
20 hours ago iannucci@chromium.orgMake sync_chromium use the git-cache when on the bots.
21 hours ago tnakamura@webrtc.orgBump WebRTC version number. Starting now, we will be...
29 hours ago kjellander... Increase verbosity for gclient sync of Chromium
30 hours ago kjellander... Pass --verbose to gclient sync of Chromium
31 hours ago kjellander... Make WebRTC work with Chromium Git checkouts
32 hours ago henrik.lundin... Add TSAN suppression for heap-use-after-free in libvpx
33 hours ago kjellander... Remove DEPS reference to third_party/clang_format
33 hours ago bjornv@webrtc.orgRefactoring common_audio: Remove macro WEBRTC_SPL_MEMMO...
34 hours ago henrik.lundin... Disable two tests in TurnPortTest
36 hours ago buildbot@webrtc.org(Auto)update libjingle 73627179-> 73695227
36 hours ago kwiberg@webrtc.orgNew utility class for easy debug dumping to WAV files
2 days ago andrew@webrtc.orgMinor bug fix and cosmetic changes in AEC MIPS optimiza...
2 days ago buildbot@webrtc.org(Auto)update libjingle 73626701-> 73627179
2 days ago buildbot@webrtc.org(Auto)update libjingle 73626167-> 73626701
2 days ago henrike@webrtc.org(Auto)update libjingle 73399579-> 73626167
2 days ago houssainy@google.comActive connection stats [LocalAddress,RemoteAddress...
2 days ago pbos@webrtc.orgRemove __inline from WebRtcIsacfix_Log2Q8.
2 days ago henrike@webrtc.orgwebrtc/base: removes accidental #error in r6909.
2 days ago jiayl@webrtc.orgRemove trailing null character from std::string
3 days ago andrew@webrtc.orgPrecompute the AEC FFT tables, rather than initializing...
3 days ago kjellander... GN: Fixes for Chromium builds.
3 days ago andrew@webrtc.orgreplace inline assembly WebRtcNsx_PrepareSpectrumNeon...
3 days ago andrew@webrtc.orgMIPS optimizations for ISAC (patch #3)
3 days ago kjellander... Remove unneeded WebKit dependency from DEPS.
3 days ago minyue@webrtc.orgRemoving macro in acm_opus.cc
3 days ago bjornv@webrtc.orgcommon_audio/signal_processing: Remove unused macros...
3 days ago braveyao@webrtc.orgLog the Android Audio API choice correctly.
4 days ago kjellander... Suppress deprecation warnings in video_capture for iOS
5 days ago kjellander... Roll chromium_revision 288251:289723
5 days ago sergeyu@chromium.orgSet updated_rect for frames generated by WindowCapturer...
6 days ago buildbot@webrtc.org(Auto)update libjingle 73370064-> 73399579
6 days ago henrike@webrtc.orgRename linuxwindowpicker to x11windowpicker & only...
6 days ago tommi@webrtc.orgRevert 6897 (i.e. Reland 6863) - "Revert 6863 "Refactor...
6 days ago bjornv@webrtc.orgcommon_audio/signal_processing: Remove macro WEBRTC_SPL...
7 days ago andresp@webrtc.orgSmall refactor on ViE to remove redudant conditions...
7 days ago marpan@webrtc.orgExlcude two tests in VideoAdapter for WinDrMemoryFull.
7 days ago stefan@webrtc.orgReturn an aggregated report from ViERtpRtcp::GetSentRTC...
7 days ago minyue@webrtc.orgAdding a 5% as packet loss level for Opus
7 days ago minyue@webrtc.orgAdding online bitrate change to voe_cmd_test
7 days ago andresp@webrtc.orgFix TimeToSendPadding return to be 0 if no padding...
7 days ago bjornv@webrtc.orgcommon_audio/signal_processing: Remove macro WEBRTC_SPL...
7 days ago buildbot@webrtc.org(Auto)update libjingle 73256845-> 73260148
7 days ago niklas.enbom... Revert 6863 "Refactor StatsCollector and associated...
7 days ago buildbot@webrtc.org(Auto)update libjingle 73248599-> 73249894
7 days ago pbos@webrtc.orgMake sure that muting muted streams succeeds.
7 days ago pbos@webrtc.orgRemove TODO saying to remove WebRtcVideoFrame.
7 days ago pbos@webrtc.orgRemove files from talk/PRESUBMIT.py blacklist.
8 days ago henrike@webrtc.orgFixes failure triggered by include order re-ordering.
8 days ago buildbot@webrtc.org(Auto)update libjingle 73222930-> 73226398
8 days ago marpan@webrtc.orgFurther DrMemory suppressions, likely from r6811
8 days ago buildbot@webrtc.org(Auto)update libjingle 73221069-> 73222930
8 days ago buildbot@webrtc.org(Auto)update libjingle 73215194-> 73221069
8 days ago henrike@webrtc.org(Auto)update libjingle 73072800 -> 73215194
8 days ago asapersson... Decreased kMaxOverusesBeforeApplyRampupDelay (from...
8 days ago xians@webrtc.orgFix the audio source failure due to unsupported constra...
8 days ago henrik.lundin... Removing TODOs related to AcmReceiverBitExactness checksums
8 days ago henrik.lundin... Update checksums for AcmReceiverBitExactness on android
8 days ago henrik.lundin... NetEq background noise generation off by default
8 days ago stefan@webrtc.orgFix STAP-A bug where we might overflow the packet buffe...
8 days ago mallinath@webrtc.orgRemoving ASSERT for tcp candidate for port 0 and 9...
8 days ago pbos@webrtc.orgMove default-recv-channels to a separate class.
8 days ago fbarchard@google.comMake a int64 constant use ULL suffix so it wont get...
8 days ago marpan@webrtc.orgDrMemory suppresssions, likely from r6811.
8 days ago pbos@webrtc.orgFix GetStats() crash.
9 days ago henrike@webrtc.org.gitignore removed openssl
9 days ago henrike@webrtc.orgtalk/third_party: removes the empty directory.
9 days ago buildbot@webrtc.org(Auto)update libjingle 73072800-> 73072800
9 days ago phoglund@webrtc.orgFixing uninitialized variable in file_audio_device.cc.
9 days ago bjornv@webrtc.orgcommon_audio/signal_processing: Removes macro WEBRTC_SP...
9 days ago bjornv@webrtc.orgRemoves mismatching signs in signal_processing_unittests
9 days ago minyue@webrtc.orgAdding SetOpusMaxBandwidth in VoE and ACM
9 days ago bjornv@webrtc.orgmodules/audio_processing: Updates output_data_fixed...
9 days ago henrike@webrtc.orgRemove more dependencies on openssl, add dependency...
10 days ago bjornv@webrtc.orgmodules/audio_processing: Moves declaration of kDelayDi...
10 days ago henrik.lundin... Merge NetEqDecodingTest.TestBitExactnesst and .TestNetw...
10 days ago henrike@webrtc.orgRebase webrtc/base with r6863 version of talk/base:
10 days ago tommi@webrtc.orgRefactor StatsCollector and associated types.
10 days ago henrik.lundin... Use test::Packet test::PacketSource classes in neteq_rt...
10 days ago bjornv@webrtc.orgRevert 6860 "SSE2 version of SubbandCoherence()"
10 days ago bjornv@webrtc.orgSSE2 version of SubbandCoherence()
12 days ago jiayl@webrtc.orgFix a bug in parsing IceCandidate with IPV6 address.
12 days ago buildbot@webrtc.org(Auto)update libjingle 72931377-> 72931377
12 days ago mallinath@webrtc.orgEncoding and Decoding of TCP candidates as defined...
13 days ago harryjin@google.comAllow root build dependencies to be overridden.
13 days ago buildbot@webrtc.org(Auto)update libjingle 72847605-> 72850595
13 days ago buildbot@webrtc.org(Auto)update libjingle 72839629-> 72847605
13 days ago henrike@webrtc.orgwebrtc/base: removes linkage of crypto
13 days ago tkchin@webrtc.orgSupport for TURN/TLS.
13 days ago tkchin@webrtc.orgAdd new OWNERS file to talk/examples.
2014-08-07 buildbot@webrtc.org(Auto)update libjingle 72820109-> 72822008