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last changeWed, 23 Apr 2014 04:16:24 +0000 (04:16 +0000)
2 hours ago andrew@webrtc.orgExclude the new AudioProcessingTest from some sanitizer... master
3 hours ago andrew@webrtc.orgRestore sample_rate_hz() until Chromium is updated...
3 hours ago libjingle 65394435-> 65417850
9 hours ago tkchin@webrtc.orgProvide GetStats method in RTCPeerConnection
9 hours ago andrew@webrtc.orgSupport arbitrary input/output rates and downmixing...
11 hours ago henrik.lundin... Reland "Stop using ACM factory in VoiceEngine"
12 hours ago andrew@webrtc.orgRemove 44.1 kHz workaround from the iOS AudioDevice.
20 hours ago henrik.lundin... Fix a bug in AcmReceiver::NetworkStatistics
21 hours ago henrik.lundin... Revert "Stop using ACM factory in VoiceEngine"
22 hours ago henrik.lundin... Stop using ACM factory in VoiceEngine
22 hours ago henrik.lundin... Let A/V sync test use default AudioCoding module
22 hours ago henrik.lundin... Create ACM2 instance when calling AudioCodingModule...
22 hours ago kjellander... Disable tests in common_video_unittests for Dr Memory.
23 hours ago henrik.lundin... Reland "Make VoiceEngine choose ACM2 by default""
24 hours ago bjornv@webrtc.orgaudio_processing: DestroyHandle() now returns void
26 hours ago bjornv@webrtc.orgcommon_audio: VADFree() now returns void
2 hours ago master