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last changeTue, 2 Sep 2014 20:50:00 +0000 (20:50 +0000)
26 min ago tkchin@webrtc.orgRemove deprecated RTCVideoRenderer constructor. master
2 hours ago andrew@webrtc.orgRemove the checks.h dependence on logging.h in a standa...
2 hours ago stefan@webrtc.orgFix race in Voice Engine's Channel where it accesses...
4 hours ago pbos@webrtc.orgRemove WebRtcVideoEngine::default_codec_format().
4 hours ago pbos@webrtc.orgRemove files from talk/
5 hours ago henrike@webrtc.orgCreate a copy of talk/xmllite under webrtc/xmllite.
6 hours ago kjellander... Disable video_engine_tests and webrtc_perf_tests on...
7 hours ago henrik.lundin... Divide-by-zero problem in NetEq's Normal::Process fixed
8 hours ago kjellander... Remove retired android_apk[_rel] trybots from
8 hours ago kjellander... Disable video_capture_tests for Android.
9 hours ago kjellander... GN: Update webrtc/base to recent GYP changes.
10 hours ago andresp@webrtc.orgRTCBot is a framework that allows to write tests where...
11 hours ago kjellander... Update rules in DEPS.
12 hours ago kjellander... Remove build_with_chromium==1 conditions for Android
13 hours ago aluebs@webrtc.orgUnpacking aecdumps generates wav files
30 hours ago kjellander... Fix audio_decoder_unittests.isolate
26 min ago master