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last changeFri, 19 Dec 2014 22:29:55 +0000 (22:29 +0000)
9 hours ago pthatcher@webrtc.orgMove Jingle-specific files from talk/session/media... master
11 hours ago tkchin@webrtc.orgFix mac video capture leak.
11 hours ago tkchin@webrtc.orgAdd initWithCoder to RTCEAGLVideoView.
11 hours ago aluebs@webrtc.orgWire up Beamformer in AudioProcessing
13 hours ago stefan@webrtc.orgFix the ramp-up-down-up test which was using ts-offset...
14 hours ago stefan@webrtc.orgRemove unneccessary lock causing a potential deadlock.
14 hours ago jiayl@webrtc.orgAdd a AppRTCDemo setting to change the GAE server.
16 hours ago pbos@webrtc.orgRemove the last getters from VideoReceiveStream stats.
16 hours ago stefan@webrtc.orgEnable payload-based padding by default and remove...
17 hours ago kwiberg@webrtc.orgUnify the two copies of move.h
18 hours ago pbos@webrtc.orgRtp-Rtcp sender cleanup.
18 hours ago kjellander... GN: Fix build for Mac
22 hours ago stefan@webrtc.orgMove updating nack bitrate inside UpdateNACKBitRate.
28 hours ago pthatcher@webrtc.orgBreakup Transports and TransportParsers and move Transp...
33 hours ago aluebs@webrtc.orgMerge beamformer
34 hours ago andrew@webrtc.orgRemove obsolete target_arch == armv7.
9 hours ago master