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last changeThu, 23 Oct 2014 08:40:53 +0000 (08:40 +0000)
41 min ago houssainy@google.comUsing the Unused turn configuration in two way test master
57 min ago pbos@webrtc.orgLet video_loopback use internal VCM capturers.
3 hours ago andrew@webrtc.orgAdd a memcheck exclusion for EndToEndTest.CanSwitchToUs...
11 hours ago libjingle 78273470-> 78296920
15 hours ago glaznev@webrtc.orgMerging Henrik's and Peter's changes for AppRTCDemo
15 hours ago houssainy@google.comNOTE: This code review based on the running issue:
16 hours ago houssainy@google.comAdding Two way video and audio streaming test to RtcBot
16 hours ago houssainy@google.comHTTPS Server used instead of HTTP for loading the bots...
17 hours ago libjingle 78262388-> 78262615
17 hours ago pbos@webrtc.orgRemove some disabled tests in WebRtcVideoEngine2.
19 hours ago kjellander... Suppress libyuv uninitialized read in CopyRow_AVX
21 hours ago pbos@webrtc.orgMake ReconfigureVideoEncoder use current bitrate.
22 hours ago kjellander... Tighten up MSan blacklist.txt owners.
22 hours ago pbos@webrtc.orgDisable TestVp8Impl.BaseUnitTest on MSan.
23 hours ago stefan@webrtc.orgFor FIR packet, payload length is zero, so SendToNetwor...
26 hours ago kjellander... Roll chromium_revision de13cf4..28d1981 (299488:300483)
41 min ago master