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last changeMon, 9 Mar 2015 23:03:29 +0000 (23:03 +0000)
2015-03-09 andrew@webrtc.orgMinor test changes to fix compile errors. master
2015-02-21 dpranke@chromium.orgUpdate the GN build with the cpu_arch -> current_cpu...
2015-02-10 andrew@webrtc.orgFixed wrong #define when compiling on ARM with non...
2015-02-04 andrew@webrtc.orgCorrect cpu_arch value for x86 arch.
2015-01-26 rtoy@google.comRemoving writen-only local variables.
2015-01-22 fdegans@chromium.orgFix Android GN build.
2015-01-21 fdegans@chromium.orgFix Android ARM Neon build.
2014-12-18 rtoy@google.comFix for MIPS GN build
2014-11-21 andrew@webrtc.orgDisable LTO on one target due to NEON issues with LTO.
2014-10-08 andrew@webrtc.orgFix typo to unbreak non-ARM builds.
2014-10-07 andrew@webrtc.orgFix ARM64 build.
2014-10-03 andrew@webrtc.orgOnly try to do CPU detection on Android ARM.
2014-10-01 andrew@webrtc.orgRemove trailing whitespace under dl/sp/api
2014-10-01 rtoy@google.comFix build errors in test programs.
2014-08-18 thakis@chromium.orgopenmax: Remove .func / .endfunc directives.
2014-07-31 rtoy@google.comMinimized the table sizes for MIPS implementation.
2 months ago master