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last changeWed, 18 Jun 2014 20:17:59 +0000 (20:17 +0000)
2014-06-18 rtoy@google.comImplement MIPS real float fft for openmax_dl. master
2014-06-17 rtoy@google.comImplement ARM64 version of OpenMAX DL
2014-06-17 rtoy@google.comEnsure code is compiled in arm mode, not thumb.
2014-05-09 turaj@webrtc.orgAdd direct_dependent_settings to openmax_dl/dl.gyp.
2014-04-29 rtoy@google.comFix FFT test programs
2014-04-29 rtoy@google.comFix openmax_dl build for Android WebView.
2014-04-29 turaj@webrtc.orgFix openmax issue with casting pointers to uint32.
2014-04-18 turaj@webrtc.orgFix openmax compile errors on windows.
2014-03-28 rtoy@google.comFix issues so clang can compile OpenMAX DL library...
2014-02-18 rtoy@google.comThe detection routines can't be compiled with NEON
2013-12-03 rtoy@google.comX86 doesn't have detection routines so map to default...
2013-11-15 rtoy@google.comAdd support for non-NEON ARM FFT
2013-11-12 rtoy@google.comAdd support for building supported test programs for...
2013-11-12 rtoy@google.comFix up the ARM paths that were messed up after committi...
2013-11-11 rtoy@google.comImplement x86 real float fft for openmax_dl.
2013-10-29 rtoy@google.comAdd non-NEON float FFT implementation.
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