2012-10-22 marpan@webrtc.orgRoll libvpx to 4cf4c94ad166. master
2012-10-19 andrew@webrtc.orgAdd external media hook for preprocessed audio.
2012-10-19 mikhal@webrtc.orgVideo engine - removing unused functionality.
2012-10-19 mikhal@webrtc.orgUpdating vp8 unit_test - fixing issue introduced in...
2012-10-19 kjellander... Making fileutils test handle any checkout dir
2012-10-19 mikhal@webrtc.orgUpdating VPM APi's to use VideoFrame
2012-10-19 stefan@webrtc.orgDisable multi-stream BWE until send-side timing issues...
2012-10-19 mikhal@webrtc.orgUpdates to Codecs' tests
2012-10-19 andrew@webrtc.orgAdd a gyp variable to fully disable Opus.
2012-10-18 leozwang@webrtc.orgEnable NACK by default
2012-10-18 phoglund@webrtc.orgRemoved the 00 API from the fuzz tests.
2012-10-18 mikhal@webrtc.orgUpdating JPEG Decoder to Use LibYuv
2012-10-18 stefan@webrtc.orgMove the REMB summation into RemoteBitrateEstimatorSing...
2012-10-18 tina.legrand... Opus integration
2012-10-18 andrew@webrtc.orgAllow audioproc_unittest to be run with an absolute...
2012-10-17 andrew@webrtc.orgUse TestSuite for startup in audioproc_unittest's custo...
2012-10-17 kma@webrtc.orgA fix to webrtc issue 918 in Android, introduced from...
2012-10-17 henrike@webrtc.orgFixes comment from https://webrtc-codereview.appspot...
2012-10-17 sjlee@webrtc.orgTHis modification is casued by r2915.
2012-10-17 mflodman@webrtc.orgAdded buffer length when calling encrypt/decrypt. Write...
2012-10-17 mflodman@webrtc.orgMade external codec test compile and pass.
2012-10-17 kjellander... Adding fileutils.h support for absolute paths
2012-10-16 leozwang@webrtc.orgConsolidate test file path on Android
2012-10-16 andrew@webrtc.orgRemove non-ASCII character from voe_external_media.h
2012-10-15 andrew@webrtc.orgDelete mergeinfo on remote_bitrate_estimator.
2012-10-15 kjellander... Improving the way fileutil.h finds test resources.
2012-10-15 tina.legrand... Adding support for 48 kHz input to VAD.
2012-10-15 leozwang@webrtc.orgRefactor WebRTCDemo.java to follow google code style
2012-10-15 mikhal@webrtc.orgI420VideoFrame: Adding: 1. IsEmpty 2. ResetSize
2012-10-12 andrew@webrtc.orgAdd VAD configuration options to audioproc.
2012-10-12 tina.legrand... This is a minor change.
2012-10-12 stefan@webrtc.orgRefactoring jitter_buffer.h/.cc to Google style.
2012-10-11 kma@webrtc.orgFixed a compiler issue with arm neon build.
2012-10-11 mikhal@webrtc.orggit-svn-id: webrtc.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/src@2916...
2012-10-11 mflodman@webrtc.orgRemove CriticalSectionScoped reference constructor.
2012-10-11 mflodman@webrtc.orgChanged CriticalSectionScoped so the style correct...
2012-10-11 marpan@webrtc.orgUpdates to videoprocessor_integration_test:
2012-10-11 xians@webrtc.orgThe CL broke the builds is :
2012-10-11 mikhal@webrtc.orgAdding Scale for I420VideoFrame
2012-10-11 mikhal@webrtc.orgAdding DeliverCaptureEncodedFrame
2012-10-11 stefan@webrtc.orgFix for issues with in r2906.
2012-10-11 stefan@webrtc.orgRefactoring codec_database.cc/.h to Google style.
2012-10-11 xians@webrtc.orgThe problem is:
2012-10-11 braveyao@webrtc.orgIssue 634: NSArray exception when getting video info...
2012-10-11 braveyao@webrtc.orgIssue 589: Possible bug in TMMBRHelp::CalcMinBitRate
2012-10-10 wu@webrtc.orgFix a break on the "ChromiumOS (daisy)" bot.
2012-10-10 phoglund@webrtc.orgSuppressed all voe_auto_test standard suite bugs and...
2012-10-10 mikhal@webrtc.orgRolling libvpx to 30d8ba541ede
2012-10-09 marpan@webrtc.orgPut some bounds on VCM frame dropper.
2012-10-09 leozwang@webrtc.orgAdd a few functions to android test application
2012-10-09 mikhal@webrtc.orgAdding plane alignment.
2012-10-08 mflodman@webrtc.orgFixing Windows build.
2012-10-08 elham@webrtc.orgUpdated version number to 3.14
2012-10-08 henrike@webrtc.orgImplemented todo. I.e. removed unnecessary header.
2012-10-08 mflodman@webrtc.orgWire up ssrc check in ViEEncoder for intra requests.
2012-10-08 stefan@webrtc.orgAdd per stream intra requests.
2012-10-08 stefan@webrtc.orgAdding support for changing resolutions and FEC to...
2012-10-05 mflodman@webrtc.orgHooking up EncoderStateFeedback to handle intra request...
2012-10-05 henrike@webrtc.orgMakes it such that calling ThreadWrapper::Start(.....
2012-10-05 phoglund@webrtc.orgContinuing to rewrite custom calls.
2012-10-05 stefan@webrtc.orgFixing LatestEstimate().
2012-10-05 henrik.lundin... Fix dummy RTP playout in NetEqRTPplay
2012-10-05 henrik.lundin... Added test for NetEQ stereo with no input
2012-10-05 stefan@webrtc.orgReturn bw_estimate / num-streams from the multi-stream...
2012-10-05 kma@webrtc.orgFixed a bug in an Android macro definition in SPL that...
2012-10-05 kma@webrtc.orgMoved calling points of spl_int routines from module...
2012-10-04 mikhal@webrtc.orgAdding SSIM and PSNR videoFrame based functions
2012-10-04 leozwang@webrtc.orgMake Android.mk to be able to inclucde subfolder makefiles
2012-10-03 leozwang@webrtc.orgRename android file name
2012-10-03 kma@webrtc.orgMade CrossCorrelationTest valid in ARM-Neon platforms...
2012-10-03 stefan@webrtc.orgRemove unused files from gypi.
2012-10-03 henrike@webrtc.orgMade the aligned malloc templated.
2012-10-03 mikhal@webrtc.orgUpdates to videoFrame:
2012-10-02 leozwang@webrtc.orgMove video android test to test folder
2012-10-02 henrike@webrtc.orgUpdates according to style guide.
2012-10-01 mikhal@webrtc.orgUpdating ConvertFromI420 to use VideoFrame - Related...
2012-10-01 leozwang@webrtc.orgMake thread name readable in log
2012-10-01 phoglund@webrtc.orgMade ViE standard tests runnable under valgrind.
2012-09-29 henrike@webrtc.orgThis cl adds an API for getting an aligned pointer...
2012-09-28 mikhal@webrtc.orgSwitching scale functions to use VideoFrame.
2012-09-28 kma@webrtc.orgChanged alignment code in AECM, to work with an issue...
2012-09-28 mikhal@webrtc.orgSwitching to a general align function.
2012-09-28 mflodman@webrtc.orgRemove unused video tests.
2012-09-28 mflodman@webrtc.orgFix signed/unsigned mis-match.
2012-09-28 mflodman@webrtc.orgAdded API to set expected render delay.
2012-09-28 stefan@webrtc.orgMake sure FEC packets aren't passed to the VCM with...
2012-09-28 tina.legrand... Memory error in cng_unittest
2012-09-28 stefan@webrtc.orgRemove unneccessary includes.
2012-09-28 tina.legrand... Refactor and unittest for CNG.
2012-09-27 henrike@webrtc.orgRe-fixes issue 300.
2012-09-27 mikhal@webrtc.orgSwitching Mirror functions to VideoFrame
2012-09-27 stefan@webrtc.orgRemove unneccessary include.
2012-09-27 stefan@webrtc.orgFixes potential race in the jitter buffer.
2012-09-26 stefan@webrtc.orgMove RtpToNtp functionality to its own file.
2012-09-26 perkj@webrtc.orgRevert 2823 - Protects the file class with rw-locks.
2012-09-26 asapersson... Renamed constant and added comments.
2012-09-25 elham@webrtc.orgupdating version number to 3.13
2012-09-25 henrike@webrtc.orgProtects the file class with rw-locks.
2012-09-25 henrike@webrtc.orgSome style fixes.
2012-09-25 phoglund@webrtc.orgAdded location.reload() insertion to fuzzer.