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last changeMon, 22 Oct 2012 17:55:26 +0000 (17:55 +0000)
2012-10-22 marpan@webrtc.orgRoll libvpx to 4cf4c94ad166. master
2012-10-19 andrew@webrtc.orgAdd external media hook for preprocessed audio.
2012-10-19 mikhal@webrtc.orgVideo engine - removing unused functionality.
2012-10-19 mikhal@webrtc.orgUpdating vp8 unit_test - fixing issue introduced in...
2012-10-19 kjellander... Making fileutils test handle any checkout dir
2012-10-19 mikhal@webrtc.orgUpdating VPM APi's to use VideoFrame
2012-10-19 stefan@webrtc.orgDisable multi-stream BWE until send-side timing issues...
2012-10-19 mikhal@webrtc.orgUpdates to Codecs' tests
2012-10-19 andrew@webrtc.orgAdd a gyp variable to fully disable Opus.
2012-10-18 leozwang@webrtc.orgEnable NACK by default
2012-10-18 phoglund@webrtc.orgRemoved the 00 API from the fuzz tests.
2012-10-18 mikhal@webrtc.orgUpdating JPEG Decoder to Use LibYuv
2012-10-18 stefan@webrtc.orgMove the REMB summation into RemoteBitrateEstimatorSing...
2012-10-18 tina.legrand... Opus integration
2012-10-18 andrew@webrtc.orgAllow audioproc_unittest to be run with an absolute...
2012-10-17 andrew@webrtc.orgUse TestSuite for startup in audioproc_unittest's custo...
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