2012-10-19 niklas.enbom... Updated stable to r2960. master
2012-10-18 leozwang@webrtc.orgUpdated stable to r2950
2012-10-18 leozwang@webrtc.orgrevert r2919 from stable
2012-10-12 leozwang@webrtc.orgEnable NACK by default on android
2012-10-11 wu@webrtc.orgUpdated stable to r2917.
2012-10-11 wu@webrtc.orgUpdated stable to r2912.
2012-10-10 wu@webrtc.orgUpdated stable to r2901.
2012-10-10 tina.legrand... Updated stable to r2896.
2012-10-09 leozwang@webrtc.orgupdate stable to r2893
2012-10-05 henrike@webrtc.orgUpdated stable to r2879.
2012-10-03 henrike@webrtc.orgUpdated stable to r2862.
2012-09-29 mikhal@webrtc.orgUpdated stable to r<2849>.
2012-09-27 mikhal@webrtc.orgUpdated stable to r<2835>
2012-09-26 perkj@webrtc.orgUpdated stable to r2826.
2012-09-24 perkj@webrtc.orgUpdated stable to r2811
2012-09-07 elham@webrtc.orgCherry-pick r2717 from trunk to stable
2012-09-06 elham@webrtc.orgCherry-pick r2710 and r2711 from trunk to stable
2012-09-04 mallinath@webrtc.orgUpdated stable to r2701.
2012-09-04 mallinath@webrtc.orgUpdated stable to r2699.
2012-09-01 andrew@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r2695.
2012-08-25 henrike@webrtc.orgUpdated stable to r2659
2012-08-22 henrik.lundin... Updated stable to r2651
2012-08-16 andrew@webrtc.orgUpdated stable to r2616
2012-08-09 niklas.enbom... Updating stable to 2578
2012-08-09 niklas.enbom... Reverting stable to 2529 to facilitate merge update
2012-08-06 elham@webrtc.orgMerged r2558 from trunk to stable
2012-08-06 elham@webrtc.orgMerged r2535 from trunk to stable
2012-08-03 elham@webrtc.orgMerged r2556 from trunk to stable
2012-08-02 elham@webrtc.orgMerge r2547 from trunk to stable
2012-07-30 elham@webrtc.orgCherry pick trunk r2537 into stable
2012-07-25 wu@webrtc.orgUpdated stable to r2527
2012-07-23 andrew@webrtc.orgUpdated stable to r2524
2012-07-20 mallinath@webrtc.orgUpdated stable to r2522
2012-07-17 perkj@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r2520
2012-07-12 leozwang@webrtc.orgupdate to r2511
2012-07-11 tommi@webrtc.orgUpdated stable to r2506
2012-07-06 tina.legrand... Updated stable to r2494
2012-07-04 tina.legrand... Updated stable to r2490
2012-07-03 pwestin@webrtc.orgRevert r2483 "Change clock to be 64 bits in RTP module"
2012-07-03 tommi@webrtc.orgMerge r2484 and r2485.
2012-07-03 pwestin@webrtc.org Change clock to be 64 bits in RTP module
2012-07-02 tommi@webrtc.orgMerging 2477 to stable (fix for ChromeOS build problems).
2012-06-28 mflodman@webrtc.orgUpdated stable to r2466.
2012-06-28 mflodman@webrtc.orgUpdated stable to r2462
2012-06-28 mflodman@webrtc.orgReverted r2460.
2012-06-28 mflodman@webrtc.orgMerged trunk r2459 to stable.
2012-06-26 kjellander... Updated stable to r2441
2012-06-18 elham@webrtc.orgMerge r2371 from trunk to stable
2012-06-18 mflodman@webrtc.orgMerge r2413 to stable.
2012-06-18 niklas.enbom... Merge version bump to stable
2012-06-12 pwestin@webrtc.orgMerging r2360, r2397 and r2398 from trunk.
2012-06-07 tina.legrand... Merging r2377 from trunk.
2012-06-05 niklas.enbom... Resolving unexplained diffs between stable and trunk
2012-06-05 mflodman@webrtc.orgMerge r2357 and r2358 from trunk to stable.
2012-06-04 niklas.enbom... Updated stable to r2355
2012-06-04 niklas.enbom... Updated stable to r2353
2012-06-04 niklas.enbom... Updated stable to r2347
2012-05-30 niklas.enbom... Updated stable to r2325
2012-05-30 leozwang@webrtc.orgupdated stable to r2318
2012-05-24 mflodman@webrtc.orgUpdated stable to r2292
2012-05-24 niklas.enbom... Updated stable to r2290
2012-05-24 niklas.enbom... Updated stable to r2287
2012-05-24 niklas.enbom... Updated stable to r2284
2012-05-23 pwestin@webrtc.orgMerged r2269 from trunk to branches/stable.
2012-05-15 pwestin@webrtc.orgDelete empty directory
2012-05-04 punyabrata... Updating WebRTC version to 3.5
2012-05-04 elham@webrtc.orgMerged r2177 from trunk to stable.
2012-05-03 punyabrata... Merged r2128 from trunk to stable
2012-04-27 pwestin@webrtc.orgFixed include path, cherry pick of cl 2134, fixes issue 473
2012-04-26 elham@webrtc.orgMerged r2121 from trunk to stable
2012-04-26 elham@webrtc.orgMerged r2126 from trunk to stable
2012-04-26 elham@webrtc.orgMerged r2122 from trunk to stable
2012-04-25 elham@webrtc.orgUpdated stable to r2119
2012-04-23 elham@webrtc.orgUpdated stable to r2101
2012-04-18 henrika@webrtc.orgMerged r2050 from trunk to stable
2012-04-18 henrika@webrtc.orgMerged r1993 from trunk to stable
2012-04-18 henrika@webrtc.orgReverted 2044 with goal to cherry pick 1993
2012-04-17 leozwang@webrtc.orgUpdated stable to r2043
2012-03-30 henrike@webrtc.orgUpdated stable to r1967
2012-03-23 vikasmarwaha... Merged r1934 from trunk to stable git-svn
2012-03-23 punyabrata... Updating stable to webrtc revision 3.3.1
2012-03-23 punyabrata... Merged r1925 from trunk to stable
2012-03-16 niklas.enbom... Merged r1881 and r1882 from trunk to stable
2012-03-15 vikasmarwaha... Merged r1899 from trunk to stable
2012-03-15 xians@webrtc.orgMerged r1896 from trunk to stable
2012-03-15 xians@webrtc.orgThis is a merge with r1894 from trunk to state, which...
2012-03-14 punyabrata... Merged r1887 from trunk to stable
2012-03-13 andrew@webrtc.orgMerge r1884 from trunk to stable
2012-03-12 punyabrata... Updating stable to webrtc revision 3.3 candidate
2012-03-12 punyabrata... Updated stable to r1877
2012-02-28 punyabrata... Merged r1783 to stable
2012-02-28 punyabrata... Merged r1781 to stable
2012-02-27 punyabrata... Merged r1766 to stable
2012-02-23 punyabrata... Merged r1746 from trunk to stable
2012-02-14 niklas.enbom... Updated stable to r1683
2012-02-14 niklas.enbom... Merged r1678 to stable