2013-12-16 wu@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r5300. master
2013-12-13 wu@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r5287.
2013-12-13 wu@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r5277.
2013-12-11 wu@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r5267.
2013-12-10 tina.legrand... Update stable to r5251.
2013-12-05 sergeyu@chromium.orgUpdate stable to r5230.
2013-12-05 sergeyu@chromium.orgUpdate stable to r5217.
2013-12-02 mflodman@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r5195.
2013-11-13 sergeyu@chromium.orgUpdate stable to r5121.
2013-11-08 andrew@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r5103.
2013-11-08 henrikg@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r5100.
2013-11-08 henrikg@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r<5097>.
2013-11-07 turaj@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r5095
2013-11-05 wu@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r5087.
2013-11-04 wu@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r5078.
2013-10-31 wu@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r5065.
2013-10-30 wu@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r5059.
2013-10-30 wu@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r5056.
2013-10-30 wu@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r5053.
2013-10-23 bjornv@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r5019.
2013-10-16 wu@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r4981.
2013-10-16 wu@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r4979.
2013-10-14 mallinath@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r4954.
2013-10-09 wu@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r4945.
2013-10-01 andrew@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r4888.
2013-09-30 mallinath@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r4882.
2013-09-27 mallinath@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r4872.
2013-09-27 andrew@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r4867
2013-09-27 andrew@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to 4863
2013-09-24 andrew@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r4830
2013-09-19 stefan@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r4793.
2013-09-19 stefan@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r4788.
2013-09-13 sergeyu@chromium.orgUpdate stable to r4744.
2013-09-05 mikhal@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r4689
2013-09-03 mflodman@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r4659.
2013-08-30 wu@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r4649.
2013-08-27 sergeyu@chromium.orgUpdate stable to r4631.
2013-08-26 sergeyu@chromium.orgUpdate stable to r4621.
2013-08-24 sergeyu@chromium.orgUpdate stable to r4610.
2013-08-22 henrike@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r4594.
2013-08-21 andresp@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r4577.
2013-08-16 marpan@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r4557.
2013-08-12 elham@webrtc.orgMerged r4518 from trunk to stable
2013-08-09 elham@webrtc.orgMerged r4508 from trunk to stable
2013-08-09 elham@webrtc.orgMerged r4497 from trunk to stable
2013-08-05 henrike@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r4489.
2013-08-01 andrew@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r4461.
2013-07-26 henrike@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r4413.
2013-07-26 sergeyu@chromium.orgUpdate stable to r4408.
2013-07-25 sergeyu@chromium.orgUpdate stable to r4401.
2013-07-25 sergeyu@chromium.orgUpdate stable to r4397.
2013-07-25 xians@webrtc.orgFixed the AGC and interface problems on the new path.
2013-07-25 sergeyu@chromium.orgUpdate stable to r4392.
2013-07-22 mflodman@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r4378.
2013-07-19 xians@webrtc.orgStore the sequence number in StopSend() and resume...
2013-07-11 marpan@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r4332.
2013-07-11 xians@webrtc.orgAdd new interface to support multiple sources in webrtc.
2013-07-04 pbos@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r4296.
2013-06-25 tnakamura@webrtc.orgMerge r4260 from trunk to stable.
2013-06-21 tnakamura@webrtc.orgMerge r4251 from trunk to stable
2013-06-21 tnakamura@webrtc.orgMerge r4250 from trunk to stable
2013-06-19 tnakamura@webrtc.orgMerge r4246 from trunk to stable
2013-06-18 sergeyu@chromium.orgUpdate stable to r4239.
2013-06-17 mikhal@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r4235
2013-06-15 wu@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r4229.
2013-06-12 wu@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r4223.
2013-06-10 wu@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r4207.
2013-06-07 andrew@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r4196
2013-06-05 sergeyu@chromium.orgMerge r4186 from trunk to stable.
2013-06-04 sergeyu@chromium.orgUpdate stable to r4178
2013-06-03 henrikg@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r4152.
2013-05-30 mikhal@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r4142
2013-05-28 sergeyu@chromium.orgUpdate stable to r4124.
2013-05-24 sergeyu@chromium.orgUpdate stable to r4102.
2013-05-20 andrew@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r4072
2013-05-20 tommi@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r4065
2013-05-17 turaj@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r4055
2013-05-14 turaj@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r4030.
2013-05-14 tina.legrand... Update stable to r4028.
2013-05-09 wu@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r3997.
2013-05-09 andrew@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r3989.
2013-05-08 wu@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r3987
2013-05-08 elham@webrtc.orgMerged r3953 from trunk to stable
2013-05-06 niklas.enbom... Cherry picked r3964 to stable.
2013-05-03 elham@webrtc.orgMerged r3940 from trunk to stable
2013-05-03 elham@webrtc.orgMerged r3914 from trunk to stable
2013-05-02 elham@webrtc.orgMerges r3941 from trunk to stable
2013-05-02 elham@webrtc.orgMerged r3942 from trunk to stable
2013-05-02 elham@webrtc.orgMerged r3938 from trunk to stable
2013-05-01 elham@webrtc.orgMerged r3917 from trunk to stable
2013-04-30 elham@webrtc.orgMerged r3922 from trunk to stable
2013-04-29 elham@webrtc.orgMerged r3916 from trunk to stable
2013-04-29 mflodman@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r3912.
2013-04-15 wu@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r3852.
2013-04-11 leozwang@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r3839
2013-04-11 leozwang@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r3741
2013-04-11 leozwang@webrtc.orgUpdate stable to r3700 (but with earlier cherry-picking)
2013-04-04 tnakamura@webrtc.orgMerge 3741 "Fix for issue: https://code.google.com...
2013-04-04 tnakamura@webrtc.orgMerge 3748 "Fix opus bitrate truncated to 16-bit int...
2013-04-04 wu@webrtc.orgRevert 3729 "Update stable to r3728."