last changeWed, 23 Apr 2014 15:04:14 +0000 (15:04 +0000)
28 min ago chrome-release... Updating trunk VERSION from 1954.0 to 1955.0 trunk trunk
45 min ago mef@chromium.orgWiFiService::GetProperties now correctly populates...
57 min ago glider@chromium.orgEnable check_printf=1 for ASan.
62 min ago benwells@chromium.orgRemove finch experiment enforcing signin to launch...
75 min ago alemate@chromium.orgApply default wallpaper from customization manifest.
87 min ago reveman@chromium.orgcc: Use CHROMIUM_sync_query in GLRenderer when available.
89 min ago kjellander... WebRTC: Remove neteq_unittests test.
104 min ago vabr@chromium.orgPassword autofill: Check for user gesture switches...
106 min ago tdresser@chromium.orgDon't compile events.gyp:events on Android.
107 min ago[DevTools] HiDPI cursors for touch emulation.
110 min ago kaznacheev... DevTools: Fix DEBUG_DEVTOOLS scenario with two browsers.
119 min ago chrome-admin... Update .DEPS.git
2 hours ago jbauman@chromium.orgRemove useless code from RenderWidget.
2 hours ago rmcilroy@chromium.orgRoll Breakpad from 1313 to 1318.
2 hours ago pfeldman@chromium.orgRevert of Use platform's device scale factor for cursor...
2 hours ago tapted@chromium.orgRemove unused
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