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8 min ago scherkus@chromium.orgRemove muted_ and playback_rate_ from media::AudioRende... trunk trunk
9 min ago tfarina@chromium.orgCleanup test_support target names.
9 min ago[Sync] Fix namespace for sync_driver component
13 min ago erikchen@chromium.orgmac: [Yosemite] Fix bug where zoom button causes fullsc...
14 min ago chrome-admin... Update .DEPS.git
14 min ago blink-deps... Blink roll 178666:178681
18 min ago keybuk@chromium.orgDisable bluetoothPrivate on unsupported platforms
20 min ago mlamouri@chromium.orgScreenWin notifies DisplayObserver's when displays...
22 min ago halcanary@google.comSet ImageCacheSingleAllocationByteLimit to 64MB
23 min ago robert.bradford... VaapiVEA: Handle bitrate and frame rate negotiation...
26 min ago sky@chromium.orgRevert 284684 "Pepper: Delete FileDownloader in trusted...
27 min ago sky@chromium.orgRevert 284766 "Pepper: Simplify TempFile in trusted...
81 min ago chrome-admin... Update .DEPS.git
81 min ago armansito@chromium.orgDEPS: Uprev third_party/cros_system_api.
87 min ago sbc@chromium.orgUpdate ARM sysroot package.
94 min ago mlamouri@chromium.orgCleanups in ScreenOrientationDispatcherHost.
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