2014-11-25 Derek SchuffAdd .dwarf2_addr_size directive to gas master
2013-12-02 Roland McGrathMerge tag 'binutils-2_24' into ng/2.24/nacl-hacks
2013-12-02 Tristan GingoldAdd generated files
2013-12-02 Tristan GingoldBump version to 2.24
2013-12-01 Alan Modradaily update
2013-11-30 Alan Modradaily update
2013-11-29 Alan Modradaily update
2013-11-28 Alan Modradaily update
2013-11-27 Alan Modradaily update
2013-11-26 Alan Modradaily update
2013-11-26 Tristan GingoldBump version to 2.23.92
2013-11-25 Alan Modradaily update
2013-11-25 Yufeng Zhangld/ChangeLog:
2013-11-25 Yufeng Zhangld/ChangeLog:
2013-11-24 Alan Modradaily update
2013-11-23 Alan Modradaily update
2013-11-22 Cary CoutantUse in-tree assembler for exception_x86_64_bnd_test.
2013-11-22 Alan Modradaily update
2013-11-22 Alan ModraImport config.sub and config.guess from upstream.
2013-11-22 Nick Cliftonremove patch leftovers
2013-11-22 Nick Clifton * windres.c (define_resource): Use zero for timestamp...
2013-11-21 Alan Modradaily update
2013-11-20 Alan Modradaily update
2013-11-20 Yufeng Zhanggas/testsuite/
2013-11-19 Roland McGrathMerge branch 'binutils-2_24-branch' into ng/2.24/nacl...
2013-11-19 Roland McGrathFix *-nacl* target objcopy/strip of binary made with...
2013-11-19 Alan Modradaily update
2013-11-19 Roland McGrathFix references to __ehdr_start when it cannot be defined
2013-11-18 Alan Modradaily update
2013-11-18 H.J. LuAdd a dummy "int bnd_prefix" argument
2013-11-18 H.J. LuAdd R_X86_64_PC32_BND/R_X86_64_PLT32_BND suppor to...
2013-11-18 Yufeng ZhangAdd support for armv7ve to gas.
2013-11-18 Chung-Lin Tang2013-11-18 Chung-Lin Tang <>
2013-11-18 Yufeng Zhanggas/
2013-11-18 Yufeng ZhangRevert "Add support for AArch64 trace unit registers."
2013-11-18 Tristan GingoldUpdate minor version.
2013-11-17 Alan Modradaily update
2013-11-17 H.J. LuAdd R_X86_64_PC32_BND and R_X86_64_PLT32_BND
2013-11-15 Yufeng Zhanggas/
2013-11-15 Alan Modradaily update
2013-11-15 Michael ZolotukhinReorder invalid default mask check
2013-11-15 Alan ModraFixes to powerpc64 gold ELFv2 support
2013-11-15 Jan-Benedict... ppc: signed/unsigned comparison
2013-11-15 Alan ModraPowerPC64 ELFv2, allocate dynreloc space for ifunc
2013-11-15 Alan ModraCorrect elf64-ppc.c handling of protected symbols
2013-11-15 Alan ModraHide ppc64 .TOC. from --export-dynamic
2013-11-15 Alan ModraUpdate elf64-ppc.c to use elf_link_hash_table shortcuts.
2013-11-15 Alan ModraRemove copy of use_plt_offset
2013-11-15 Alan ModraEdit ELFv2 global entry prologue to non-PIC
2013-11-15 Alan ModraPowerPC64 ELFv2 symbols defined in plt
2013-11-15 Alan ModraAllow for extra st_other readelf output in ld testsuite
2013-11-15 Alan Modrald crossref test fix
2013-11-15 Alan ModraSimplify ppc64 code setting toc_off.
2013-11-15 Alan ModraPowerPC64 ELFv2 support for gold.
2013-11-15 Alan ModraAdd PowerPC64 ELFv2 tests.
2013-11-15 Alan ModraReplace DT_PPC_TLSOPT with DT_PPC_OPT.
2013-11-15 Alan ModraSupport ELFv2 stack frame.
2013-11-15 Alan ModraELFv2 stub, plt and glink changes
2013-11-15 Alan ModraAdd ELFv2 .localentry support.
2013-11-15 Alan ModraAdd .abiversion related support for ELFv2
2013-11-15 Alan ModraChange plt stubs to have destination in r12.
2013-11-15 Alan ModraReport overflow on PowerPC64 @h and @ha relocations.
2013-11-15 Alan Modramultilib osdir search paths for powerpc*-linux
2013-11-14 Alan Modradaily update
2013-11-13 Alan Modradaily update
2013-11-13 Yufeng Zhangbfd/
2013-11-12 Alan Modradaily update
2013-11-11 Alan Modradaily update
2013-11-11 Yufeng Zhang * elfxx-aarch64.c (_bfd_aarch64_elf_grok_prstatus...
2013-11-10 Alan Modradaily update
2013-11-09 Alan Modradaily update
2013-11-08 Alan Modradaily update
2013-11-08 H.J. LuRemove CpuNop from CPU_K6_2_FLAGS
2013-11-07 Alan Modradaily update
2013-11-07 Roland McGrathMerge branch 'binutils-2_24-branch' into ng/2.24/nacl...
2013-11-07 Roland McGrathSet CPU type in BFD backend for x86_64-nacl* and i...
2013-11-06 Alan Modradaily update
2013-11-05 Alan Modradaily update
2013-11-05 Yufeng Zhanggas/
2013-11-05 Yufeng Zhanggas/
2013-11-05 Yufeng Zhangopcodes/
2013-11-05 Will Newtonconfig/tc-aarch64.c: Avoid trying to parse a vector...
2013-11-04 Alan Modradaily update
2013-11-04 David SehrFix calls to be aligned at the end of the bundle.
2013-11-04 Victor KhimenkoFix merge conflict
2013-11-04 Victor KhimenkoAllow use of external linker scripts.
2013-11-04 Victor KhimenkoCherry-picked hacks for old nacl-gcc 4.4.3
2013-11-04 Victor KhimenkoForward-port nacl assembler hacks
2013-11-03 Alan Modradaily update
2013-11-02 Alan Modradaily update
2013-11-01 Alan Modradaily update
2013-11-01 Roland McGrathx86_64-*-nacl*: Adjust test cases for PLT nop fix.
2013-11-01 Roland McGrath*-*-nacl* layout: Drop requirement that some section...
2013-10-31 Alan Modradaily update
2013-10-31 Alan Modradaily update
2013-10-31 Nick Clifton * nm.c (display_rel_file): Treat bfd_error_no_symbols as
2013-10-30 Roland McGrathgold: x86_64-nacl: Correct 9-byte nop sequence to match...
2013-10-29 Roland McGrathBFD: elf64-x86-64-nacl: Correct 9-byte nop sequence...
2013-10-29 Alan Modradaily update
2013-10-20 Alan Modradaily update