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last changeSat, 10 Jan 2015 09:57:34 +0000 (01:57 -0800)
2015-01-10 Sam CleggRemove hack in __gthread_active_p() to always return... master
2014-10-08 Jan VoungRevert "Make va_list a struct on X86-32 to match PNaCl."
2014-02-20 Roland McGrathUse "e" constraint in place of "i" to match x86_64_gene...
2014-02-14 Roland McGrathUse 'ud2' assembly mnemonic instead of assembling the...
2013-11-16 Roland McGrathFix interlibrary dependencies in target shared library...
2013-10-15 Victor KhimenkoChange GCC spec to support upgraded binutils
2013-08-09 Victor KhimenkoUse long long builtins of zero counting for x86-64.
2013-07-31 Roland McGrathUse x86_64_*_operand in LEA splitters
2013-07-26 Roland McGrathUse x86_64_general_operand in a bunch more SI mode...
2013-06-12 Robert GrosseFix mcount counter generation
2013-05-02 Victor KhimenkoBackport GCC 4.5+ --enable-linker-build-id option.
2012-10-16 Victor KhimenkoFix potential out of bounds access. master-backup
2012-06-19 Victor KhimenkoPatch NaCl gcc to avoid use of fsincos.
2012-06-13 Roland McGrathDon't refer to pthread_cancel in libgcc
2012-06-11 Victor KhimenkoFix "-lxxx" command line parsing.
2012-05-16 Victor KhimenkoFix one more bug in code generation...
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