2015-01-30 Petr HosekRemoves nameservice syscall definition master
2014-12-09 Sam CleggNaCl: Fix off-by-one in getcwd() syscall emulation.
2014-10-08 Jan VoungWhitespace change to bump glibc rev for nacl-gcc va_lis...
2014-08-20 Sam CleggAdd truncate.c to list of nacl files overrides.
2014-06-18 Roland McGrathUse stub implementations for get{e,}[ug]id
2014-06-13 Brad NelsonDisable use of fcntl in fdopen for nacl.
2014-05-28 Shinichiro... Fix some style issues in sysdeps/nacl/irt_syscalls.*
2014-03-04 Sam CleggRemove __nacl_futex_fini
2014-01-27 Brad NelsonConnecting IRT dev interfaces for fdio and filename.
2013-10-15 Victor KhimenkoChange linker scripts to support new binutils
2013-09-12 Sam CleggRemove linker warning when getpid() is including.
2013-08-17 Petr HosekEnable process and thread CPU time clocks
2013-08-09 Brad NelsonReverting sections change.
2013-08-07 Brad NelsonDrop section rewriting and format fixes.
2013-08-07 Brad NelsonAdd a PT_NOTE section to mark build_id.
2013-07-27 Sam CleggAdd getpid implementation for NaCl.
2013-07-17 Sam CleggFix undefined NULL by including stddef.h
2013-07-11 Sam CleggAllow use of alternative 'main' symbol.
2013-06-07 Roland McGrathnacl-glibc: Provide symbols for
2013-04-25 Victor Khimenko[NOUPSTREAM] Make non-executable stack default for...
2013-04-25 Andrey KhalyavinFill tz in gettimeofday function.
2013-04-23 Ken MixterPrepare for fast loading through mmap'ing text.
2013-04-11 Roland McGrathLinker scripts: Fold .fini into .text
2013-04-05 Roland McGrathAlign and pad code segments to 64k
2013-04-04 Petr HosekProvide mprotect syscall
2013-02-22 Roland McGrathDisable support
2013-01-21 Andrey KhalyavinRemove alignment of code and data segments for shared...
2013-01-17 Andrey KhalyavinRemove alignment between read-only and read-write data...
2013-01-14 Andrey KhalyavinRemove unnecessary alignment between .got.plt and ...
2012-10-01 Andrey KhalyavinRemove aliases to stat64, fstat64, fstatat64 and lstat64. master-backup
2012-07-02 Roland McGrathFix bswap_64 for x86-64
2012-05-31 David SehrCorrect building to ensure that the...
2012-05-23 Victor KhimenkoFix pthread_cond_timedwait (and other similar functions)
2012-05-16 Victor KhimenkoTurn waiting stack back into wating queue
2012-05-11 Egor Paskoadd clock() in nacl-glibc
2012-04-26 Stanislav Vorobyevfix 32-bit socket() interceptor
2012-04-23 Stanislav Vorobyevberkeley sockets interception implementation
2012-04-19 Egor Paskorevert 4 untested commits
2012-04-18 Robert MuthMake it possible to run the loader with LD_DEBUG=all
2012-04-18 Stanislav Vorobyevfixed signatures for several syscalls that return posit...
2012-04-16 Stanislav Vorobyevremoved epoll_create1 (EPOLL_CLOEXEC is not applicable...
2012-04-13 Brad ChenPatch NaCl glibc to avoid use of fsincos.
2012-04-13 Stanislav Vorobyevadded several system call hooks for future sockets...
2012-03-30 Stanislav Vorobyevadded several syscalls for nacl mounts
2012-02-23 Roland McGrathImplement sleep function using nanosleep
2012-02-15 Bennet Yeeplumb glibc clock_get interfaces to irt
2011-12-14 Roland McGrathFix __jmp_buf size for x86-64
2011-12-13 Roland McGrathFix x86-64 DT_PREINIT_ARRAY/DT_INIT_ARRAY/DT_FINI_ARRAY...
2011-11-18 Ivan KrasinDefine __WORDSIZE 32 for strt* routines
2011-11-16 Roland McGrathUse proper strto*ll implementation on x86-64
2011-11-01 Victor KhimenkoFix recursive pthread_once.
2011-10-19 Victor KhimenkoDon't use Linux code in sysconf(_SC_NPROCESSORS_ONLN)
2011-10-18 Victor KhimenkoFix negative values handling.
2011-10-05 Victor KhimenkoFix compilation with newer version of linux-headers.
2011-10-04 Evgeny EltsinIntroduce __nacl_add_tp
2011-10-03 Andrey KhalyavinFix error codes in read and sched_yield.
2011-09-27 Victor KhimenkoFix GLibC compilation.
2011-09-20 Victor KhimenkoUse irt's open_resource only for files in /lib
2011-09-20 Andrey KhalyavinFix bug with open64.
2011-09-12 Roland McGrathAdd nacl_interface_query public function
2011-09-12 Victor KhimenkoRemove obsolete 16bit uid/gid code from IA32 glibc.
2011-09-06 Victor KhimenkoChange to make syscall interception...
2011-09-06 Victor KhimenkoFix getdents function.
2011-09-03 Victor KhimenkoRemove temporary IMC hack.
2011-09-03 Victor KhimenkoReplace #define syscalls cancel machinery.
2011-09-03 Victor KhimenkoDon't use auto-initialized pointers to functions.
2011-09-03 Victor KhimenkoQuick and dirty fix to green the bots.
2011-09-02 Roland McGrathFix alignment for SSE register saving
2011-09-01 Roland McGrathPreserve SSE registers in PLT fixup
2011-08-31 Roland McGrathChange dynamic-linking linker scripts to produce a...
2011-08-31 Roland McGrathChange soname of to say nacl rather than linux...
2011-08-29 Egor PaskoChange the size of runtime tls_index to match GOT reality.
2011-08-29 Victor KhimenkoDon't use open_resource as regular file access.
2011-08-26 Egor PaskoAllow static linking with PIC libraries using TLS
2011-08-24 Roland McGrathRemove nonzero %gs access from bits/atomic.h
2011-08-24 Victor KhimenkoFix dynamic library linking.
2011-08-23 Roland McGrathAccess only %gs:0, not other offsets from %gs
2011-08-22 Roland McGrathAlign TLS segment to 64 bytes
2011-08-18 Victor Khimenko[noupstream] Correctly handle sonames with "a-f" hex...
2011-08-17 Victor KhimenkoRemove useless __nacl_irt_ppapi_* functions.
2011-08-17 Victor KhimenkoRemove temporary DSO hack. Use open-resource call.
2011-08-15 Victor Khimenko[noupstream] Use unique filename: NACL_FAKE_SONAME.
2011-08-09 Victor KhimenkoFix __brk function (vital for static linking).
2011-08-08 Roland McGrathFix up glibc for drift in syscall and IRT interfaces
2011-07-28 Victor KhimenkoSupport IRT. Use syscalls fallback if IRT is not available.
2011-07-11 Roland McGrathSkip IMC argument fetching for any kind of imc_accept...
2011-06-30 Roland McGrathAdjust for new NaCl startup ABI
2011-06-30 Roland McGrathRevert "Set the GLIBC default version to 2.9."
2011-06-14 David MeyerSet the GLIBC default version to 2.9.
2011-06-06 Egor PaskoMake alarm,fork,kill,pthread_kill return ENOSYS.
2011-05-30 Victor KhimenkoMake GLibC IRT-compatible
2011-05-30 Andrey KhalyavinRemove non-validating functions that support gnu2 TLS...
2011-05-27 Egor PaskoMake wait,waitpid,waitid nosys stubs.
2011-05-26 Andrey KhalyavinRemove colon from perror argument because perror output...
2011-05-25 Andrey KhalyavinSmall typo in _dl_runtime_profile.
2011-05-25 Andrey KhalyavinFix one bug and validation errors in dynamic linker...
2011-05-25 Andrey KhalyavinFix join with main thread bug.
2011-05-24 Andrey KhalyavinRemove obsolete System V context functions because...
2011-05-24 Andrey KhalyavinIgnore parameter of __exit_thread which is always zero...
2011-05-20 Evgeniy StepanovCheck that mmap-ed region size is positive before repor...