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last changeTue, 4 Mar 2014 20:46:36 +0000 (12:46 -0800)
2014-03-04 Sam CleggRemove __nacl_futex_fini master
2014-01-27 Brad NelsonConnecting IRT dev interfaces for fdio and filename.
2013-10-15 Victor KhimenkoChange linker scripts to support new binutils
2013-09-12 Sam CleggRemove linker warning when getpid() is including.
2013-08-17 Petr HosekEnable process and thread CPU time clocks
2013-08-09 Brad NelsonReverting sections change.
2013-08-07 Brad NelsonDrop section rewriting and format fixes.
2013-08-07 Brad NelsonAdd a PT_NOTE section to mark build_id.
2013-07-27 Sam CleggAdd getpid implementation for NaCl.
2013-07-17 Sam CleggFix undefined NULL by including stddef.h
2013-07-11 Sam CleggAllow use of alternative 'main' symbol.
2013-06-07 Roland McGrathnacl-glibc: Provide symbols for
2013-04-25 Victor Khimenko[NOUPSTREAM] Make non-executable stack default for...
2013-04-25 Andrey KhalyavinFill tz in gettimeofday function.
2013-04-23 Ken MixterPrepare for fast loading through mmap'ing text.
2013-04-11 Roland McGrathLinker scripts: Fold .fini into .text
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