7 days ago Derek SchuffDo not pass -dynamic flag to linker master
7 days ago Sam Cleggnacl-clang: put <arch>/usr/include before <arch>/includ...
8 days ago Derek SchuffInject gnueabihf environment into the effective clang...
9 days ago Derek SchuffRevert "Refactor PNaCl target in Clang"
2015-01-15 JF BastienRefactor PNaCl target in Clang
2014-12-16 Derek SchuffInject the NaCl ARM assembly macro file into ARM assemb...
2014-12-12 Derek SchuffDefault to aapcs-linux and hard-float ABIs for NaCl
2014-12-09 Derek SchuffRemove explicit -lnacl from linker command
2014-12-05 Derek SchuffMove NaCl MCStreamer initialization to after section...
2014-12-05 Derek SchuffAdd <arch>/usr/lib and <arch>/usr/include to search...
2014-12-04 Derek SchuffDriver: Claim all -pthread/-pthreads flags when linking
2014-12-02 Derek SchuffDerive NaCl ToolChain from Generic_ELF instead of Linux
2014-12-02 Derek SchuffUse gas (non-integrated assembler) by default for nacl...
2014-11-26 Derek SchuffUpdate clang localmods to use LLVM C++11 virtual/overri...
2014-11-11 Jan VoungMove arm-nacl DL description string setting from ctor... merge_35
2014-10-23 JF BastienMerge the latest upstream/release_35.
2014-10-23 JF BastienMerge branch 'master' into merge_35_squashed
2014-10-16 JF BastienAdd f80 alignment to the x86-64 target, to match the...
2014-10-15 JF BastienAdd f80 alignment to the x86-32 target, to match the...
2014-10-07 Derek SchuffInitialize NaClMCStreamer in direct-to-nacl as
2014-10-07 Derek SchuffDriver: Fix handling of -stdlib= flag and link with...
2014-10-06 Noel AllenAdd support for direct to NaCl toolchain in clag.
2014-10-03 Jan VoungCherrypick Clang 218889 for x86_64-nacl method pointer...
2014-09-29 Hans WennborgMerging r216619:
2014-09-05 Bill WendlingUpdate ReleaseNotes to remove empty sections.
2014-09-02 Bill WendlingUpdate docs.
2014-09-02 JF BastienMerge upstream LLVM.
2014-08-31 Richard SmithSome Clang 3.5 release note updates.
2014-08-27 Bill WendlingMerging r216572:
2014-08-27 Bill WendlingMerging r216531:
2014-08-27 Michael Wongupdated with clang openmp notes by Michael Wong
2014-08-22 Bill WendlingUse C++14 flags.
2014-08-20 Bill WendlingIt fixes a regression with multiple address spaces in
2014-08-18 Bill WendlingMerging r215609:
2014-08-18 Bill WendlingMerging r215618:
2014-08-18 Bill WendlingMerging r215808:
2014-08-18 Bill WendlingMerging r215807:
2014-08-18 Bill WendlingMerging r215806:
2014-08-14 Sylvestre LedruDocument -Wabsolute-value with example
2014-08-14 Sylvestre LedruDocument -Wtautological-pointer-compare & -Wtautologica...
2014-08-13 Sylvestre LedruDocument the new warning -Wabsolute-value
2014-08-12 Bill WendlingMerging r215229:
2014-08-10 Sylvestre LedruAlso describe the new check 'alpha.core.TestAfterDivZero'
2014-08-10 Sylvestre LedruUpdate of the release notes: '-z' is also forwarded...
2014-08-08 Bob WilsonMerge r215245: Change __ENVIRONMENT_MAC_OS_X_VERSION_MI...
2014-08-07 Bill WendlingMerging r215046:
2014-08-06 Bill WendlingRevert renaming. Should rename tags instead.
2014-08-06 Bill WendlingRenaming to coincide with updated tagging system.
2014-08-05 Bill WendlingMerging r214735:
2014-08-05 Bill WendlingMerging r214734:
2014-08-04 Bill SchmidtMerging r214801:
2014-08-04 Hans WennborgMerging r214777:
2014-08-04 Bill WendlingMerging r214060:
2014-08-04 Bill WendlingMerging r213834:
2014-08-04 Bill WendlingMerging r213913:
2014-08-04 Bill WendlingMerging r213999:
2014-08-04 Bill WendlingMerging r214119:
2014-08-04 Bill WendlingMerging r214222:
2014-08-04 Bill Wendling--------------------------------------------------...
2014-08-04 Bill WendlingMerging r214369:
2014-08-04 Bill WendlingMerging r214050:
2014-08-04 Bill WendlingMerging r214471:
2014-08-04 Bill WendlingMerging r214008:
2014-08-04 Bill WendlingMerging r213912:
2014-08-04 Bill WendlingMerging r213902:
2014-08-04 Bill WendlingMerging r213840:
2014-08-04 Bill WendlingMerging r213613:
2014-08-04 Bill WendlingMerging r213611:
2014-08-04 Bill WendlingMerging r213609:
2014-07-30 Bob WilsonMerging r213993,213998:
2014-07-29 Bob WilsonMerging r214208:
2014-07-28 Renato GolinMerging r213714:
2014-07-27 Simon AtanasyanMerging r213937:
2014-07-23 Yi KongMerging r213733:
2014-07-23 Daniel SandersMerging r213741:
2014-07-22 Bill WendlingCreating release_35 branch
2014-07-22 Saleem AbdulrasoolSema: correct handling for __va_start for WoA
2014-07-22 Serge PavlovAvoid crash if default argument parsed with errors.
2014-07-22 Reid Kleckner-fms-extensions: Implement half of #pragma init_seg
2014-07-21 Hans Wennborgclang-cl: ignore /showIncludes when combined with ...
2014-07-21 Mark HeffernanRename metadata llvm.loop.vectorize.unroll to llvm...
2014-07-21 Hans Wennborgclang-format vs plugin: set version number from cmake...
2014-07-21 Arnaud A. de... Revert "Emit lifetime.start / lifetime.end markers...
2014-07-21 Mark HeffernanFix build breakage caused by use of std::to_string...
2014-07-21 Arnaud A. de... Emit lifetime.start / lifetime.end markers for unnamed...
2014-07-21 Mark HeffernanAdd support for '#pragma unroll'.
2014-07-21 Justin BognerSema: Handle C11 atomics when diagnosing out of range...
2014-07-21 Alexey Bataev[OPENMP] Initial parsing and sema analysis for 'flush...
2014-07-21 Alexander Musman[OPENMP] Parsing/Sema of the OpenMP directive 'critical'.
2014-07-21 James DennettTrivial doc fixes: add missing whitespace, and s/overri...
2014-07-21 James DennettAdd clang::DesignatedInitExpr::designators() for range...
2014-07-21 Richard SmithAdd missing initialization found due to a valgrind...
2014-07-21 Richard Smith[modules] Fix some of the confusion when computing...
2014-07-21 Alexey Bataev[OPENMP] Added several test cases for clauses 'ordered...
2014-07-21 Ulrich Weigand[PowerPC] Optimize passing certain aggregates by value
2014-07-21 Ulrich Weigand[PowerPC] Support the ELFv2 ABI
2014-07-19 Ben LangmuirIf a module build reports errors, don't try to load it
2014-07-19 Viktor KutuzovRevert D3908 due to issues on Mac platforms
2014-07-19 Hal FinkelCleanup comparisons to VariableArrayType::Static for...
2014-07-19 Hal FinkelTypePrinter should not ignore IndexTypeCVRQualifiers...