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last changeWed, 26 Nov 2014 01:21:45 +0000 (17:21 -0800)
2 days ago Derek SchuffUpdate clang localmods to use LLVM C++11 virtual/overri... master
2014-11-11 Jan VoungMove arm-nacl DL description string setting from ctor... merge_35
2014-10-23 JF BastienMerge the latest upstream/release_35.
2014-10-23 JF BastienMerge branch 'master' into merge_35_squashed
2014-10-16 JF BastienAdd f80 alignment to the x86-64 target, to match the...
2014-10-15 JF BastienAdd f80 alignment to the x86-32 target, to match the...
2014-10-07 Derek SchuffInitialize NaClMCStreamer in direct-to-nacl as
2014-10-07 Derek SchuffDriver: Fix handling of -stdlib= flag and link with...
2014-10-06 Noel AllenAdd support for direct to NaCl toolchain in clag.
2014-10-03 Jan VoungCherrypick Clang 218889 for x86_64-nacl method pointer...
2014-09-29 Hans WennborgMerging r216619:
2014-09-05 Bill WendlingUpdate ReleaseNotes to remove empty sections.
2014-09-02 Bill WendlingUpdate docs.
2014-09-02 JF BastienMerge upstream LLVM.
2014-08-31 Richard SmithSome Clang 3.5 release note updates.
2014-08-27 Bill WendlingMerging r216572:
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