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2015-02-27 Jan VoungMerge latest changes from branch 'master' into branch... master merge_36
2015-02-27 Jan VoungRevert "Use seperate usr/lib and usr/include directorie...
2015-02-26 Sam CleggUse seperate usr/lib and usr/include directories for...
2015-01-30 Jan VoungMerge latest changes from branch 'master' into merge_36.
2015-01-22 Derek SchuffDo not pass -dynamic flag to linker
2015-01-22 Sam Cleggnacl-clang: put <arch>/usr/include before <arch>/includ...
2015-01-22 Jan VoungMerge latest changes branch 'master' into merge_36.
2015-01-22 Jan VoungMerge upstream LLVM to 223108.
2015-01-21 Derek SchuffInject gnueabihf environment into the effective clang...
2015-01-21 Derek SchuffRevert "Refactor PNaCl target in Clang"
2015-01-15 JF BastienRefactor PNaCl target in Clang
2015-01-14 Jan VoungMerge latest changes from branch 'master' into merge_36.
2014-12-16 Derek SchuffInject the NaCl ARM assembly macro file into ARM assemb...
2014-12-12 Derek SchuffDefault to aapcs-linux and hard-float ABIs for NaCl
2014-12-12 Jan VoungMerge upstream Clang.
2014-12-09 Derek SchuffRemove explicit -lnacl from linker command
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